RadiMation Error: 536871987

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Software Protection Key could not be found, test stopped

The RadiMation software is protected with a software protection key, which also contains the information of the modules that are activated.

During the start of a test, a check is done to verify if you have a valid license to perform that specific test in that module. The error could indicate one of the following:

  • No RadiMation® software protection key can be found at all.
  • The license that is programmed in the software protection key doesn't allow you to run that specific type of test.


  • If you get this error and have recently updated from windows 7 to windows 10 then you have to re-install RadiMation. We use a third-party software for our dongle software protection. There is a known issue that requires specific versions of a dll dependend on the OS that you are running. To resolve that issue we check the OS at install and install the correct version of the dll. However when the OS is upgraded, you will have the wrong dll. This will cause the dongle protection software to stop working and RadiMation will come up in free-mode because the dongle can not be read. Re-installing the same version of RadiMation will fix this as it will check the OS version again and install the correct version of the dll. If issues remain please contact support.
  • If you are currently evaluating the RadiMation® software, it is also possible to provide you with a temporary software protection key. With that temporary key, you can evaluate the fully licensed version of RadiMation®. Please contact radimation-support@raditeq.com or http://www.dare.eu/instruments/emc-test-software/free-radimation-trial to request a trial key.
  • First follow the steps described at: Software Protection Key could not be found to see if the software protection key is correctly installed and recognized.
  • Contact your reseller to get an updated license to use this test in the Radimation software.