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We are proud to deliver you Version 2013.1 of our RadiMation® EMC Test software. This 2013.1 version is the result of several major improvements that we have done. This release is completely based on the Microsoft .NET development framework, which ensures that we can fully support future operating systems.

This letter contains all the information that is needed before your system is upgraded. If you have any additional questions or remarks please let us know through your reseller, or contact



When RadiMation® files are opened, changed and saved in a newer version of RadiMation®, it is possible that it will saved in a newer file format, which cannot be opened anymore in an older version of RadiMation®. To prevent that changed TSF, LLF, COR, SEQ or EUT files cannot be opened anymore in an older RadiMation® version, we strongly recommend to make a backup. Before you install the latest version of RadiMation®, please make sure to saveguard all your critical data.

Make a back up of (at least) the following files:

  • Correction files
  • TSF files
  • Sequence files
  • Limit Line files
  • Device driver configuration files

Multi version installation

It is possible to install different RadiMation® versions on the same PC.

This functionality can be used to verify the correct functioning of the RadiMation® software before it is used for EMC testing. Simply put, the functioning of the new version can be checked by comparing it with the older version. This verification can for example be required by internal quality assurance standards. During this verification process, the installation of the older RadiMation® version can still be used for all EMC tests.

Be advised that:

  • It is not possible to run two (or more) different versions at the same time without risking a software crash. Close other instances of RadiMation® before starting another version!
  • Raditeq cannot be held accountable if information is lost because two different versions of RadiMation® are used at the same time.
  • The user needs to have the rights as described in User rights and installation.


Installing software updates

Software updates can be distributed on CD or downloaded from the RadiMation® Download page.

To install the RadiMation® update from a CD, please execute the ‘SETUP.EXE’ startup program. The setup program will install the new RadiMation® version at the same location as the previous version, but in a separate installation folder. This will allow you to use the previously installed RadiMation® version, as well as the new one.

The setup program will detect that a previous version of RadiMation® has already been installed on your PC. A back up of this older version will automatically be copied to the backup directory. All the settings of the older version will also be used for the newly installed RadiMation®. If any problems should occur with the new software, the older version can be recovered.

Installing from a network directory

If the already installed RadiMation® version was installed from a network directory, the new setup file can be copied to the <Setup> sub-directory of the <NetworkDir>.

The new RadiMation® version can then be installed on each computer from this directory.

Updating device drivers

After the new RadiMation® version is installed, we strongly recommend that you install the latest device drivers as well. These device drivers can be installed by starting the ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program that is located on the delivered CD.

The ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program will detect the different RadiMation® versions installed on your PC. A dialog will start, asking you to select the RadiMation® version that needs updated device drivers. Select the latest version of RadiMation® that was just installed.

You have successfully obtained the latest released version of RadiMation® when both the software and device drivers have been updated.

Verification and Validation

Every new RadiMation® version is tested extensively before it is released. Raditeq validates these new versions on three ‘levels’. The fourth level of the validation is to be done by the end-user.

This quality management system follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”).

1) Automatic knob pushing program

The ‘automatic knob pushing program’ simulates an end-user and is run on each RadiMation® version. The program performs all the actions that a user could do, such as entering information, executing tests, reviewing test results and generating reports.

Performing the first validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

2) Validation and usage in a test lab

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the first validation level, it progresses to the second validation level performed by Raditeq.

During this validation the RadiMation® software is installed in a real test lab, to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. The results are also compared with the measurement results of previous software versions.

Performing the second validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

3) Validation and usage in a test house

When the new RadiMation® version has passed the second validation level, it progresses to the third validation level performed by Kiwa Dare Services.

This validation level consists of two stages. In the first stage the software is used to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. When the new software version has passed the first stage, it progresses to the second stage where it is installed and used by Kiwa Dare Services for at least two weeks. Any issues that are reported during this period, will be investigated and resolved. An updated version of RadiMation® is created if needed.

Performing the third validation level is a responsibility of Kiwa Dare Services.

When this validation is succesful, the RadiMation® version will be officially released, and will become available for all end-users.

4) Validation by end-users

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the third validation level, it progresses to the fourth (and last) validation level, which should be performed by the end-users of RadiMation®.

When end-users receives a new RadiMation® version they should perform a validation of the software in their own test setup. The parts that should be validated by the end-user are:

  • Correct control of the used measurement equipment
  • Validation of the software according to internal quality standards
  • Possible verification and comparison of measurements on a 'known' EUT

We strongly advise to only start to use RadiMation® after this validation is performed.

Performing the fourth validation level is a responsibility of the end-user.

Solved items

See below the list of all the issues that have been solved in RadiMation® version 2013.1 since version 5.8.

RadiMation version 2013.1.26

  • #3394: Radimation crashes during the init of during the test
  • #4332: Not possible anymore to copy the peak table to the clipboard
  • #4729: HP8342E measures only one sweep instead of 5 per frequency band
  • #4742: R&S ESU 8 device driver files are missing
  • #4810: Error no device driver selected for cable
  • #5146: R&S HCC antenna tower timeout error
  • #5178: Adjusting bands during Multiband configuration should be more intelligent
  • #5180: Creating a TSF sub directory with insufficient file permissions raises run-time error 5
  • #5181: No description or TSF file name is visible during Multiband testing
  • #5186: Multiband immunity has problems with power regulation if regulation starts on -100 dBm
  • #5187: Test continues without an error even if the RadiTurn cannot turn the table to the correct angle
  • #5188: Configurable AD converter options has disappeared
  • #5198: Adjust RGN drivers to have a fixed minimum carrier level setting of -70dBm

RadiMation version 2013.1.25

  • #5107: Driver HP 59306A switch matrix
  • #5111: Driver: Agilent 34401A Multimeter
  • #5153: R&S ESIB40 Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB:EABO)
  • #5166: Report filename is using a filename with a lot extension
  • #5167: Polar plot graphs are included in the report when a frequency based emission graph is requested
  • #5197: Extend RGN drivers with an additional check for carrier level and state

