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Some suggestions for improvements:

  • Explain the crucial difference between the two methods. What is the benefit of the one to the other?
  • Explain the possibility to correct the splitter and cables?
  • Draw the splitter symbol as a real splitter??

Joro (talk) 14:26, 22 January 2019 (CET)

Additional suggestions for improvements

Coupler should be able to measure up to the highest frequency of the highest harmonic This should be updated in the application note. it therefor probably is better to connect the Analyzer to the output of the coupler. (But then it still should not have a high attenuation in the through of the coupler).

If sensor powermeter (should be a frequency selective device) is not able to measure at the frequencies, the measurement is not performed, and the gain graph will not contain any data for that.

The gain graph is showing the value of the harmonic measurement on the frequency index of the ground wave.

Also should extend the application note to include a reference on how to do this using the field (or another application note that refers to the original application note). The receive antenna is not selected in the testsite.

If the antenna/analyser combination is used, the antenna should be corrected for the variation in the antenna. If also a cable and an attenuator is present, the losses of those devices (especially for the higher frequencies) should also be corrected. At this moment this should be done by manually calculating the summed correction and losses, and select it at the power correction of the sensor powermeter. It would be nice if the receive antenna, the cable and the receive analyser can also be selected.

The antenna is required in the Harmonics measurement. Why? This is unlogical. => Should create a ticket for this to fix it.

If for harmonics is selected: 3, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonic are being measured. This is unlogical/unexpected? Should be explained.

The manual should include the setup for the conducted harmonics measurement. (as it is right now). But it also would be nice if the setup of the radiated harmonics measurement is included, and that the listing of the used testsite equipment is shown.

Analyzer+powermeter combination is only working from 2019.1.1 and higher

The drawing of the equipment connections, should use the improved equipment drawings.

Joro (talk) 18:47, 31 January 2022 (UTC)