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We are proud to deliver you Version 2020.0 of our RadiMation® EMC Test software. This 2020.0 version is the result of several major improvements that we have done.

This letter contains all the information that is needed before your system is upgraded. If you have any additional questions or remarks please let us know through your reseller, or contact



When RadiMation® files are opened, changed and saved in a newer version of RadiMation®, it is possible that it will saved in a newer file format, which cannot be opened anymore in an older version of RadiMation®. To prevent that changed TSF, LLF, COR, SEQ or EUT files cannot be opened anymore in an older RadiMation® version, we strongly recommend to make a backup. Before you install the latest version of RadiMation®, please make sure to saveguard all your critical data.

Make a back up of (at least) the following files:

  • Correction files
  • TSF files
  • Sequence files
  • Limit Line files
  • Device driver configuration files

Multi version installation

It is possible to install different RadiMation® versions on the same PC.

This functionality can be used to verify the correct functioning of the RadiMation® software before it is used for EMC testing. Simply put, the functioning of the new version can be checked by comparing it with the older version. This verification can for example be required by internal quality assurance standards. During this verification process, the installation of the older RadiMation® version can still be used for all EMC tests.

Be advised that:

  • It is not possible to run two (or more) different versions at the same time without risking a software crash. Close other instances of RadiMation® before starting another version!
  • DARE!! Instruments cannot be held accountable if information is lost because two different versions of RadiMation® are used at the same time.
  • The user needs to have the rights as described in User rights and installation.


Installing software updates

Software updates can be distributed on CD or downloaded from the RadiMation® Download page.

To install the RadiMation® update from a CD, please execute the ‘SETUP.EXE’ startup program. The setup program will install the new RadiMation® version at the same location as the previous version, but in a separate installation folder. This will allow you to use the previously installed RadiMation® version, as well as the new one.

The setup program will detect that a previous version of RadiMation® has already been installed on your PC. A back up of this older version will automatically be copied to the backup directory. All the settings of the older version will also be used for the newly installed RadiMation®. If any problems should occur with the new software, the older version can be recovered.

Installing from a network directory

If the already installed RadiMation® version was installed from a network directory, the new setup file can be copied to the <Setup> sub-directory of the <NetworkDir>.

The new RadiMation® version can then be installed on each computer from this directory.

Updating device drivers

After the new RadiMation® version is installed, we strongly recommend that you install the latest device drivers as well. These device drivers can be installed by starting the ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program that is located on the delivered CD.

The ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program will detect the different RadiMation® versions installed on your PC. A dialog will start, asking you to select the RadiMation® version that needs updated device drivers. Select the latest version of RadiMation® that was just installed.

You have successfully obtained the latest released version of RadiMation® when both the software and device drivers have been updated.

Verification and Validation

Every new RadiMation® version is tested extensively before it is released. DARE!! validates these new versions on three ‘levels’. The fourth level of the validation is to be done by the end-user.

This quality management system follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”).

1) Automatic knob pushing program

The ‘automatic knob pushing program’ simulates an end-user and is run on each RadiMation® version. The program performs all the actions that a user could do, such as entering information, executing tests, reviewing test results and generating reports.

Performing the first validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

2) Validation and usage in a test lab

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the first validation level, it progresses to the second validation level performed by Raditeq.

During this validation the RadiMation® software is installed in a real test lab, to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. The results are also compared with the measurement results of previous software versions.

Performing the second validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

3) Validation and usage in a test house

When the new RadiMation® version has passed the second validation level, it progresses to the third validation level performed by DARE!! Measurements.

This validation level consists of two stages. In the first stage the software is used to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. When the new software version has passed the first stage, it progresses to the second stage where it is installed and used by DARE!! Measurements for at least two weeks. Any issues that are reported during this period, will be investigated and resolved. An updated version of RadiMation® is created if needed.

Performing the third validation level is a responsibility of DARE!! Measurements.

When this validation is succesful, the RadiMation® version will be officially released, and will become available for all end-users.

4) Validation by end-users

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the third validation level, it progresses to the fourth (and last) validation level, which should be performed by the end-users of RadiMation®.

When end-users receives a new RadiMation® version they should perform a validation of the software in their own test setup. The parts that should be validated by the end-user are:

  • Correct control of the used measurement equipment
  • Validation of the software according to internal quality standards
  • Possible verification and comparison of measurements on a 'known' EUT

We strongly advise to only start to use RadiMation® after this validation is performed.

Performing the fourth validation level is a responsibility of the end-user.

Solved items

See below the list of all the issues that have been solved in RadiMation® version 2020.0 since version 2019.2

RadiMation version 2020.0.12

  • #10768: Driver for PMM 9010/60P
  • #10895: Issue 2020-04-01AL1_ra emission peak values dropped down in Diagramm
  • #10909: Issue 2020-04-09 AL2_ OSD does not show current values of dwelltime in manual mode
  • #10926: Change defaults in the stepper.
  • #10927: Change default test level for the Calibrated Field Testlevel to V/m.
  • #10928: Change default for modulation when you click activate modulation.
  • #10933: The reportgenerator keeps searching for keywords in infinite loop when exporting the template directly after test
  • #10966: Inn-Co CO 2000 (Unit 1): Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO).
  • #10971: Issue 2020-04-09 AL2_ OSD does not show current values of calculated field in manual mode.
  • #10976: Connection time-out when trying to connect to AR FA 7006
  • #10979: Radiated immunity: Modulation and change mode are not displayed correctly.
  • #10983: Driver: DARE!! Instruments RPR3006R
  • #10989: R&S ESW8 Input 2, pulse limiter activation requires that DC Coupling is selected.
  • #10990: Adjust Network Analyser Report Codes VSWR and ReturnLoss.
  • #11005: Double click EUT file does not open in RadiMation.
  • #11007: Dot and Comma issue when exporting data.
  • #11010: Radimation Version 2020.0.011 Radiated Emission Manual - Antenna Factor.
  • #11016: Agilent 8753: Specific System Error: 9, "CAUTION: LIST TABLE EMPTY".
  • #11018: Antenna tower of Inn-CO CO3000 is not moving when controlled by Ethernet