RadiMation version 2013.1.24

  • #1905: Pasted information of standard is not always stored
  • #2773: Pressing delete on engineer window does not give the additional are you sure window
  • #2815: Combo box in EUT information list does not update its dropdown box size based on the content
  • #3096: X-axis grid lines at graphs starting at 10 Hz are not correctly calculated or drawn
  • #3232: Default log in test engineer can not be turned off.
  • #3271: Questions to "Login-Procedure"
  • #4208: Repeated hangs when ESU used as powermeter
  • #4237: No extension created
  • #4521: Enhanced Status Window up down triggers Unhandled exception
  • #4536: Unhandled exception for object name icon
  • #4644: RI Singleband Fixed Field cannot use a 1 Hz step frequency from 80 kHz to 1 GHz
  • #4717: Pass button is vanished when Surge test is started
  • #4737: Report Generator: Could not copy template error
  • #4738: Cannot close the EUT with PI test
  • #4767: Note information is replaced with default note
  • #4794: Crash in calibration mode when repeat previous test is used
  • #4801: Cannot access a disposed object when canceling fixed power test
  • #4814: Unhandled exception when empty snapshot is exported
  • #4815: Printing LLF doesn't work
  • #4847: Unhandled exceptions or Not Responding after GTEM test
  • #4869: RadiCentre error The connection for the given session has been lost
  • #4914: Engineer name change is not saved but will duplicating this Engineer
  • #4919: Error loop when saving a new LLF with insufficient engineer rights
  • #4923: Ok button of note screen is opening a new note screen
  • #4940: Items names for standards are not visible
  • #4966: Unhandled exception when starting RI fixed power test
  • #5045: Cancel button of note screen is needed to be pressed twice
  • #5058: Start frequency of < 0,0001 MHz is not retained from TSF and automatically changed to 0 Hz
  • #5115: Unknown error when writing a test file
  • #5128: RadiMation ignores AT device driver (software) limits and TSF limits
  • #5143: Errors Gain compression and Harmonics tests
  • #5148: Milmega AS0840-100/100 Amplifier can't be remote controlled

RadiMation version 2013.1.23

  • #3834: If overload check for receiver, not scanning receiver
  • #4212: Adjustments (advanced) settings have no effect with calibration power sensor (4418)
  • #4372: Test information time is incorrectly set
  • #4739: Report Generator: time, date and special character is wrong
  • #4820: Test data can't be opened, error 'No data document could be created for the test identifier'
  • #4897: RadiMation is not responding when the Database connection location is opened
  • #4935: Driver R&S unit SCIU
  • #4960: Frequency settings are hidden and not usable anymore in manual mode
  • #5050: Manual mode frequency adjustment (arrow button) is pressed multiple times
  • #5056: During test it is not possible to add or remove graph lines
  • #5057: Settings to change graph line colors are not retained
  • #5070: R&S SMA 100 device driver check crashes RadiMation
  • #5073: R&S HCC should read a limit during a check to ensure that the correct device is connected
  • #5074: Word report generator can cause an exception caused by delayed unloading
  • #5076: Graphs button is disabled during a multiband immunity test
  • #5106: Driver: Schaffner/Chase CBL6111D antenna
  • #5108: Driver: HP 59307A switch matrix
  • #5109: Driver: AR 1000LM24 Amplifier
  • #5110: Driver: AR 500W1000M3 Amplifier
  • #5120: Error from RadiPower is not correctly reported
  • #5122: Driver: R&S unit SCIU switch matrixes
  • #5124: RPR2018C timeout errors
  • #5130: RadiPower can become suddenly unresponsive
  • #5131: Incorrect resizing is causing unreadable items RPR3006W
  • #5132: Wrong times are shown in the eventlog of a calibration
  • #5134: RadiTower stays in Remote after test is closed
  • #5135: Control of the RadiTower enters an endless loop
  • #5137: The field sensor device driver configuration should be extended with 'Monitoring measurement settings'
  • #5138: Add possibility in the Maturo device driver to select the device unit
  • #5139: Driver: R&S FSEA as powermeter
  • #5145: Wrong ranges of Holaday HI 4433-MSE field probe
  • #5147: R&S unit SCIU Amplifier isn't going to operate

RadiMation version 2013.1.22

  • #4059: Axis selection for the FI7000
  • #4584: Signal generator HP 83752A is not set for modulation
  • #5119: Report generator code: FORWARD POWER LIST is not exporting any data

RadiMation version 2013.1.21

  • #3220: Scaling of the Tsf selection window
  • #4593: Driver: EMR-300 does not check Battery status
  • #4744: Measurement is done in dBm with Antenna Terminal selected , when MIL STD 461E specifies the limit in dBuV
  • #4909: After measurement no result(s) are shown
  • #4994: R&S SMA 100A Invalid buffer mask specified
  • #5040: Wrong graph scaling cuts off measurement results after test and RG
  • #5066: RS ZNB-40 command and remote Queue overflow errors
  • #5100: Communication problem with R&S SMC100A (via USB)
  • #5101: ODBC database is not remembered and set to ACT again
  • #5102: RMS value in Powermeter burst measurement is not corrected
  • #5113: Test Equipment is set to 'none', but was correctly selected before test

RadiMation version 2013.1.20

  • #2848: Regulated testlevel should be above requested testlevel if testlevel could not be regulated within the tolerance
  • #4910: Closed loop electrical field regulation is always assuming a linear system
  • #5033: Driver: Tilt Antenna Mast TAM 4.0-P and a NCD controller
  • #5036: Not all limit lines are shown in an emission test
  • #5063: Power delivery test is extremely slow

RadiMation version 2013.1.19

  • #4843: Envelope trace mode for a RadiPower is not working anymore after a Burst mode measurement
  • #4929: Driver: R&S HCC turntable + absorbing clamp controller
  • #4996: Last bursts in a powermeter burst graph is showing a higher value
  • #4999: Long burst measurements with the RadiPower will result in not enough memory errors
  • #5061: Invalid buffer mask Agilent N9010A Scanning Receiver over USB (VISA Alias)

RadiMation version 2013.1.18

  • #1368: Use blanking input for SMY02 PM modulation
  • #4062: R&S SMY-01 input blanking for pulse modulation
  • #4255: Driver: strange VBW value is set
  • #4256: Calibration asks for resistor and shows voltage level
  • #4260: Measuring deviations despite correct .CAL
  • #4267: Starting Level Signal Power can trigger RF power on without interlock
  • #4273: Power meter is read continuously with modulation applied in Manual Mode
  • #4547: Setting the reference level has no effect on the ESMI
  • #4548: Can select only one peak at the time
  • #4592: Powermeter virtual instrument is not always unloaded from memory
  • #4616: MXE alignment issue and is not released from remote
  • #4842: Graph lines from a previous VI Powermeter window are still shown under the 'Graphs' button
  • #4932: Driver: Injection device FCC F51
  • #4992: Configure a maximum of 360 degrees for a Manual Controlled Turn Table
  • #4995: Customization of the Graphline color in the Powermeter window is not working
  • #5008: Dropdown of the threshold level for a burst test is using an unlogical order
  • #5022: Innco CO3000 is started at 100cm instead of 90cm
  • #5037: RG error when requesting the Equipment Table information
  • #5047: Pulsed Immunity explanation
  • #5054: Mil Std CAL text is not completely visible
  • #5059: Innco CO3000 control multiple devices with one GPIB address without addressing
  • #5064: 18-channel AD-convertor device driver for the RadiSense to be used during justation
  • #5067: Agilent 8753ES can't change GPIB address

