Chapter 17

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Quality Statement

Raditeq is ISO9001 certified by Lloyd’s Register which covers all test- and measurement hardware products, RadiMation® software and services that are developed and delivered by our company.

Prior to a new major release of the RadiMation® EMC test software we perform a three stages test procedure to ensure the quality of the new software:

  1. Software testing using virtual devices
  2. EMC test verification using known artifacts
  3. Validation at EMC test laboratories of DARE!! Measurements

As each customers EMC test setup is unique, Raditeq recommends a final validation of the new major release of RadiMation® EMC test software by each individual customer themselves, using the specific equipment that is used for EMC testing.

RadiMation® Software package is suitable for use in an ISO17025 accredited test laboratory. Hereby Raditeq can state that our software is in conformity with ISO17025 and ISO/IEC Guide 25.