RadiMation Error: -1073807343

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Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system

RadiMation® tried to open a connection to a measurement device (or another resource) using the VISA layer. But the VISA layer was not able to find the specified resource. This can indicate that the specified measurement device is not connected, not powered on or is not responding. Another possibility is that the VISA identifier is not correctly specified.


  • Ensure that the measurement device is powered on and connected to the communication bus
  • Ensure that the specified communication address is correct
  • If the device is physically connected to the communication bus but is still not found, re-attach the device to the communication bus
  • If RS232 communication is used: ensure that the correct RS232 COM-port is selected
  • If GPIB communication is used: ensure that the correct GPIB board, and primary address is specified
  • Ensure that the specified VISA Alias is configured correctly
  • If a VISA Alias is used for VISA-LAN communication, try the "SOCKET" suffix instead of the "INSTR" suffix
  • Ensure that the correct measurement device is selected in the testsite, and not another measurement device

To connect over ethernet using visa use "Visa-id" with value "TCPIP0::" Make sure to replace with the ip address of the amplifier