List of fixed issues in 5.2

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This page contains a partial list of issues that has been solved in version 5.2 of RadiMation.

RadiMation version 5.2.16

  • #2886: Current is not displayed correct
  • #2790: Wrongly measured reflected power during BCI-(fixed current)-tests
  • #2644: Configuration window HP 34401A is not finished yet, there are no settings to be set.
  • #2554: Driver: SMF100A

RadiMation version 5.2.15

  • #2780: Driver: Amplifiers

RadiMation version 5.2.14

  • #2636: GPIB-Board is not installed or not configured correctly (GPIB: EDVR)
  • #2484: memory leak with lisn test and new driver ESI

RadiMation version 5.2.13

  • #2759: Narda NBM550 is giving invalid parameters during the init of the device driver.
  • #2727: Titel Generator is giving wrong format for field.
  • #2722: Correction file is added to the field instead of multiplied in multiband RI test
  • #2693: Title head is not the same as the filename
  • #2685: Filtering of columns in a report generator table using 'SELECT ..... FROM <CODE>' is not working if requested columns are not in the generated table
  • #2684: antenne meting does not support RECEIVED POWER_RAW in the report.
  • #2678: Multiband Immunity needs to have an antenna tower and turntable
  • #2662: Report generator reports that peak conservation is used during pulse modulation
  • #2661: Report generator doesn't correctly output used frequency step if a frequency list is used
  • #2654: New gain compression test is reporting dongle not connected while the dongle is connected and rights have been granted
  • #2653: shutting down the analyser before stopping the test holds makes saving of the data impossible
  • #2649: 5.2 release update 1
  • #2648: No graph displayed during "gain compression" measurement
  • #2640: CE Multiband test is giving ‘horizontal’ instead of the lisn line
  • #1605: Multiband emission needs to have an antenna tower device in the testsite

RadiMation version 5.2.12

  • #2720: File not found with no filename during start up
  • #2638: TEKTRONIX DPO4054 is giving wrong information back
  • #2628: Marconi 2024 is always using GPIB address 16. Changing the address is also setting it back to address 16
  • #2611: Generate (example) Report template for installation
  • #2598: Equipment of multiple bands are loaded at once, causing crash
  • #2451: Fluke 45 is set to wrong settings with the `Hella AD Channels` driver
  • #2312: Manual Key AD channel does not work during CI substitution
  • #2228: Detected Peaks in the GHz range, do not logically show the detected frequency in the peak-table
  • #2025: Driver for PMM 9010/9030
  • #1792: Device Driver for Voltech PM3000A Universal Power analyser

RadiMation version 5.2.11

  • #2694: observation window is too small to see information
  • #2642: Test script does not select the correct report generator
  • #2528: Environmental Data is some times not asked before testing
  • #2490: Environmental data is empty when test results are reopened

RadiMation version 5.2.10

  • #2523: Forward powermeter is not included in test initialization of a multiband immunity test
  • #2472: RE multiband crashes
  • #2124: 5.2 Release

RadiMation version 5.2.9

  • #2475: the starting of a multi band manual mode test is stopping with a file not found.
  • #2469: Spectrum is not drawn correctly, the higher part is missing
  • #1613: Implement multiband emission graph printing through report generator template

RadiMation version 5.2.8

  • #2454: change filter setting for the Hewlett Packard 3586
  • #2443: Driver: Tektronix TDS 5000 series
  • #2422: Frequency label of 10 kHz below a lineair emission graph is using large numbers
  • #2406: excel export multiband RI test is crashing the application
  • #2393: Manufacture information is cleared when pressing the X in the top right
  • #2344: Auto filter selection is not remembered in R&S NRV device driver

RadiMation version 5.2.7

  • #2365: pressing the x in the top right does not give a warning when a window is open
  • #2302: Crash when updating the General info.
  • #2238: Measured peaks are not always the highest peaks in the graph
  • #2173: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT are not supported anymore
  • #2123: 5.2 Beta release
  • #2116: 0.8 db Difference between the QP en avg with fixed signal

RadiMation version 5.2.6

  • #2370: Crash if RI Fixed power test is started, if no test-site is present
  • #2347: Report generator code ||EUT|NAME|| doesn't insert the name of the EUT
  • #2342: Zero-time checkbox is always disabled in device driver settings
  • #2268: Setting word document in front of RadiMation after report generation
  • #2255: Limit lines can be removed from a multiband emission test, but they stay available in the graph
  • #2110: Correction of the cables is used wrong in the Radiated emission manual mode
  • #1925: incorrect correction when performing the measurement in manual mode
  • #1897: Elements on the windows overlap each other
  • #1297: Printout of a limit line file

RadiMation version 5.2.5

  • #2318: Crash when closing version 5.2.4 eut window with x top right
  • #2250: Limitline name is not reported in printout
  • #2040: Quasi-peak traces should be able to be exported using report generator macro
  • #1860: Report and react on interlock system
  • #1743: Broadband and narrowband detection is not working corresponding the description in the CISPR25 standard

RadiMation version 5.2.4

  • #2329: During report generation, a message is shown that cannot be saved
  • #2328: RadiMation crashes during startup with a 'string error'
  • #2317: Limit line is not displayed correctly. there is a peak in the middle while there should be a nice line
  • #2316: copying data from clipbord to limit line is causing crash
  • #2194: report generator code for AD-channel