RadiMation version 2020.0.11

  • #10106: CISPR detectors are not selected or not selected correctly - ESU 8 - ESW26.
  • #10650: Connection to CARAD not working
  • #10659: BONN BLMA 1060-75-50: Add monitor command to the driver
  • #10782: Pause Test alwas asks to save after closing it or when the counter is finished.
  • #10812: Driver: Frankonia CDNE M2 / M3.
  • #10827: Driver: Van veen loop.
  • #10838: Polarizer battery empty errors are shown at inconvenient moments
  • #10855: TDEM-X26 gets frozen after update driver package
  • #10871: Issue 2020-03-26_AL2_mk Messtechnik OSD shows no output
  • #10872: Error in RadiLog: Template (VARIABLEREPLACER.OBJ) Copied to:.
  • #10874: TDEMI_X26: Specific System Error: -114,"Header Suffix Out of Range; SENS:SCAN4:STEP?
  • #10875: TDEMI_X26: No match was found in the specified regular expression.
  • #10878: Bonn amplifier is going into a loop
  • #10884: Rohde & Schwarz ESW 8 Input 2 Time Domain: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;SCAN1:STOP 1100000000 HZ"\n) using ESW8 Input2.
  • #10885: Driver: add Rohde & Schwarz ESW Input 2 driver for powermeter.
  • #10886: Driver: add Rohde & Schwarz ESR Input 2 driver for powermeter.
  • #10887: Spectrum Analyser (ID1556) Input 2 (LAN): Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error. Code: 1073741975 (0x40000097)
  • #10889: RI - Not possible to measure on points
  • #10899: Ni cDAQ analog value max +-15 Vdc
  • #10901: Temporarily disable the automatic calculation during the generation of an excel report.
  • #10919: GTEM-1_SMB-100A: Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error. Code: 805317371 (0x30002AFB)
  • #10923: Agilent Technologies N9038A Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -221,"Settings conflict; Step Size clipped to nearest value allowed.
  • #10929: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3 Scanning Receiver (QTR:15): Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; BAND:TYPE NORM
  • #10934: R&S ESR 7:Make sure that CISPR average is used in the pre-measurement when "Use CISPR detector is applicable".
  • #10973: How to get the values for quasi-peak in my report
  • #10978: Running Makro after generating data 2020.0.11
  • #10993: Rohde & Schwarz FSV 3 BCI: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO).
  • #10994: How to include the markers of an emission test in the graph in a report?
  • #10995: How to include the quasi peak limit line values in the emission table in the report?
  • #10998: How can measurements for similar standards (CE & FCC) be done only once?
  • #11001: Larger variation of field strength in Time graph compared to frequency graph
  • #11006: RBW switches from 1MHz (fix) to Auto [120 kHz].
  • #11021: How to specify a Current Sensor Correction File in dB

RadiMation version 2020.0.10

  • #10605: Frequencies of injection and calibration jig are not remembered
  • #10659: BONN BLMA 1060-75-50: Add monitor command to the driver
  • #10663: R&S ESU 26 - Execution error function not available;band:type norm
  • #10842: Radilog file can't be bigger then 2 gb, after it will create a 0 bytes RadiLog file which can be sent
  • #10846: Driver: Electro metrics 6913.
  • #10855: TDEM-X26 gets frozen after update driver package
  • #10866: Die arithmetische Operation hat einen ??berlauf verursacht.
  • #10868: R&S ESCI: please add the option to swich DC coupling to the driver

RadiMation version 2020.0.9

  • #10391: Driver: Schwarzbeck NFCN 9734 Switch Matrix Driver.
  • #10833: Multiband Immunity graph does not look correct
  • #10618: ||TIME; FREQUENCY;.TABLE 30 s|| works in 2017.2.7 not in 2019.1.9
  • #10822: Radiated Immunity test doesn't show 1hz steps.

RadiMation version 2020.0.8

  • #10646: Driver: Schwarzbeck CDN 801.
  • #10647: ErrorReport: "DARE!! Instruments RGN2400A: The requested carrier level is higher than the maximum ( 13 dBm). Limited the set carrier level to 13 dBm. "
  • #10769: R&S FPL 1007 - The set value of attenuator is not set in the spectrum analyser. During measurements value is set to 0 dB.
  • #10807: Time and Date on the mk Messtechnick OSD are only displayed on output 2
  • #10817: Radiated Emission manual mode uses the default unit for field which is defenided at radiated immunity
  • #10829: Rohde & Schwarz NRP6AN (1-0944): Specific System Error: -148,"Character data not allowed; SENS1:FREQ 540000000 HZ
  • #10829: Rohde & Schwarz NRP6AN (1-0944): Specific System Error: -148,"Character data not allowed; SENS1:FREQ 540000000 HZ
  • #10831: Radiated Immunity MB with frequency list file shows incorrect power with hz steps.

RadiMation version 2020.0.7

  • #3522: Agilent 8753ES is giving EABO error first time RadiMation starts
  • #10521: Checking the driver for R&S NRX indicates that the device is not connected
  • #10639: Driver: COM-Power CDN-T8SE (LISN).
  • #10640: Driver: Schwarzbeck CAT5 8158 (LISN).
  • #10641: Driver: COM-Power ISN T8.
  • #10644: Driver: Rohde & Schwarz MDS 22.
  • #10645: Driver: Minicircuits TIA-1000-1R8
  • #10674: GAUSS TDEMI X - When using a step size of 100kHz the results do not match the results on the analyser
  • #10687: Cannot find antenna tower in the currently active testsite .
  • #10751: R&S ESW8 Pulse limiter on RF input 2.
  • #10763: Formulas in the manual are not displayed correctly
  • #10766: D.A.R.E!! Instruments RGN6000A: Setting the frequency raised an error
  • #10786: Send Data To RGN2001A switch matrix ATT2 (9KHz-800MHz): Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error
  • #10801: mk Messtechnick OSD driver of 2020.1.27.1708 is not sending any comments
  • #10802: mk Messtechnick OSD shows random "black spots"
  • #10803: Clearing a longer text from the mk Messtechnick OSD leaves the background color set
  • #10804: modulation type is transmitted continuously to the mk Messtechnick OSD
  • #10806: MK Messtechnick OSD is not cleared correctly
  • #10808: Time and Date are always displayed on the mk Messtechnick OSD, even if the checkboxes are unchecked
  • #10809: mk-Messtechnik on screen text display driver does not work
  • #10816: Only rounded steps are possible when using a logarithmic step size.
  • #10821: R&S ESI Powermeter can be improved when very small frequency steps are used
  • #10826: Driver: Prana 25 S