RadiMation version 2013.1.17

  • #4944: Extend R&S ZNB driver to be used during antenna calibrations
  • #5028: R&S SME: Use fixed attenuator mode to reduce attenuator relais switching

RadiMation version 2013.1.16

  • #2541: RF setting of the marconi 2023 does not check for errors
  • #4352: Driver: device driver check Marconi 2022 (ID1343) doesn't check anything
  • #4594: Limited Signal power is never adjusted anymore in Multiband
  • #4905: Test data of some previous versions are corrupted and can't be opened anymore
  • #4930: Driver: Bonn amplifier BLWA 0810-400
  • #4936: Changing AT polarization does not seems to work
  • #4954: Where to define Cables for the EFT testing
  • #4967: How to configure switch matrix changes
  • #4968: Driver: HI4433LFH Holaday field probe
  • #4969: CANoe interface object not initialized correctly
  • #4970: Marconi 2023/24 error: Measurement using PM is not possible
  • #4972: AR FP3000A is not responding
  • #4973: RadiSense CTR1001A IV error unknown command
  • #4976: Stop button doesn't work in Network Analyser system calibration
  • #4977: Report generator raises index error for S-parameter test
  • #4978: Export of graph data to excel is not using the correct comma
  • #4979: Phase information is not retrieved from the R&S ZNB
  • #4982: Driver: Amplifier Research AT4510
  • #4985: Driver: AR 60S4G8
  • #4986: Driver: AR 40S1G4
  • #4987: Driver: 350S1G4
  • #4993: Calculate the RMS value of a Burst measurement
  • #5020: ESI26B Spectrum Analyser Query unterminated error
  • #5021: R&S ESIB 40 receiver Query unterminated error
  • #5023: SMY-01 PM with ext blanking
  • #5024: Option window to Enable software configuration EMCO2090 is not shown anymore
  • #5030: R&S SME: Device driver should use 0.01 dB Output resolution

RadiMation version 2013.1.15

  • #1680: The resolution for the reflection coefficient should be increased from 0.001 to 0.0001
  • #2232: Device driver to control the R&S ESI(B) series analysers/receivers over LAN
  • #2758: ZVK measuring times are not inserted in side the machine, it is always 1 sec.
  • #4041: Antenna mast Frankonia FC 02 not working
  • #4324: Error Advantest TR4172 not all bytes are written to the GPIB
  • #4464: Driver: tracking generator R&S ESPI3 receiver with option FSP-B9
  • #4554: R&S ESPI7 ethernet communication
  • #4658: Network analyser measurement: Swap noise and full through measurement
  • #4659: Network analyser measurement: Support Full 1 port measurment, which only measures a single port
  • #4687: Strange graphs are included in the report if the frequency has been changed to an already tested frequency in RI Single band manual mode
  • #4689: Emco 2090 is controlled with an offset
  • #4804: Simultaneously remote control LISN ESH3-Z and use Spectrum Analyser of R&S ESAI/ESMI doesn't work
  • #4904: No graphical display of results and no results are stored
  • #4911: Help Technical Support items are not working
  • #4912: Advantest TR4172 is not using Video Average detector
  • #4913: Wrong dates are shown in the EUT window
  • #4915: Antenna tower limits are not retained for the EMCO2090
  • #4917: Driver: R&S ZNB 40 Network analyser
  • #4918: RadiSense 4.51 probe is not correctly detected
  • #4920: Configuration of magnetic field substitution test level is problematic
  • #4921: Unhandled exception after finishing RI substitution tests
  • #4922: SMA100A not working correctly
  • #4925: Powermeter measurement with the R&S FSP below 300 Hz measures the zero feed through signal
  • #4927: Driver: pre-amplifier Teseq LNA 6901
  • #4928: Driver: pre-amplifier R&S AFS
  • #4931: Driver: Injection device Mess Electr NNBM8125
  • #4937: StandardDetails window is not automatically resizing
  • #4939: Default Address Information screen text is cut off
  • #4946: Text in Calibration Import window not completely visible
  • #4949: Does RadiMation support time domain scan
  • #4951: Is it possible to use a calibration file at 20vm to generate a field of 3vm
  • #4956: How can we run 5.8.38 and 2013.1.15 on the same PC
  • #4957: Files generated in 2013.1.15 are not readabel in 5.8.38
  • #4961: How to add attenuators for calibration
  • #4971: How and with which RM version can we control the power meter RPR3006P?
  • #4980: The 'number of sweeps' setting in a network analyser test is not working

RadiMation version 2013.1.14

  • #693: There is no logical order in the selection of the controls, if the selection is moved with the 'TAB' key
  • #3235: Cancel button in report generation is not cancel but skip
  • #4047: First point from final measurement is not measured correctly
  • #4112: Final measurement at wrong frequency
  • #4202: HI field probe readout raises errors
  • #4216: Incorrect QP measurement on first peak measurement
  • #4287: Mast sometimes doesn't move with HD100 antenna controller
  • #4414: Maturo NCD no VISA available
  • #4669: Disable the spell checker during the generation of the report
  • #4710: Only the first line from NOTE is showed in test list
  • #4736: RG: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #4746: First Measured Peak is not correct with R&S ESVS 10 / ESHS 10
  • #4793: Driver: Apsin 6010 Signal Generator
  • #4818: Add direct link in Menu Help for 'Latest device drivers...'
  • #4876: RunMacro(AutoFitThisTable) is auto fitting the wrong table
  • #4877: Agilent 4440A is not working correctly in an attenuation/gain calibration test
  • #4878: HP8542E is resetted twice during the initialization
  • #4880: RadiGen doesn't always activate the AM modulation
  • #4881: Driver: GPIB and VISA support for the AnaPico APSIN signal generators
  • #4882: Detector measurement time is not correctly set in the PMM9010
  • #4886: HI-4450 probe error without description
  • #4887: Accents and special characters are replaced with question marks icons
  • #4889: Endless loops Maturo NCD AT after communication is out of sync
  • #4890: Position Maturo NCD AT is not alway set exact by driver
  • #4891: Maturo NCD TT minimum step size of 3 degrees
  • #4893: VISA (GPIB) controlled RGN error Invalid buffer mask specified
  • #4894: RadiMation Free can't connect with RPR Power meter

