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Advanced options can be changed inside RadiMation® by selecting in the menu:

   Menu.png Configuration
      Menu.png Advanced options

There are a lot of advanced options in the list, and making changes to one or more of those settings, can have a major influence in the correct functioning of the software. Changes to one or more of these Advanced Options are only needed to circumvent a specific situation. Before changes can be made, a specific password should be specified. The required password is not related to any of the passwords of existing engineers. If it is necessary to make a change to one or more of the advanced options, the password will be provided to the end-user by the reseller or Raditeq. If the password is specified correctly, a configuration window is shown that includes a table to review and edit the list of advanced options.

Advanced options.png

The list includes the following columns:

  • Name: The name of the advanced option, which is using the '.' as a separator to create sections and sub-sections of settings
  • Value: The current value of the advanced option. This value can be changed by double clicking on the cell.
  • Description: Contains a description of the usage and effects of the variable.
  • Default: The default value of the advanced option
  • Type: The type of the advanced option, which limits the possible values of the advanced option.
  • Valid Range: A numerical range or code that defines the accepted values for the value of the advanced option. It is not allowed to set the 'Value' outside of the specified 'Value Range'

The Edit button can be used to change the currently selected value. If the currently selected value only accepts a True or False value, the value will immediately be toggled. Otherwise a text-box will be shown on the location of the value, so the value can be changed manually. When Enter is pressed, the value will be accepted and stored. If a value is changed to be outside the range that is specified in the 'Value Range', a warning message will be shown, and the value will not be changed.

When the value of an advanced option is changed, it will be remembered for that installation, also if newer RadiMation versions are installed afterwards. The newer versions thus will also continue to use the modified value.

If a row is drawn in bold its current value is different from the default value. The default value can then be restored by selecting the row and pressing the Restore Default button.

A more detailed description of the usages and remarks for a specific advanced option can be found in the RadiWiki Knowledgebase. If an advanced option is selected, and the Knowledgebase button is pressed, the corresponding page is automatically shown. A list of all the advanced options is also include in the Advanced Option category.

The window can be closed by pressing the Close button.

Warning: Any change and/or modification to the advanced options, can result in unexpected results and/or incorrect measurement results. Changes in any advanced option should be verified and checked very carefully!