RadiMation version 2020.0.6

  • #8916: Agilent 33250 as external modulator
  • #10365: Driver: TurnTable Siemens XYZ.
  • #10426: Radimation callibration does not scale properly anymore.
  • #10461: Change device driver names for Dare!! CDN's
  • #10476: External 20 dB Attenuation: RS232: Setting the Baudrate attribute raised an error.
  • #10484: N9038A: Not able to select more then one trace.
  • #10485: Driver: Schwartzbeck CDN M2.
  • #10486: Driver: Schwartzbeck CDN M3.
  • #10487: Driver: Luthi CDN AF2.
  • #10488: TESEQ T2-10.
  • #10489: Driver: TESEQ A201A.
  • #10490: Driver: Schloeder CDN M2-32A.
  • #10492: Driver: TESEQ MD4070.
  • #10493: Driver: Tektronix MDO 3014
  • #10495: Driver: R&S FPL1000.
  • #10501: LUMILOOP LS Probe 1.2: Device Not Connected.
  • #10508: Possibility to remove the RadiMation logo from the emission graphs in the report?
  • #10526: Driver: Schwarzbeck UBAA 9114
  • #10538: Die Sammlung wurde geändert. Der Enumerationsvorgang kann möglicherweise nicht ausgeführt werden.
  • #10592: The default port of the RadiCentre LAN is wrong.
  • #10595: During rotation of turntable, the tabs on the Multiband test become disabled.
  • #10602: Driver: AR JB6.
  • #10603: Driver: AR 30S1G6.
  • #10607: Driver: Horn Antenna ATH800M6G.
  • #10610: R&S ESRP 3: 1st 2 peaks measured is with correct 120 RBW, 3th & 4th are measured with 100 kHz RBW
  • #10623: Driver: MultiMeter Keysight 34450A.
  • #10628: BBL200 idn check returns Rohde & Schwarz,BBA150.
  • #10629: BBL200 Timeouts.
  • #10666: Description for this error is not available. Error nr.: 536881313
  • #10669: DARE!! Instruments RGN6000B HF (USB): Frequency tried to set is lower than the start frequency (9000 Hz) or higher than the end frequency (6000000000 Hz) of the device driver.

RadiMation version 2019.2.5

  • #8022: Not all peaks are detected.
  • #8991: Automatic sweeptime is unexpected long.
  • #10554: CheckDevice is not executed during init of devices.
  • #10674: GAUSS TDEMI X - When using a step size of 100kHz the results do not match the results on the analyzser.
  • #10700: R&S ESU/ESW/ESR is controlled to start at 149.999 kHz
  • #10766: RGN6000A: Setting the frequency raised an error

RadiMation version 2019.2.4

  • #10385: Driver: Tektronix TDS5054B Osciliscope driver
  • #10386: Driver: Tektronix TDS5104B Osciliscope driver
  • #10387: Driver: Tektronix DPO5204 Osciloscope driver

RadiMation version 2019.2.3

RadiMation version 2019.2.2

RadiMation version 2019.2.1

  • #5031: RadiMation should check content of correction (.COR) file before use.
  • #7423: Axis correction values in a COR are not correctly displayed
  • #7991: VDI Repetition time is cut when changing angle for PSF500
  • #8186: Report generator Word Edit limit
  • #8221: Graph customization is not applied when a test is opened
  • #8221: RadiMation logo in graph is not shown first time a test is opened
  • #8225: Unclear for end-user that alway's the latest filter of a group is still being shown.
  • #8306: Insert an icon for the duplicate button for Sequence Testing window
  • #8432: RadiCentre control over USB in the KETC lab is corrupted
  • #8672: Limit line file printout shows no units in the table for Frequency and Value.
  • #8673: Printout shows incorrect RadiMation version.
  • #8690: Graph data does not match table data.
  • #8704: Warnings in the eventlog should be shown more prominent when the RBW is changed by the analyzer
  • #8903: No graphs are shown in Multiband Immunity.
  • #8977: Do not show the 'Sure to close test' question when a not-modified test is closed
  • #9114: Start button for PI tests does not change to store. Instead to note
  • #9184: Code used in other template does not work in conducted Immunity
  • #9289: Radimation stopped working.
  • #9324: ErrorReport: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
  • #9462: ||TEST|SELECT * FROM EMISSION TABLE LIMIT 4|| doesn't work
  • #9478: Lisn selection control is shown in CE MB when another location type is selected
  • #9528: The amplifier is already in use by another test
  • #9587: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: AddCombinedResultAsTraceInfo(IError rcError)
  • #9661: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: RadiMationUI.ctlGraph.UpdateGraph(
  • #9693: Add printout templates for CI Callibration and C Susceptibility
  • #9711: CI: Amp is already turned off, radimation asked to turn off amp.
  • #9767: EUT Information Fields can't have multiline values when you have list option for that key.
  • #9784: Driver: VULP 9118 E SPECIAL
  • #9807: Extend automated build scripts to detect if additional build steps can be performed at the end.
  • #9808: Install Doxygen and Graphviz on build server.
  • #9809: Generate C# source code documentation.
  • #9810: Generate C++ source code documentation.
  • #9811: Provide a correct example of C# code documentation.
  • #9813: Fix all warnings in the RADSTDCL project
  • #9814: Fix all warnings in the RADEMIDO project
  • #9815: Fix all warnings in the RADMBAND project
  • #9816: Fix all warnings in the RADSTDTS project
  • #9817: Fix all warnings in the RADEMI project
  • #9818: Fix all warnings in the RADIMM project
  • #9840: PFS500 Voltage Dips and Interrupts: Repititon time is 10* the value entered in Radimation
  • #9849: Driver: DARE!! Instruments RSS2010H
  • #9858: Tables in RadiMation are empty.
  • #9885: Radiated Emission adjusting change order does not seem to work.
  • #9893: R&S FSH6: Syntax Error
  • #9916: RadiMation free signal generator. Not in testsite
  • #9930: Antenna Scan not working. Index out of range
  • #10080: During start of the RI test, the continues measurement table is shown.
  • #10087: Also execute the C++ unittests during the automated build.
  • #10129: Change all references to TestTrack into HelixALM
  • #10131: Exception in RadiLog at startup RadiMation.
  • #10142: RE Report generator is not exporting the limit lines properly, seems to only have the range of the first band.
  • #10157: RadiLog is visible in ALT+TAB window list while no visible RadiLog window is present.
  • #10173: Remove SetError(1
  • #10184: When using the "Print EUT" button i get: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #10185: Able to edit carrier when in automatic mode
  • #10198: Infinit polling loop at error in EFT test.
  • #10235: Auto scale the Y axis of the polar plot.
  • #10381: Object reference when using limit line in RE test.
  • #10395: Progress bar VDI not visible
  • #10467: Change the description for the steps in Conducted Emission Single Band Absorbing clamp.