RadiMation version 2013.1.13

  • #1085: Field measurement during CI testing
  • #2657: A graph of an AD-Input should auto scale the y-axis to also show the limits that are relevant for the AD-Input
  • #2853: Multiband Report generator code for an ad-channel should also be available as a pre-determined code
  • #2904: EUT ad channel monitoring scale is wrong, no information is displayed.
  • #3031: AD Graph 1 does not work in multi band
  • #3236: Max limit is not viewable when all the measurements are above the limit
  • #3564: R&S ESVS device driver should be updated to use double parameters
  • #3867: Net power and calculated current on the CAN-bus
  • #4167: Power meter driver for fsiq / FSEK and fsp
  • #4171: Report generator: keyword for step frequency is not working
  • #4460: RadiCentre (RadiTower) errors
  • #4582: Wrong peak is measured with final peak measurement selection
  • #4615: Error 'Settings conflict: step size clipped to nearest value allowed'
  • #4622: Error printout ||MAX HOLD PEAKS GRAPH||
  • #4642: Modulation settings are not correctly saved
  • #4675: Graph keyword gives 'Object variable or With block variable not set' error
  • #4682: Selected peaks do not match with selected peaks in the peak table
  • #4711: Peak zoom-in is not working correctly if a limitline file is specified
  • #4728: All peaks above the limit dB value is not retained
  • #4745: RadiMation shortcut should have version number
  • #4753: HP8542E Receiver is measuring only one sweep and only one band
  • #4764: RadiCentre problems
  • #4824: Setting conflict error with a Agilent Scanning Receiver
  • #4859: RadiPower misses the last part of a pulsed signal
  • #4864: Driver: EMGen 7003-001
  • #4865: Controlling a RadiGen is raising a dialog with the message: Operation is NOT completed
  • #4868: Remaining test time is shown in 12:04:30 AM notation
  • #4870: Installation on a PC cannot be completed due to network location configuration
  • #4871: Limit values of ad-channels are not used in the scaling of the ad-channel graph
  • #4872: Installation of drivers.exe generates an error regarding registration of RADCANoeWrapper
  • #4879: How should the magnetic field antenna factor be specified?
  • #4883: Wrong readings during conducted immunity fixed current test
  • #4888: RadiCentre (RadiTower) timeout expired before OPC
  • #4895: Driver: RSS1006A Device Not Connected
  • #4896: RSW1021N and RSW1024S errors 'Not all bytes are written to the GPIB board within the timeout period'

RadiMation version 2013.1.12

  • #4108: Report generator keywords for final measurement
  • #4743: Driver: no communication and motor not moving with Emco 2090
  • #4813: RM crashes during search of DARE products
  • #4822: Unit for currentprobe is not set to dBuA, but remains dBuV
  • #4837: Initializing a powermeter while on the envelope or burst mode tab, is not working correctly
  • #4844: Changing the sample rate for the RadiPower in envelope trace mode is not working, if 1E+3 notation is used
  • #4857: RadiPower RPR3006P measurement should be corrected for the Modulation bandwidth that is used by the EUT
  • #4866: Antenna tower goes down to hard limit and gets stuck

RadiMation version 2013.1.11

  • #4406: No coupling available with Synergy database
  • #4817: Menu Help > Suggestion URL is opening DARE homepage
  • #4819: Continuity between LLF and COR
  • #4848: Error message when printout a Multiband test
  • #4856: IF overload detected error with R&S ESU 8 EMI

RadiMation version 2013.1.10

  • #4242: Issue measuring time setting in MB
  • #4269: Settings (RBW) differ in comparison with measurement results
  • #4541: Driver: Bonn amplifier BSA 0125-125
  • #4596: Problem with PMM in latest version
  • #4716: Reference Level is not correctly set during final measurement
  • #4718: COR file graph is not correctly drawn
  • #4750: RadiMate AD converter is not working
  • #4752: PMM 9010 timeout errors
  • #4754: EMCO 4825/2 LISN error Start frequency was too low
  • #4758: Detector Keywords for report generator template
  • #4759: PMM is not detecting that it isn't getting any real data
  • #4763: PMM 9010 Error detected during start sweep measurement
  • #4765: RI Uniform Field Area calculation form
  • #4766: Frequency Change Mode configuration button is not present
  • #4781: Driver: Agilent N5171B Signal generator
  • #4782: Driver: AR 1000W1000D amplifier
  • #4783: Driver: AR 2500A225 amplifier
  • #4785: Configuration to remote control RSW1002E on 12V
  • #4786: Not possible to printout a MB test
  • #4791: RI Fixed power test in a sequence doesn't remember that a frequency list should be used
  • #4798: R&S ESAI EMC receiver
  • #4803: Move and Turn during measurement settings are disappeared
  • #4807: RDM1004A with RadiCentre 1 is not connecting
  • #4816: Driver: Wandel & Goltermann EMR-10 + EMR-11

RadiMation version 2013.1.9

  • #4285: Can't change order of the frequency band (MB) for sequence testing
  • #4606: Merging graphs is loosing correction
  • #4695: Removing an information item, selects an unlogical next information item
  • #4704: Test window opens to large for the screen; buttons are not visible
  • #4721: Exit from a multiband test requires two clicks on Close button
  • #4722: Advantest R3361B Analyser event timeout
  • #4723: Graph lines are not correctly enabled and disabled
  • #4735: 4446A preselector is searched when deselected in driver settings

RadiMation version 2013.1.8

  • #1534: Large System fonts will make menu labels unreadable
  • #4250: Text is not readable in Final peak measurements frame
  • #4374: .NET: crash during continuous powermeter readout
  • #4415: PMM OR03 communication issue
  • #4451: New default installation on Windows 7 is not able to write to the CONFDVDR directory
  • #4453: No quasi-peak detector with Analyser N9000A
  • #4468: Window Client Logo: install to the correct folders by default
  • #4478: Driver: Signal generator Wiltron 68369B (10M - 40GHz)
  • #4480: Driver: Field probe Chauvin-Arnoux EF2A
  • #4490: Driver: Agilent N9010A Signal Analyser Scanning Receiver
  • #4527: Driver: EMI average detector setting
  • #4543: Strange Quasi-Peak measurements with Agilent N9000A
  • #4573: Printing the graph in the Powermeter Virtual instrument raises an error
  • #4608: Correction of the powermeter in Burst mode
  • #4609: Customization of the graph is not remembered for the burst test
  • #4618: ESU with two bands and one sweep is not performing measurement
  • #4628: First point ADC measurement is sometimes wrong
  • #4632: Number of sweeps to be taken is not visible on small screen
  • #4640: An object reference error is raised when open ESD test
  • #4645: CE Multiband hangs when first band is using different trace detectors compared to second band
  • #4646: CE Multiband keeps repeating the last band
  • #4650: Graph control is always showing logaritmic
  • #4653: Not possible to use CTR+A inside Note option in TSF
  • #4678: setup program is aborted when .NET framework is going to be downloaded on a german pc
  • #4691: Surge status window, doesn't show Pass/Fail option
  • #4694: Possibility to remove multiple 'Information items'