RadiMation version 5.2.3

  • #2281: Label not shown correctly in combination with text box and updown control
  • #2277: 1090 driver is not working correctly because 1090 is always saying 1 to *OPC?
  • #2271: R&S Analyser device driver generates error 998
  • #2270: Amplifier not added to the list when using a RI fixed power test.
  • #2218: Report generator improvements for inserting blocks of information from tests
  • #2201: Build is crashing if Empty driver is not build correctly
  • #2068: Environmental data cannot be specified in Multiband tests
  • #2050: R&S ESPI returns that a single measurement trigger cannot be performed if the attenuator is switching
  • #1744: Multiband Conducted Emission
  • #1598: Multiband Emission doesn't show an initialize and deinitialize window
  • #749: Geluidje aan het einde van de test
  • #16: More information of the test is included in the list of tests in the EUT window

RadiMation version 5.2.2

  • #2240: Using a table in the header of a report template key words are not replaced

RadiMation version 5.2.1

  • #2235: Show picture of logo of the reseller on splash screen
  • #2231: Temperature, humidity, pressure are always included in the EUT Information parameters
  • #2225: Temperature, humidity and pressure is always included in the EUT information item list
  • #2221: During switching of a band in an immunity test, the carrier stays on
  • #2217: Setting an AR TWT Amplifier in operate can take some seconds
  • #2038: Separate drivers to control of the R&S switch matrix systems or ICSs and amplifiers
  • #1961: Allow more column and unit types for the correction file of a current sensor
  • #1611: Emission graph in Multiband emission is not changed, when unit is changed
  • #1533: Magnetic Field tests in Radiated Immunity Module
  • #1438: A button to start the last performed test (TSF) again
  • #1107: Possibility to select multiple EUT controllers and Switch Matrixes in a test-site

RadiMation version 5.2.0

  • #2166: Copy to clipboard does not work correctly when peaktable check box is not selected
  • #2165: Reaching destination of the Sunol antenna tower is not detected
  • #2154: Optimize VB compiler settings
  • #2142: Provide a link to the D.A.R.E!! Knowledge Base for device drivers
  • #2117: almost same peak detected in G-tem test. Different axis and freq diff of 0.01 MHZ with rbw of 120 kz
  • #2010: Antenna tower control in singleband RI tests
  • #2008: Additional fixes need to be implemented in the FSA antenna controller device driver
  • #2007: RadiCentre field probe device driver in version 5.1.7 is not working while 4.6.3 works without problems
  • #2006: R&S ESI returns an error if the sweeptime is too fast, without a clear description of the error
  • #1974: Unable to perform CISPR 15 measurements with RadiMation
  • #1898: Device driver for CARAD EUT Controller
  • #1281: ESD report generator code for the points that have been measured
  • #855: Put the manual mode values in the graph of the test

RadiMation version 5.2

  • #2610: Device drivers for installation
  • #2492: cw3215MT.dll is not included in the drivers.exe and the installation
  • #2395: HD100 is returning 85 instead of 1 for polarisation
  • #2369: Amplifier compression test is crashing when going to the second frequency point
  • #2336: Ipersistable reader is creating file on disk
  • #2334: Drivers: several drivers needed for install
  • #2321: General improvements to CANOE device driver
  • #2320: Capl function need to be implemented so RadiMation can send information over the Can bus
  • #2311: RadiSense is giving wrong command during zeroing.
  • #2308: RE merge test does not run, instead it gives error "No test view could be created for the test identifier: 'REMERGE'"
  • #2306: Driver emco 1085
  • #2300: S parameter test is crashing when creating a new test
  • #2280: Changed configuration is not saved if CONFDVDR directory is not writable, but also no warning or message is shown
  • #2279: RadiMation crashes during start if it is first started as an end-user with limited user rights
  • #2276: Create title generator driver
  • #2261: Power meter driver needed for install
  • #2259: Receivers needed for installation
  • #2253: 0 Hz in correction file is giving wrong correction.
  • #2251: Radimat.exe starting in debugger mode
  • #2245: Current probes for installation
  • #2244: Pre amplifiers for installation
  • #2243: antenna drivers for install
  • #2234: Driver SMR does not support setting to external reference source
  • #2209: Pressing stop during the turning of the turntable will crash the software.
  • #2200: Closing a system calibration TSF, and then cancelling the close, keeps the document loaded and hidden
  • #2199: Report generator code crashes the software.
  • #2197: G-tem wrong side is selected for zooming on the peak
  • #2196: TSF description is changing when invalid password in inserted
  • #2195: Correction files are not password protected
  • #2193: Audio analyser driver is giving wrong values
  • #2192: Error message when saving limit line with password
  • #2191: No messagebox when the password is incorrect when saving the tsf file
  • #2190: File is saved but the password is wrong
  • #2186: Driver: Coupler drivers
  • #2160: Driver: FCC-203I-23mm
  • #2155: Driver: ESU8
  • #2150: Create driver for the Marconi 2383
  • #2089: Driver PMM 9000
  • #1968: Ok button in messagebox configuration should be disabled if no message is specified
  • #1901: Last measurement point of (scanning) receiver is exactly 0 dBuV
  • #1895: Support for EMCO 5390 as a X,Y,Z positioner
  • #1804: Change frequency delay is removed from Marconi 2022 Device driver
  • #752: naamgeving RI Fixed power of RI Fixed Generator
  • #666: Report generator met 1 of meer templates per test maken