RadiMation version 2019.1.10 (BETA release)

  • #10112: Radimation crash when opening the advanced dialog of a horn-antenna driver for a second time.
  • #10357: Maturo NCD tower and turntable
  • #10366: Driver: Receiver/Analyser Tektronix RSA6114A
  • #10390: Driver: Tektronix TDS5054B AD Converter Driver
  • #10399: EM-TEST UCS500N7 - Surge test is not working
  • #10399: EM-TEST UCS500N7 - Surge test is not working
  • #10417: Eventlog is showing an additional column 'Setting ID' with: 'DARE.RadiMat.clsDataIdentifierSetting'
  • #10441: Polarity of test generator
  • #10422: DARE!! Instruments RPR2006C: Timeout expired before operation completed.
  • #10494: Driver: Pearson Model 101
  • #10524: Driver: DARE!! Instruments RGN2006A
  • #10531: MK Messtechnik - Initialization before AND After each test
  • #10537: SMB 100A: Specific System Error -222, Data Out of Range
  • #10541: Driver: DARE!! Instruments RGN2400A
  • #10570: RI Substitution Single Band - modulation: Pulse states"With Voltage conservation"
  • #10573: Driver: RadiGen 2400A changed commands.
  • #10576: Driver for monitor input for the NSG4070
  • #10578: EMTEST UCS500N7 - Surge test is not working when controlled remote
  • #10582: Rohde & Schwarz ESI 40 Input 2: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; SCAN1:BAND:RES 1 KHZ
  • #10585: DARE!! Instruments RSW1021N: Wrong command Accepted use of data: True User
  • #10596: The enhanced status window is popping up during a band switch.
  • #10598: ||SELECT [Frequency (MHz)], [RBW: 9 kHz, Neutral Max Peak (dBµV)] FROM RBW: 9 kHz, Neutral Max Peak TABLE|| does not resolve.
  • #10606: Driver: Wavecontrol SMP2
  • #10608: Driver: R&S BBL200
  • #10611: CI- When starting test we get the error "Teseq NSG 4070 Driver function not implemented"
  • #10612: Driver: R&S USP220 switch matrix with module B107
  • #10616: Rohde & Schwarz SMB 100A: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;
  • #10583: SMB 100A: Specific System Error -222, Data Out of Range: SOURCE: POWER 40.3894 DBM
  • #10626: Error at SMF100A command in our driver
  • #10627: PMM EP601 Not using selected filter settings
  • #10630: Keysight technologies N5172B: Specific system error: -410, "Query INTERRUPTED"

RadiMation version 2019.1.9

  • #8314: Communication is getting out of sync using a Configurable Antenna Tower driver
  • #9740: Clarification BCI test limits to early on current limit
  • #9847: RBW changed, radimation halted.
  • #9935: Interlock errors are raised by an AR 5000A250A
  • #10099: Device specific setting in the RPR3006W for 'Edge Fall Time'
  • #10113: Mini-Circuits PWR-SEN-6LRMS-RC
  • #10171: Polariser & antenna tower driver RAT1001B for use with RadiPol RPL2010A
  • #10172: EMCO2090: Turntable - No notification when using a turntable position higher when the limit for he EMCO2090 is set at 180 degrees.
  • #10242: Driver: TESEQ RF Switch RFB 6000.
  • #10257: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • #10275: Error with FM modulation.
  • #10334: Hewlett Packard 34401A (Multiple)- Device Not Connected.
  • #10344: When I zoom in the limit line is moving.
  • #10349: How to frequency range PMM 6630?
  • #10358: Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;BAND:TYPE CSP2
  • #10362: When we want to print Start-Stop frequency we only get the result from the last band.
  • #10375: Radimation crashes when checking the driver for R&S NRX.
  • #10384: Add the Tracking generator option to ESR 7 & ESR 3.
  • #10392: Driver: Keysight 34465A AD-Convertor.
  • #10402: Spectrum Analyser 8563A - ERR 112 ???CMD??? Unrecognized Command.
  • #10402: Spectrum Analyser 8563A - ERR 112 ???CMD??? Unrecognized Command.
  • #10459: Der_Objektverweis_wurde_nicht_auf_eine_Objektinstance_festgelegt
  • #10464: Error connecting FCU: Not able to connect over IP.
  • #10500: DARE!! Instruments RGN6000B HF (USB): Setting the output raised an error.
  • #10511: RadiSense 10 Upload User Calibration table
  • #10513: Extend maturo fcu clamp mover driver with speed configuration.
  • #10521: Checking the driver for R&S NRX indicates that the device is not connected
  • #10591: NARDA 3006 checking device crashed Radimation when there was no battery present and the device runs on a adapter
  • #10650: Connection to CARAD not working

