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An end-user is using different versions of RadiMation®. These different RadiMation® versions also can have different versions of the Device Driver system.


  1. How can I verify the Device Driver system of my currently used RadiMation® version?
  2. The RadiMation® support team has fixed an issue in the device drivers system and send me an e-mail that it is made available by download. It seems that the version of RadiMation® is not yet available for me.

Clarification / Solution

The used Device driver system version is listed on the about window that can be shown by clicking the menu

   Menu.png Help
      Menu.png About...

The RadiMation® software and device drivers system are developed to have their own version and installation. If any issues are solved in the device drivers system, they are normally already available by only performing an update of the drivers to the current used RadiMation® version of the customer. Another solution is to install the latest version of RadiMation®, which includes this device drivers version.

In some cases it is reported by the RadiMation® support team, that the version X, which is not yet available on the download website. That version will also includes the solved issues. Therefore, any customer who is installing this RadiMation® version X in the future will directly have this device drivers version installed, which includes the fixes in the device drivers.

Therefore, versions of both the Device Drivers system and the RadiMation® versions varies for each specific solution. It may be that the automatically generated e-mails from our issue database HelixALM will indicate in which specific version of RadiMation® a particular solution is available. In general, it is only needed to perform a device drivers system update (available from our RadiWiki site: Device drivers) and no RadiMation® update is needed to make use of fixed device drivers system issues. Fixed RadiMation® issues still requires updating RadiMation® to the fixed version.