RadiMation version 2013.1.7

  • #4095: Before action is deleted after the test has finished
  • #4425: Long delays between multiple tests in a very large sequence
  • #4515: Error during zeroing of RadiSense
  • #4532: Limit Lines displayed outside graph in report
  • #4610: Driver: D.A.R.E!! Instruments RPR3006P
  • #4614: Limit lines overlap the legend
  • #4619: Driver: ETS HI-2200 Field Probe
  • #4623: Cannot use R&S NRPZ51 above 6 GHz
  • #4624: No coupler device driver is present for the internal coupler in the AR20ST1G18A
  • #4627: Driver: ESPI3 receiver is not set to reference level from TSF
  • #4629: In some specific situations the wrong test files are deleted
  • #4647: Stopping an emission measurement with a R&S ESI, very often generates an EABO GPIB Error
  • #4648: Driver: Anapico APSIN20G
  • #4671: Driver: Agilent 4418B
  • #4672: Insert specific attachements for report generator
  • #4673: Driver: Agilent N1914A
  • #4683: Driver: Prana AP32 MT225

RadiMation version 2013.1.6

  • #4604: R&S ESI as powermeter takes a very long time to measure 20 Hz
  • #4603: TSF is marked as changed, even if nothing is changed
  • #4602: Customization of the graphs restored to the default if 'Use this as default' is presssed
  • #4600: Adjust the amplifier protection
  • #4583: System calibration Attenuation / Gain Unhandled exeption error
  • #4581: Frequency unit in the limitline configuration seems to be specified in Hz, but is interpreted as MHz
  • #4580: Changes in the unit of a limitline are not directly updated in the grid with limitline values
  • #4579: Limitlines with a dBpT unit are still shown as dBuV/m limitlines in a multiband emission test
  • #4578: Limitlines configuration window doesn't show very small/big frequencies
  • #4577: Multiband test is not able to change to the next testsite due to frequency limitations in the testsite
  • #4501: H-Field with no measurement data
  • #4500: Receiver is set to wrong reference level
  • #4378: Error Software Protection Key when upgrading software
  • #4371: Higher value then 1000 is not displayed in COR file
  • #4285: Can't change order of the frequency band (MB) for sequence testing
  • #4278: Crash during initialising R&S FSH6 Scanning Receiver
  • #4169: AD Channels are swapped
  • #4146: Changed sorting of AD channel configuration is confusing AD Convertor readout
  • #4057: Copy to clipboard is forgetting the last item
  • #4031: AD-Channels are changing after saving EUT
  • #3455: Error message is displayed when changing from lower band to higher band with different equipment
  • #3124: Double clicking the main window for reviewing the test sometimes opens a different test
  • #2285: Port RadiMation to modern development tools (.NET)
  • #708: new file is saved while No is selected.

RadiMation version 2013.1.5

  • #4569: Reading out a powermeter in Free mode, is using maximum CPU load

RadiMation version 2013.1.4

  • #4585: Possibility to dump the waveform of a LeCroy oscilloscope to a CSV file
  • #4574: ESIB 26 preamp settings are not used
  • #4536: Unhandled exception for object name icon
  • #4535: Setting the preamplifier to 0 dB doesn't seem to be remembered
  • #4533: Resizing main EUT test data columns is not correctly done
  • #4504: Looping device check
  • #4428: Error with ESI40 as powermeter
  • #4396: Administrator password is unexpectedly changed/corrupted
  • #4337: TDEMI soft-reset
  • #4336: Abort scan on TDEMI
  • #3573: Amplifier control panel can not be resized so you can see the complete status message
  • #3304: Driver: AR 350AH1 (GPIB + USB)

RadiMation version 2013.1.3

  • #4330 RI-SB manual mode, some texts are partly hidden
  • #4529 Buttons are aligned on the right side, not very close to the other controls on the window
  • #4444 .NET: cosmetic changes to setting windows
  • #4368 not completely readable receiver settings should be extended
  • #4249 .NET: window dimensions of settings can be completely resized

RadiMation version 2013.1.2

  • #4513: The cancel button is not responding on the environmental window that is shown during the initialization
  • #4512: Graph and table controls are not correctly initialized
  • #4511: A 'Save As' dialog is displayed when the Powermeter window is closed in RadiMation Free