RadiMation version 2019.1.8

  • #9868: Driver: EUT Monitoring: HP 8903B  : Audio Analyser
  • #10049: Driver: EMC Partner Transient 3000
  • #10186: CE: R&S ESPI3A RBW has changed from 9 Khz to 120 Khz
  • #10258: When running a longevity test there was a communication error "No response is received from device". Not able to close radimation by pressing cancel needed to force quit to leave Radimation.
  • #10307: RF Amplifier (ID1651) - Amp hangs in init.
  • #10341: RE multiband receiver mode - 100 Khz set in software, 9 Khz set on analyser
  • #10342: multiband receiver mode - 100 Khz set in software, 3 MHz set on analyser
  • #10343: RadiMation Printout Error: "Befehl misslungen, Error: -2146824090".
  • #10348: export polar plot max peak for peak not possible anymore in 2019.1.5
  • #10354: Equipment table list is missing
  • #10367: Driver: Eut monitoring LeCroy WaveRunner 620Zi
  • #10368: Driver: EUT monitoring using P2 (Yoda)
  • #10369: Driver: EUT Monitoring LeCroy HDO6054 LAN
  • #10370: Driver: EUT Monitoring Bus System
  • #10371: Driver: Amplifier Bonn BLMA 2060-50
  • #10372: Driver: Amplifier BLWA 0825-160/100/70D
  • #10373: Driver: Passive drivers
  • #10382: Conducted emissie multi band measuring in analyser mode 120 K and 1 Mhz is selected while all bands set to 9 Khz
  • #10396: Possibility to change the septum height for the calculated field in the configurable switchmatrix device driver
  • #10402: Spectrum Analyser 8563A - ERR 112 ???CMD??? Unrecognized Command.
  • #10409: Selection of capacitive coupling clamp on compact nx5 does not work
  • #10411: Regulation of power is not done within the desired tolerance
  • #10431: Fixed issue with ESI based driver. Not possible to select more then one trace.
  • #10464: Changed timing on CM NP GO for FCU which prevented controlling the clamp
  • #10551: Added comments in code regarding the dependencey on RSSINS32.dll
  • #10649: Emission - Measure time in Multiband and Singleband

RadiMation version 2019.1.7

  • #8633: System.OutOfMemoryException was thrown.
  • #9888: Agilent 8753: Specific System Error: 50 , "CAUTION: TOO MANY SEGMENTS OR POINTS"".
  • #9998: N9322C analyser gives BAND:AUTO ON error message
  • #10073: -150dBm read out from PWR-6Ghz power sensor
  • #10134: Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;DET:TRAC1:FUNC POS;<Err>"\n)
  • #10153: RE Manual Mode - N9322C error measuring above 1 GHZ - Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;BAND:AUTO ON;<Err>"\n
  • #10164: Frequency column is not using settings of unit in RI frequency table.
  • #10168: Cannot find antenna tower in the currently active testsite.
  • #10222: N9322C timeout
  • #10224: Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;:FREQ:STOP 6000000000 HZ
  • #10237: Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;BAND 100000
  • #10255: Keysight Technologies N9322C: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;:FREQ:STOP 6000000000 HZ
  • #10294: Driver: R&S ZVB8 Network analyser
  • #10298: Final Quasi Peak measurement of R&S ESRP is suddenly done in analyser mode which takes a very long time
  • #10300: R&S ZVB takes an additional unnecessary sweep during the port calibration
  • #10301: Allow to select External Reference for R&S ZVB8
  • #10319: Rohde & Schwarz ESU 26 Input 1 (LAN): RSIB: Timeout has occurred.
  • #10325: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3 Scanning Receiver: Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error. Code: 805309369 (0x30000BB9)
  • #10332: Ability to use the R&S ESW with more than 32000 points

RadiMation version 2019.1.6

  • #7305: Communication with the TDEMI should be optimized for Continuous Measurement
  • #9669: Extend Gauss Instruments TDEMI driver to allow selection of CISPR-Average or (old-)Average as Average detector
  • #10043: EM-Test NX5: Selected line coupling is not possible.
  • #10053: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
  • #10054: AD converter limit lines not visible in time graph.
  • #10098: Object reference not set to an instance of an object, when editing a non existing cable.
  • #10105: powersensors not recognized HP438
  • #10110: Make sure that using |||| in the report generator is correctly handled and does not trigger a infinite loop.
  • #10121: Voltage dips and interupts: Sequence not starting at number 1.
  • #10124: VDI - When a test is closed it is not possible to change the settings Test failed/passed
  • #10125: Sequence order disfunction.
  • #10126: R&S ESR7 - Preamplifier gets always inactive when starting a measurement
  • #10127: RI: Band is shown in report as 43,567 Ghz while it was 1Ghz in test.
  • #10141: EUT calibration-Attenuation/Gain: Limitlines are not exported.
  • #10175: Internal frequency correction of DARE!! RadiSense 10 probe should by default be off
  • #10176: Graphs: Setting a default for a line is not loaded correctly upon starting a new test.
  • #10189: 17-03 Prana SX 120-100 low: Amplifier has not correctly set the desired range.
  • #10199: Value cannot be null.
  • #10214: Driver: EMSense 10
  • #10232: Auto scale height graph.
  • #10277: De objectverwijzing is niet op een exemplaar van een object ingesteld.
  • #10278: Hewlett Packard 8563A: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO).
  • #10279: Rohde & Schwarz ESR 26 Input 2 Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; :SCAN1:STAR 0 HZ
  • #10289: CI: Stepsize in the test does not mach the stepsize setting in 2019.1.5.
  • #10398: Icon now correctly displays status pass/fail

