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RSIB32.DLL could not be loaded

The RSIB32.DLL could not be found on your system. The RSIB32.DLL is necessary to communicate with certain Rohde & Schwarz equipment, over LAN. Please check if the RSIB32.DLL is installed. If the RSIB32.DLL is not installed, please install it.


  • Install the RSIB32.DLL

RSIB32.DLL Installation

The RSIB32.DLL can be installed from a setup program that is provided by Rohde & Schwarz. Search on the website for RSIB32.dll The RSIB32.DLL is a DLL that is using the National Instruments NI-VISA library to communicate with their equipment. It is therefor also a requirement that NI-VISA is installed. NI-VISA can be downloaded from the National Instruments website.

Probably only the 'NI-Visa Run-time engine 4.5' is required.

RSIB Programming

More detailed information of the available RSIB functions can be found on: http://www.rohde-schwarz.com/webhelp/zvt/HW_Interfaces/RSIB_Interface/RSIB_Interface_Functions.htm