RadiMation version 2012.1.23

  • #4491: Wrong LLF is removed
  • #4485: Serial communication using Agilent IO libraries is not working
  • #4459: .NET: visualisation frequency bands is not working correctly
  • #4450: After installation it is still required to download and install .Net Framework 4
  • #4448: Move message of restart of PC to the end of the setup program
  • #4446: .NET: X+k*s module; issue with selection, calculation and crash
  • #4445: Driver: LAN control of Maturo NCD Antenna Tower
  • #4443 .NET: default window is showing events while unchecked
  • #4441: .NET: crash after closing a new LLF without saving
  • #4439 unlogically tab sequence for Default Address Information
  • #4437: .NET: no information and wrong deleting of Cables
  • #4436: .NET: no confirmation and wrong deleting of AD-channel(s)
  • #4434: .NET: no menu and message descriptions dutch language
  • #4433: .NET: adding and deleting two folders at once
  • #4427: Driver: Agilent 54832B as an oscilloscope
  • #4426: Driver: Agilent 54641A as an oscilloscope
  • #4419: .NET: crash customized query customer database configuration
  • #4407: .NET: crash while looking up EUT data
  • #4402: .NET: typo tab Reports information line and Eut information
  • #4393: .NET: Not all TSF files are deleted leaving a messed up EUT file and test summary
  • #4383: .NET: confusing highlight selection
  • #4376: .NET: LLF is not correctly showed
  • #4373: .NET: when closing 'Select TSF'-window the 'New TSF'-window is opened
  • #4367: .NET: crash after closing an adjusted test
  • #4366: .NET: not possible to Save TSF when adjusting a test
  • #4365: .NET: no 'save changes?' is asked when closing an adjusted test
  • #4362: .NET: no units for modulation settings
  • #4360: .NET: adjustment of constant power settings is not correctly done
  • #4348: .NET: report generator arrow up/down doesn't work
  • #4347: .NET: report generator can't use whole selection
  • #4344: .NET: object reference error when using peak info table
  • #4343: .NET: row is shifting up completely
  • #4339: .NET: deleting a TSF file from list causes crash
  • #4335: The up and down buttons in the Report Generator Configuration window are not working
  • #4330: .NET: crash when test is directly closed after message
  • #4318: .NET: some columns are reduced to an unreadable size
  • #4315: .NET: some buttons, labels and text are misplaced
  • #4314: .NET: when re-opening test re-selecting test equipment is needed
  • #4313: .NET: folder name is changed to no description available
  • #4312: .NET: screen unexpectedly disappear to background
  • #4311: column width, location and sorting are unexpectedly changed
  • #4310: sorting peak table information is illogical
  • #4292: Can't include tests for X+k*s calculation
  • #4289: .NET: Show Pulse Shape has wrong default window size/can be full resized in ESD, EFT and Surge
  • #4288: Absence tab labels in ESD setting window
  • #4266: Error and 'Loading Data' with ESD testing
  • #4228: Issues frequency range, axis is not aligned ESMI receiver
  • #4225: Issue Walter and Golterman field sensor EMR300
  • #4203: Ignored settings powermeter gives incorrect measurement
  • #4197: Send Crash dump dialog is shown when RadiMation is closed with visible sequence file
  • #4191: HP33250A signal generator switching between -22 and -56dBm
  • #4185: Readout of WG EMR 30 is not working
  • #4138: Driver: Frankonia FC 05
  • #4036: How should the CISPR25 measurement (with dBuV unit) be performed?
  • #3813: using kV instead of v unit in ESD test
  • #3712: Peak table sorting by frequency does not work correctly
  • #3710: Sorting of peak table not saved
  • #3638: Driver: Rohde & Schwarz HFH2-Z2
  • #3600: sorting of peak table
  • #3483: Sorting peaks according to frequency does not work correctly
  • #2556: Changing different templates in the report window
  • #1833: The peak-list at the end of the measurement should be sorted automatically (by Frequency)

RadiMation version 2012.1.22

  • #4408: .NET: wrong frequencies measured during final peak measurement
  • #4405: .NET: changes EUT info not recognized: no save confirmation
  • #4404: .NET: specify error to 'can't write to file' or change in warning
  • #4403: .NET: adjust the default row width
  • #4395: .NET: Coax set Probably an unknown RadiMation Error
  • #4382: Auto launch RadiMation doesn't close setup
  • #4375: .NET: report generator creates strange signs
  • #4369: Driver: PMM EP-600 with X, Y and Z-axis support
  • #4350: .NET: report generator can't open when clicking on the Template file
  • #4323: Information check failed error should be warning
  • #4279: Wrong numeric data is exported
  • #3931: Easily create a reference graph in emission measurements
  • #3688: showing old measurement results during new measurement
  • #3246: How to get the displayed data

RadiMation version 2012.1.21

  • #4416: Change build-up of image points graph to logarithmic

RadiMation version 2012.1.20

  • #4381: Driver: PMM EP-603
  • #4357: .NET: modulation can't be turned off
  • #4353: final peak measurement is done on wrong frequency with ESI40
  • #2635: Starting level is not used when disabling the power delivery test
  • #2630: Powerdelivery test cannot be disabled for Amplifier harmonic radical test
  • #2113: Driver: RadiGen

RadiMation version 2012.1.19

  • #4355: RadiPower is not detected correctly if NI-VISA is not installed
  • #4351: .NET: report generator error object reference
  • #4349: RadiPower device driver raises error: VISA received more event information of the specified type than the configured queue size could hold
  • #4342: .NET: incompatibility of test results
  • #4341: Driver: HI-6100 Field Monitor
  • #4334: Driver: Amplifier Research FM 5004 communication issue
  • #4331: When CTRL+A is pressed some unknown windows are shown
  • #4327: Activate the calculated gain regulation as the default amplifier regulation
  • #4326: .NET: improve view table information
  • #4325: .NET: enlarge name information
  • #4322: .NET: crash and wrong window name customer database configuration
  • #4309: .NET: user color and thickness settings are not working
  • #4308: .NET: equipment list is not updated
  • #4295: Advanced options hows items as bold when it shouldn't
  • #4294: Can't remove last EUT Information
  • #4293: Remove new EUT Information does delete all
  • #4291: Can't add Basic or Product standards
  • #4286: Crash while checking communication R&S FSH3
  • #4234: RadiCentre: unknown device type
  • #4233: Readout of the RadiMate 4 hangs for a minute
  • #4190: Zero frequency issue in the graph, testing from 40Hz

RadiMation version 2012.1.18

  • #4363: Starting Level Signal generator can't be configurated
  • #4297: Report Generator settings unexpectedly pop-up the Select template window
  • #4296: Scrolling is disabled in EUT Information window
  • #4249: Window dimensions of settings can be completely resized
  • #4247: Display graph isn't working properly
  • #4206: RadiMation is deleting the wrong test files
  • #4078: Driver: HI6153

RadiMation version 2012.1.17

  • #4298: Frequency range error NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter
  • #4263: Claim that AR 50S1G4 doesn't exist
  • #4262: Driver: Amplifier AR 40S1G4
  • #4240: Error when calibration file is selected that is using another amplifier
  • #4239: Not practical to have Multiband tests in a sequence
  • #4229: Standard button selection after opening test data from EUT
  • #4227: Driver: EMCO 5402 GTEM Cell
  • #4224: Error report generation Data can not be pasted in Excel
  • #4199: Showing the height graph in the RE Multiband test crashes the software
  • #4192: Verify if CS106 test is not supported by RadiMation
  • #3738: GUI pauses RI test

RadiMation version 2012.1.15

  • #4222: Several errors with .NET version on Windows XP

RadiMation version 2012.1.11

  • #4186: Command error (4198) during generation of report

RadiMation version 2012.1.9

  • #4142: Testsite in band in multiband emission is reactivated even when no peaks should be detected
  • #2952: Checkbox is not grayed out when viewing test results of Pulsed Immunity EFT

RadiMation version 2012.1.6

  • #4080: Vertical grid lines of the graph are drawn on top of the measurements, which could hide measurement results
  • #3457: Multiband menu name change
  • #3396: Status screen to small for messages
  • #2674: Popup menu in multiband test with list of test-sites is not sorted
  • #611: Immunity Manual mode directly accessible from main menu

RadiMation version 2012.1.4

  • #4438: .NET: two menu options will open same window
  • #4287: Mast sometimes doesn't move with HD100 antenna controller
  • #4178: TDEMI IF-Overload check