RadiMation version 2019.1.5

  • #8672: Limit line file printout shows no units in the table for Frequency and Value.
  • #9259: HTTPS version of RADIWIKI site
  • #9519: SMR 4503: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO)
  • #9529: emtest UCS 00N: One or several values are limited by the simulator. The paremeters are set to a minimum
  • #9888: Agilent 8753: Specific System Error: 50 , "CAUTION: TOO MANY SEGMENTS OR POINTS""
  • #9925: Reporting in Excel not functioning well in 2019.1.2
  • #9945: Driver: R&S NRX
  • #9970: DARE!! Instruments RSS2010I: Device stream is not connected
  • #9971: Schlöder SFT 1400: An unexpected unit code is returned. Is another Schloeder model connected?
  • #10014: Radiated Emission Tower does not stop
  • #10045: Activate HTTPS support for HelixALM website
  • #10052: Keysight Technologies DSOX4154A
  • #10082: Rounded frequency steps.
  • #10099: Device specific setting in the RPR3006W for 'Edge Fall Time'
  • #10109: "|| TEMPERATURE ||" exports wrong string
  • #10115: Switch matrix sends scientific notation numbers
  • #10119: EM-Test Compact NX5 VDIP - checkered flag not visible after test
  • #10148: Pulsed immunity EFT Multiband - Export icons pass are not consistent.
  • #10156: CI: Forward power reads 40 db too high
  • #10159: RadiMation 2019.1.4 using a fixed min and max for Y axis does not work anymore.
  • #10160: 1GHz radiated EMI: Amplitude scale not automatically adjusted.
  • #10161: CI- 2019.1.4 does not output the time column in the report generator anymmore
  • #10163: Gauss Instruments TDEMI: Invalid parameter value.
  • #10169: When logging the results of the CW measurements in the multiband method, the line-wise assignment between frequency and signal power and / or output power is not correct! The same applies to the documentation of the Apparent Power
  • #10170: The graphs for harmonic and compression power measurements are incorrectly formatted. This may be due to the incorrect designation of the frequency axis (Hz instead of MHz).
  • #10174: Graphs: Fixed limits are scaling instead of being fixed.
  • #10179: VDI Repetition time is cut when changing angle for UCS500
  • #10187: Exporting Electrical field probe line as cal file not possible
  • #10191: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3 Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; :FREQ:STOP 9000 HZ"
  • #10193: Index out of bounds when showing polar plot.
  • #10194: Lock timeout on etherds
  • #10195: Height Graph: Height plot: Max Peak for peak 1 not drawn in graph.
  • #10233: Updated the manual to reflect the current UI for cables
  • #10229: DARE!! Instruments RPR3006W: Wrong command
  • #10230: Resolves IDN check issue with 30S1G3
  • #10244: RadiMation not responding - freezes
  • #10250: Saving TSF in directory crash, and TSF seemingly lost
  • #10256: ESRP 7 Scan max min only usable in scanmode
  • #10261: Analyser: Gauss TDEMI 9 Wrong RBW 9-150 kHz QP scan
  • #10314: Some graphlines are displayed multiple times in the default Custom Graph window
  • #10329: TDEMI M6+ is much slower with Radimation then doing the test manualy
  • #10332: Ability to use the R&S ESW with more than 32000 points
  • #10337: How can we directly control level of injection current in CI & How can we set the level of field strength in RI

RadiMation version 2019.1.4

  • #7991: VDI Repetition time is cut when changing angle for PSF500
  • #8086: R&S ESW26 abillity to set number of points on X-axis
  • #9559: RF Amplifier (ID1344): Prana returned a warning state.
  • #9774: CE No trace when using 200 Hz RBW and a 3 Khz VBW
  • #10011: When opening an EUT file the directory should be set to the EUT directory.
  • #10012: The File extension of the template and the output file do not match
  • #10020: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
  • #10066: Compact NX5 surge testing halted
  • #10069: Timeout time configurable ADC
  • #10077: System calibration: Reference attenuation: Highest frequency is sometimes 150 instead of inline with the measurements
  • #10081: Mini-Circuits SSG-6001RC generates a higher carrier level than the requested 0.0 dBm
  • #10122: Marconi 2024 (ID1092) - Error 151: Query UNTERMINATED
  • #10133: Keysight Technologies N9322C: EMC Option is not present in this device.
  • #10140: Correct keywords for Pulsed Immunity SURGE MB?
  • #10166: RE: TDEMI X6: Invalid parameter value.

RadiMation version 2019.1.3

  • #8139: Updating consistency in code
  • #8211: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: NoStacktrace.
  • #8671: RI Fixed power Printout stepsize is incorrect when frequency list used.
  • #8760: The CheckDevice check for Amplifier Research amplifiers using the P0/P1 command set is always successful
  • #8828: Virtual/manual device driver for EFT
  • #8868: VDI Test not running correctly
  • #8898: RepGen .xlsx EUT attachment ||EUT|ATTACHMENT 1 CONTENTS||
  • #8940: External modulation option for signal generator disappears with RadiMation Free
  • #9072: Receiver (ID1691) Input 2: Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; ABORT
  • #9083: RBW values are not working for ESU 8
  • #9083: Unable to set device driver auto value for measure time, incombination with RBW value
  • #9137: Driver: Mini-Circuits SSG-6001RC
  • #9257: Update the contents of the RadiLog page on the RadiWiki
  • #9391: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: Main Ticket.
  • #9554: em test PFS500
  • #9757: test interrupted and restarted with wrong RBW and wrong turntable sequence
  • #9764: Crash when creating an EUT using the auto-EUT-naming feature.
  • #9848: R&S ZNB device driver should not transmit measurement frequencies again when they are not changed
  • #9859: EF01003 (FSU 26) LAN ??? Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error;Function not available;BAND:AUTO ON""
  • #9880: Radimation hangs during closing, when it is waiting on an errornous amplifier
  • #9928: Amplifier Research 150W1000 (Remote controlled): Device Not Connected.
  • #9937: Driver: RadiLink new relais
  • #9941: Missing Radi Errors descriptions
  • #9942: Incorrect frequency in error?
  • #9945: Driver: R&S NRX
  • #9948: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation, when EUT Monitoring channel is opened
  • #9950: Controlling a device over HTTP causes unnecessary delays
  • #9952: Rohde & Schwarz FSL 3: Specific System Error: -113,"Undefined header;INP:PRES:STAT ON"\n
  • #9963: RadiMation crashed during setup AD converter
  • #9979: CE: Virtual device - Device not ready
  • #9986: Turntable go back to 0deg instead of continuing rotation to 360?? after interrupting test
  • #9991: Change Canoe Switch matrix driver so that you can choose which application it starts
  • #9992: No error messages are retrieved from Mini-circuits PWR-6GHS
  • #9993: Antenna stays at the last position
  • #10001: Constant timeout errors with AD-readout
  • #10009: Driver: Schwarzbeck TK9420
  • #10013: Driver: Anritsu MS2601A as powermeter
  • #10018: Check for UNCAL after a Factory Reset of R&S Receiver
  • #10023: AntennaTower: Does not return to base position after test in version 2018.2.9
  • #10039: Unable to set RBW value
  • #10040: Low band of RSS2010B is not measuring the fieldstrength correctly
  • #10066: Compact NX5 surge testing halted
  • #10068: Show all available ad channels instead of the first 8

