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RadiMation support using Microsoft Teams

In this application note we explain how to use Microsoft Teams to receive remote support for the RadiMation software.

Microsoft Teams meeting link

Opening the Microsoft Teams meeting link

When opening the MS Teams meetings link, please make sure to join the meeting through the MS Teams app. Please do not join the MS Teams meeting through the webbrowser, as it only provides limited functionality.

If the Microsoft Teams application is not installed the machine yet, please install the app first, using the MS Teams installer

The teams app is more advanced and provides additional functionality to request remote control of the other PC. MSTeamsOpenLink.png

Start screenshare

During the meeting screen sharing can be started on the remote pc by pressing the “screen share button” as indicated on the image below:
This will shows the following overview where a screen/program can be selected which shall be shared to the members of the meeting.

Return to chat

If during the meeting additional information is typed in the chat of the meeting, move the cursor acros the screen untill the options indicated below are seen.
Press the “chat” button to show the “text" chat