RadiMation version 2011.1.5

  • #3453: The "Status" column, in the "Test Initialisation" dialog, is not sized correctly by default
  • #2541: RF setting of the marconi 2023 does not check for errors

RadiMation version 5.9.0

  • #3829: Driver for Amplifier Bonn BSA1050-250/100
  • #3828: Unit is single band graph do not change after changing the unit in the unit configuration of the result file
  • #3824: Configurable alarm detection is always reporting alarm, even when the correct response is returned.
  • #3819: Network Analyser EUT Calibration, using a R&S ZVK, crashes with an overflow
  • #3782: Driver: Antenna Schwarzbeck STLP 9128D and Elektromectrics EM 6954
  • #3780: Driver: Pre amplifier Schwarzbeck BBV 9718
  • #3755: RadiMation is setting up the ESPI with incorrect RBW during CI-testing
  • #3746: Peak zoom-in doesn't seem to work in multiband emission
  • #3745: Turntable doesn't turn a complete turn when it starts on a negative angle
  • #3736: I can not select apply modulation outside dwell time when selecting pulse
  • #3735: Driver: SCHWARZBECK TEMZ 5231
  • #3734: Driver: schwarzbeck antenna's FESP 5132 + FESP 5133-7/41
  • #3732: Driver: Milmega Rf1000
  • #3724: Radisense 4 over RS232 does not set the filter setting
  • #3720: During emission test: crosses instead of line
  • #3701: Multiband Radiated Emission: Default value in dropdown list for Turntable Angle specifies 235°
  • #3652: Driver: Kalmus LA200U
  • #3651: Driver: Kalmus 122FC
  • #3637: Driver: Logimetrics AN 8100Q
  • #3636: Driver: Logimetrics AN8200G
  • #3615: Multiband-Conducted Immunity: data is not displayed
  • #3544: Device driver for Narda NBM550 uses the wrong baudrate
  • #3447: Conducted Immunity Tests are slow in 5.5.7 in comparison to 5.3.18
  • #3354: CARAD interface: two commands get combined to one
  • #2597: In multiband immunity the cancel button only reacts on the end of the dwelltime
  • #507: Overload indication of an analyser/receiver is not detected

RadiMation version 5.8.39

  • #4411: VISA error while using USB communication for device

RadiMation version 5.8.38

  • #4409: Switchmatrix device driver is not notified when polarization is finished
  • #4338: Communication with a Narda NBM550 is very slow
  • #4235: Pulse modulation with R&S SMT
  • #4221: Actions don't work in Test Equipments menu
  • #4201: Driver for the 120S1G4
  • #4200: Driver: EMControl Turntable
  • #4196: Total testtime of immunity test with all RadiCentre equipment is too long
  • #4194: Turntable INNCO CO1000 is not working anymore in 5.8.37
  • #4187: Control of a 3 axis antenna system from a R&S receiver
  • #4173: RadiCentre RSW1004A’s – Comport is already open error.
  • #4156: Driver: AVL Turntable / EUT Controller

RadiMation version 5.8.37

  • #4462 Error You are not licensed to use the Report Generator
  • #4461 Driver updates from the Installation and Training visit
  • #4452 Driver: default RS232 speed RadiCentre RPR1006A changed
  • #4429 Is LLF information saved independently with test data
  • #4420 Questions validation and calibration
  • #4412 General questions about Report Generator
  • #4401 Compatibility controlling RadiPower units with old RM
  • #4400 Statements for sorting columns with a space
  • #4391: Driver: ETS-Lindgren 7604
  • #4307: R&S ESU40: set measurement bandwidth to 6dB
  • #4305: Cause of the difference in noise in region below 1 kHz
  • #4304: Driver: no communication PMM EP601
  • #4302: Request for the latest version of RadiMation on CD
  • #4300: Possibility to set amount of Reflected Power during Power Delivery Test
  • #4283: Driver: Milmega 80RF1000-175 Amplifier
  • #4268: Driver: wrong frequency range Agilent N5181A-503
  • #4265: Implementing ESPC driver with option B3
  • #4243: Wrong step size (rounding) in MB
  • #4193: Issue auto perform CS114
  • #4189: Show limit curve on graph during Immunity tests
  • #4188: Performing RS101 susceptibility test described in MILSTD F
  • #4187: Control of a 3 axis antenna system from a R&S receiver
  • #4183: Driver for R&S ESR
  • #4176: Driver: AR PM2003
  • #4168: RadiSwitch problem during initialisation
  • #4154: Report generator crashes when a single band emission graph is included
  • #4149: Report generator error 91
  • #4148: Driver: AR 5000A225
  • #4135: Wrong forward power measured with NRVD
  • #4099: INNCO 2000 that only controls the polarization
  • #4086: TDEMI driver with option for multisampling
  • #4058 Driver: Luthi CDN L-801 AF4
  • #544: Include RI and CI manual mode directly in main menu

RadiMation version 5.8.36

  • #4141: Driver: TTi TGA1230
  • #4138: Driver: Frankonia FC 05
  • #4136: RadiSense device driver raises a 'no response received' error when controlled in a USB controlled RadiCentre 1
  • #4134: Advantest TR4172 not working correctly in Multiband
  • #4133: DLL for R&S SMF100 cannot be found (RSSMF_32.DLL)
  • #4131: Agilent N9038A only activates the low frequency band preamplifier
  • #4130: Configurable Signal generator device driver should turn carrier off during the deinitialization
  • #4129: When turntable overshoots it's destination angle, RadiMation keeps waiting
  • #4127: Selecting input2 of the Agilent N9038A raises a frequency error
  • #4126: Driver: PMM 9060 and PMM 9180
  • #4125: Errormessage "Com port is already open" for SOPM01 and SOPM03
  • #4124: Unable to use the 10 MHz RBW on the FSP30
  • #4123: Error messages: Unable to find device driver for ...
  • #4121: Version number of the device driver DLL's are confusing
  • #4120: FSEK 30 only has a single input
  • #4118: Driver: Powermeter for IFI SMC 100
  • #4117: Driver: EMCO1085 (as a turntable controller)
  • #4116: R&S ESMI spectrum analyser shows strange emission shapes
  • #4115: Driver: Maturo MCU as clamp positioner
  • #4113: Problem with identifier of Agilent powermeter
  • #4110: Report for a small frequency span from a large scan
  • #4107: PMM timeout when cancelling multiband test
  • #4106: Error 113 on the display of SMA 100A
  • #4105: Agilent N9038A with multiple detectors
  • #4104: Agilent 9038 in receiver mode in GTEM-test
  • #4097: Keyword for test level in EFT tests
  • #4085: Driver problem with Agilent N9038A
  • #4082: Driver: Rohde & Schwarz ESL6
  • #4075: Turntable from Frankonia uses unit cm
  • #4047: First point from final measurement is not measured correctly
  • #4041: Antenna mast Frankonia FC 02 not working
  • #4030: TDEMI controlled LISNs
  • #3954: PMM uses wrong RBW and Measurement time in conducted emission tests
  • #3953: Error when input from PMM is switched from low to high (9 kHz RBW in high input)
  • #3935: Driver: PMM Controlled LISN
  • #3775: wrong spelling in advanced settings for Maturo MC32 antenna tower
  • #3723: Configurable CDN
  • #3613: driver for R&S ESL 3

