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The RadiMation® device drivers are the interface between RadiMation® and the equipment that should be controlled to perform an EMC-test.


These device drivers can be used for all RadiMation® versions.

  • These drivers have version number: 2021.05.07.1641 and are last updated at: 2021/05/07 (yyyy/mm/dd) at 16:41: Download-button.png

When the device drivers system setup file is downloaded, it can then be used to update the drivers on a machine which has RadiMation® version 2018.1 or newer installed.

Microsoft Windows XP is not supported anymore, so the device driver update cannot be installed on a Microsoft Windows XP machine anymore. The minimum requirement is to install it on Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 or newer.

Supported equipment

All the device drivers that are available are included in this list:

Released RadiMation® versions

Released RadiMation® versions can be downloaded from the RadiMation® Versions page.