RadiMation version 2019.1.2

  • #7201: VDI: Reopening TSF still causes error with different location types.
  • #8309: The magnetic field current is not shown in multiband immunity.
  • #9686: Calibration method of the a multiband immunity test cannot be retrieved in the report.
  • #9691: Reference level is not changed to 125 dBuV on a R&S ESU
  • #9763: Index out of range when entering description in testlevel auto filter box.
  • #9780: Antenna scan calibration in combination with network analyser should use S21
  • #9841: Update Visual Studio C++ compiler to 15.9.5
  • #9842: ErrorReport: "Spectrum Analyser (ID1691) Input 2: Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; FREQ:STOP:LINK START""
  • #9860: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • #9901: Could not load file or assembly 'System.ValueTuple, ....' or one of its dependencies.
  • #10051: em test VDS 200Q: Sting error: error in data-transmission
  • #10093: CE-MB test: not the exact peak is chosen which results in a large measurement error

RadiMation version 2019.1.1

  • #1924: Zooming in the graph is not possible in compression test
  • #4370: TSF file is duplicated
  • #4670: Building the 'TestSites' menu can take a long time
  • #4777: Printing the angle plot of a Multiband emission test is printing the frequency graph
  • #5754: Graph of UFA calculation starts at -1, but should start at 0
  • #6529: Version numbers in the Device driver DLL's should use the build number that is used, also if adjusted to the SVN revision
  • #8613: If auto-save is active, data of measurement should be saved to disk when automatic mode is left
  • #7793: Compression Gain System Calibration representation of graph is vague
  • #7794: Compression Gain System Calibration when saved it removes rest of suggested name description after any.
  • #7795: Compression Gain Test default value of added compression point is invalid
  • #7869: Y axis scaling in graph improvements
  • #8021: When a Band has been selected the TSF is marked as being changed
  • #8024: Magnifier in directory configuration is opening wrong folder or not opening the folder, but after multiple clicks it is opening the selection window
  • #8148: Modification to Monitoring input channel sometimes reset the configured channel to 1
  • #8149: Graph Customization Configuration of the global graph color settings outside a test is not updating the global settings
  • #8158: Multiband Emission TSF configuration is not using the maximum number of selectable detectors
  • #8220: Graph customization is not applied when a test is opened
  • #8265: Confirmation message is default selecting wrong answer (No) instead of Yes
  • #8268: Graph Customization is not updated
  • #8272: General Information in a calibration file cannot be shown if the calibration file is readonly
  • #8277: Disconnecting one VI of four connected RadiCentre devices is raising errors
  • #8283: A 'Copy to Clipboard' action is marking a COR file as being changed
  • #8290: System Calibration Attenuation / Gain Message shows message to connect the sensor power, but requires a forward powermeter in test equipment
  • #8318: Impossible to remove graph line from different test data when the file has been closed
  • #8319: Multiband shows an unexpected frequency graph line and table information which can't be removed
  • #8374: Multiple PC's running the same confdvdr location gives error
  • #8380: Selecting a field probe in a testsite takes more than 20 seconds
  • #8546: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
  • #8554: Ability to show polar plot of field strength in Multiband Immunity test
  • #8563: Not possible to select 1 point per row in UFA calculation
  • #8564: ErrorReport: "Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  • #8587: Changing graph customizations is not setting the changed state of the test
  • #8678: Allow 1 port network analyzer calibration for the Agilent 8753
  • #8733: Adding a multiline note field in the general information items of the eut is not possible
  • #8757: Not possible to edit MB EFT test from the sequence window
  • #8812: Wrong lines are drawn in the Multiband Immunity graph, when the same frequencies are tested often
  • #8820: Ability to use Spectrum analyzer for harmonics measurements
  • #8864: Graphs of gain compression calibration are not showing all the data
  • #8866: No error is raised when the fieldprobe has a multiply correction file attached with values below 0
  • #8881: Graphs of amplifier linearity calibration cannot be shown in Watts unit
  • #8882: Better auto scaling for the y-axis of the amplifier linearity graphs
  • #8887: RadiMation free Virtual powermeter
  • #8892: Wrong title Harmonics calibration
  • #8893: Harmonics test graphs does not use stored graph settings
  • #8904: Suggested filename for the calibration is not correct if the TSF contains a .
  • #8918: print graph shows temp document already being used by another process
  • #8938: Perform antenna scan calibration using a network analyzer instead of signal generator and spectrum analyzer
  • #8941: ctlEvents.cs is included twice and seems to be duplicated
  • #8948: Not all calibration tests are listed in the add test function of the sequence.
  • #8974: Selecting multiple bands with shift is not working as it should be
  • #9013: Sort the names of the graph as they are shown below the 'Graphs' button
  • #9025: Table tab does not display its measured values in a correct manor
  • #9032: Harmonics show -1000dBm
  • #9062: Measurement of Harmonics with 2 power meters
  • #9082: RadiMation calibration expire date database error crash
  • #9100: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: clsGraphElements.FilterShownGraphElements
  • #9105: GetGlobalizedHashCode Object must be of type String
  • #9125: Pressing update in graph config does not update the image.
  • #9137: Driver: Mini-Circuits SSG-6001RC
  • #9185: Unclear time logging behaviour Radimation
  • #9186: Suggested filename of a calibration file is only '' if the TSF description is: "80-1000 MHz, 10 V/m"
  • #9188: Corrupt testfile, no data is visible in the graph
  • #9218: Infinit loop graph elements being added for gain calibration test
  • #9219: Cannot find the device driver - (Device is not on - Device driver is installed)
  • #9232: Emission peak number not correct
  • #9239: When starting an isotropy measurement the angle tab is not displayed
  • #9242: Exception is shown when EUT Monitoring input is opened
  • #9248: Readonly Network Analyzer system calibration still has some fields enabled
  • #9250: Number of sweeps in TSF of Network Analyzer EUT Calibration is not correctly initialized
  • #9267: Continue button does not work
  • #9287: Test data disappeared
  • #9288: PEAK TABLE keyword no longer works.
  • #9291: Save error report standard suggests .log extension
  • #9292: When there is no EUT there is no log file in the error report
  • #9299: Polar graph displays a graph line that has it's visibility tuned off
  • #9303: ErrorReport: "Radimation crashes suddenly after CE measurement is finished "
  • #9304: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
  • #9310: Testdata again not visible.
  • #9311: Test data lost / not visible
  • #9315: Auto Backup of RadiLog
  • #9353: Popup menu of available devices has no seperator between the actions and the devices
  • #9356: Configurable AD Converter value always 0
  • #9357: Driver: new RadiSense 10 models
  • #9384: Index out of range: clsGraphElements.HideElement.
  • #9427: Cancel button of Multiband Immunity TSF window is not working anymore
  • #9429: Destination array was not long enough
  • #9431: External FM modulation waveform is not saved
  • #9445: Battery radisense error, amp did not stop generating 100 vm
  • #9449: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: clsImpedanceTableCalculation.GetResistanceFromImpedanceTable(
  • #9452: Burst, graph does not re-scale when the to measure time is < measured time
  • #9453: Close RadiMation with FieldSensor open and connected gives error
  • #9454: Object reference error when switching tabs in Configuration window
  • #9460: Closing Virtual Forward Power Meter window shows error: Power Meter Init count: 1
  • #9465: Carrier frequency control is not correctly sized on the VI Signal generator window
  • #9496: Use default graph customization disables controls
  • #9504: Report Generator: date format wrong
  • #9507: Input string was not in a correct format.
  • #9523: Keyword PEAK TABLE does not work in 2018.1.4
  • #9533: Power Burst graphs are not correctly shown
  • #9535: Configuring a multiband test has a slow response
  • #9567: Table is turned after last peak measurement
  • #9600: Object reference: Invoke RaiseProgressChangedEvent
  • #9634: Isotropy positioner is not being initialized at first angle at the begin of the test.
  • #9635: Sudden shutdown without warning.
  • #9637: The question 'Are you sure you want to close the test' is shown twice.
  • #9638: Opening a small amplifier linearity test result is taking minutes
  • #9639: Measure time and step frequency controls are not enabled correctly in RE Multiband when switching testsites
  • #9653: Driver: CDN - MEB M5/25A
  • #9657: App. Note 115: How to measuring Amplifier harmonics using RadiMation.
  • #9658: RM 2018.1.3 crashes often, with object reference not set
  • #9687: Multiband EFT is very difficult to close when the automated test is finished
  • #9694: External Modulation options not always shown
  • #9714: Deadlocking in clsDataIdentifiers.
  • #9715: Move during measurement is not shown
  • #9719: Polar plots don't scale correct.
  • #9731: New sweep in a Multiband Emission test is not overwriting the previous sweep
  • #9732: Testdata of a singleband immunity test is not saved at the end of a test
  • #9734: Index out of bounds when shift clicking on a band.
  • #9742: Changing a sequence file does not work correctly.
  • #9753: Driver: Rohde & Schwarz switch matrix OSP230 Frame F01 with options OSP-B133, OSP-B104
  • #9795: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • #9819: Fix all warnings in the RADDOCS project
  • #9820: Fix all warnings in the RADTESTS project
  • #9821: Fix all warnings in the RADIMAT project
  • #9822: Fix all warnings in the RADEMITESTS project
  • #9823: Fix all warnings in the INTERPOLATIONCHART project
  • #9824: Fix all warnings in the SAVEUNICODEFILETESTS project
  • #9825: Fix all warnings in the INTERPOLATIONTESTS project
  • #9826: Fix all warnings in the RADSTDCLTESTS project
  • #9827: Fix all warnings in the HTTP_POST project
  • #9838: Crash during report generation
  • #9855: Set all C# projects to 'Treat all warnings as error' to 'All'
  • #9874: This is not a valid action for the end of a row.
  • #9877: Radiated emission bandwidth is not correctly displayed in 2019.1.1
  • #9884: EUT window not visible
  • #9891: Table is not visible during test
  • #9897: Too much limitlines in MB RE is causing radimation to get slow and hang
  • #9922: Driver: AR250S1G6M1 Amplifier
  • #9923: Driver: Coupler, Amplifier Research: DC7230A
  • #9924: Driver: Amplifier AR5000A225A
  • #9961: Incorrect bandwidth in report for CE and RE
  • #10019: IF Overload is detected ESU26.

