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Thank you for purchasing RadiMation® Version 2021.2 EMC test software from Raditeq. RadiMation® is a professional EMC test software package, used for full compliant EMC testing as well as pre-compliance testing and engineering purposes. RadiMation® is developed and written in close co-operation with EMC test engineers of Raditeq and EMC experts of other test houses. Due to the direct feedback between test engineers and software developers, the RadiMation® software is ideally matched to the needs of EMC test engineers. Our software engineers told me "they had forgotten to implement the software bugs". However, I am afraid this is wishful thinking.

Version 2021.2 contains many improvements that you will find useful.

Of course, as with any software package, the improvement of functionality and addition of new features will always be needed. Your suggestions for any changes are welcome and will be studied for implementation in new updates of the software.

We hope that you will find the RadiMation® EMC test software as useful, configurable and powerful as we do.

Ing. P.W.J. Dijkstra
Technical Director

Woerden, The Netherlands
May 2020