RadiMation Error: 536872000

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Power is limited during power delivery test

During the initialization of a test, a power delivery test is performed to verify if the system is correctly configured and working as expected. During this power delivery test, the signal power is incremented in 4 dB steps, and the forward powermeter is monitored to determine if the amplified signal also increments with 4 dB steps. This verification ensures that the cabling from the signal generator through the amplifier, coupler and switchmatrixes is correct, and also that the forward powermeter can correctly measure the power.

When RadiMation® is instructed to use the forward power meter in an immunity test, it will always perform the power delivery test. The following situations will cause a forward power measurement:

  • Forward power amplifier protection was activated.
  • Forward power or Net power is measured as an input.
  • Forward power or Net power calibration method is selected.

In all these cases, also a power delivery test is performed. The power delivery test is performed at the frequency in the middle of the frequency band.

This error is generated during a situation that the power level could not be further raised, due to the (amplifier) protection.


  • Ensure that the amplifier is activated
  • Ensure that all the switchmatrixes are in the correct position
  • Ensure that the interlock system is closed
  • Ensure that at the shown signal power level, a forward power signal is generated that is at least 6 dB above the noise level
  • Ensure that the amplifier input power protection is set to an appropiate level (not too low).
  • Ensure that the Forward and Reflected Power meters are not swapped in the current test setup (both physically as in RadiMation®!)