Known Problems

R&S spectrum analysers/receivers communication problems

It has been detected that on very fast PC’s, the communication with modern Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser/receivers can be corrupted. These problems are related to the speed of the PC and the used GPIB bus. The R&S receivers that are related to this problem are: ESI/ESIB/ESPI/ESCI/FSE/ESU.

We strongly advise that you slow down the GPIB communication speed between the PC and R&S receivers. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the configuration window of RadiMation®
  2. Select the Device Drivers tab
  3. Select Receivers/Spectrum Analysers
  4. Select the R&S receiver
  5. Press Edit to open the device driver configuration window
  6. Press the Advanced button
    • The GPIB configuration dialog of the R&S device driver will be shown
  7. Activate the Show advanced Settings checkbox
    • The GPIB Configuration dialog will show a Wait time box
  8. Specify 3000 us in the Wait time box
  9. Close all windows, and repeat these steps for each and every R&S receiver.

Configuring the R&S device drivers in this way will slow down the GPIB bus, by ensuring that at least 3 milliseconds delay are included between each GPIB call to the R&S devices

Previous RadiMation® version raises a run-time error

If the latest RadiMation® version and an older RadiMation® version are installed on the same PC, it can happen that the older RadiMation® version raises an error during the start of RadiMation.

This error is raised because a file that is shared by both versions is written in a newer file format that cannot be read anymore by older software. The solution for this problem is to remove the file: C:\Program Files\DARE Development\RadiMation\Confdvdr\CUSTOMIZ.DAT. The CUSTOMIZ.DAT file is used to remember customizations of the colour of the graphs, so removing the file will not influence the measurements. However the graph colours will probably be changed to the defaults as specified by RadiMation®.

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista are not supported

Due to the fact that Microsoft has ended their support for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista we are also forced to stop the support of RadiMation® running on the Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista operating systems. In addition also the Windows 7 operation system without Service Pack 1 is not officially supported by Microsoft anymore. This means that we do not test if RadiMation® is working correctly on these operating systems. However it could be that RadiMation® is still working correctly. We strongly suggest upgrading your operating system to Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system is supported.