RadiMation version 5.8.35

  • #4102: LISN Emission graph shows a large amount of zero's for the frequency on the x-axis
  • #4093: Command error (4198) during start of report generation
  • #4083: Driver: SMC 100A via usb/ethernet
  • #4077: the PULSE modulation is not working with R&S SMP02 generator
  • #4073: Keithley2000 driver as multimeter
  • #4070: System calibration for attenuation/gain (Cable calibration) is complaining of amplifier protection
  • #4054: Zerospan command is not allowed with Agilent N9000A
  • #4024: The canoe driver is giving zero back instead of signal value
  • #3993: Support for more then 8 channels in the configurable ad convertor

RadiMation version 5.8.34

  • #4091: 40 GHz end freqency is too low for measurement.
  • #4076: RadiSense III not working

RadiMation version 5.8.33

  • #4065: Limit line is not shown between 5 and 30 MHz in a CE LISN test
  • #4055: Older embedded software of the R&S SMX needs the space removed for the frequency
  • #4048: Driver: Prana DT25DC RF
  • #4045: ESU 8 Input 2 not working as sensor powermeter
  • #4044: lower start frequency for the vector/signal generator Agilent E8267D which supports downrange
  • #4043: PMM 9010/30P is giving error back for setting the RBW while by hand this is possible
  • #4040: Driver for signal generator Agilent 33220A
  • #4039: Driver for the AR 350AH1
  • #2728: Driver: Switch Matrix VSE Electronic ISF – 1HE 2/4-2
  • #1565: Possibility to specify attenuation of coupler as absolute value and not as a correction of the factory default value

RadiMation version 5.8.32

  • #4211: Error report generator
  • #4037: Power substitution emission measurements in dBm cannot use turntable optimization
  • #4035: Save EUT file as on a different location does not work on Windows 7
  • #4034: Excel Exporter crashes when some specific EUT data is exported
  • #4029: N9000A driver is crashing at about 70% of the sweep when using over lan
  • #4025: Using N9020A with configurable number of points equal to 10001 and higher result in complete crash of Radimation.
  • #2505: Bonn Elektronik BLWA 2010-50 and BSA 0122-100 driver is not working

RadiMation version 5.8.31

  • #3098: Agilent 4417 device driver is not working correctly anymore
  • #3099: Driver for the AR 25S1G4A doesn't work correctly anymore
  • #3102: Using the HP 33250 as an external modulation states that wrong GPIB commands are used
  • #3407: Driver: SC1000
  • #3733: Driver: Milmega AS0104-200/200
  • #3954: PMM uses wrong RBW and Measurement time in conducted emission tests
  • #4000: Driver for spectrum analyser Agilent N9320A
  • #4010: Limit lines are not displayed correctly in the graph
  • #4016: ESU error: More points received from the receiver/analyser than calculated
  • #4021: RE multi band 360 degrees area does not work all the time

RadiMation version 5.8.30

  • #3863: report generator code horizontal and vertical max peak are not working correctly as the complete frequency range is not displayed.
  • #3884: The configuration window of the configurable switch is not closing when pressing ok
  • #3886: CANoe Analyser CLSID cannot be found
  • #4007: Final measurement IF overload is not detected correctly
  • #4013: Configurable amplifier is crashing when settings the frequency range, driverversion 2011-6-7

RadiMation version 5.8.29

  • #2616: First point of a calibration is too low
  • #3887: Agilent E4446A analyser should use the correct RBW setting for MIL-STD
  • #4002: Power meter device driver Advantest 3361B is giving event Time out
  • #4011: Reviewing Harmonic test is crashing RadiMation

RadiMation version 5.8.28

  • #3867: Net power and calculated current on the CAN-bus
  • #3999: Driver Spectrum Analyser HP E7405A does not work any more after return from agilent service point
  • #4006: No prescan is done with FSV40
  • #4009: No final measurement is done with FSP 3 and LISN in multiband

RadiMation version 5.8.27

  • #2601: Test initialization window should also show the name of the test-site that is being initialized
  • #3976: Agilent N9020A: Configurable number of points
  • #3998: Driver for AR500A250A
  • #4004: Report generator code for emission tests in multiband
  • #4008: Measurement with HF-probe

RadiMation version 5.8.26

  • #4003: Closing the Visa window is crashing RadiMation with new gcc compiler
  • #3990: Driver: FSEA20
  • #3986: Configurable power meter driver can not find expression value while the value is send over the GPIB bus
  • #1942: No check for connected device is included in device driver of Marconi 6960

RadiMation version 5.8.25

  • #3543: Unclear message when the RadiPower is not connected to the RadiCentre
  • #3783: Advantest Analyser is not measuring CE peaks correctly with version 5.7.4
  • #3903: Advantest R3361B analyser raises timeout errors in a Multiband Emission test
  • #3937: Scope driver Multi band is decreasing the scale when the returned value is zero and the scale is still maximum
  • #3988: Report Generator crashes when a ) is included in the template filename

RadiMation version 5.8.24

  • #3920: Driver: Marconi 2390
  • #3965: Is not possible to choose between EXT-AC and EXT-DC using the siggen HP8648A.
  • #3979: Compression test fails when the amplifier has correction files attached
  • #3980: device driver for amplifier AR 60S1G4
  • #3982: Engineer system in RadiMation allows impossible selections and removals.
  • #3983: Modulation is always marked red after stopping and continuing RI multiband test
  • #3984: Allow more than 8 AD-channels

RadiMation version 5.8.23

  • #3969: Selecting the lowest location type in a multiband Lisn test configuration results in a crash of the software
  • #3975: Configured sweeptime of a band is not used, due to sweeptime/MHz calculation
  • #3977: Changing reference level is not always allowed
  • #3978: Agilent 4446A: Sweeptime is changing when detector is selected

RadiMation version 5.8.22

  • #3964: Pauses in a sequence are crashing the software
  • #3966: Peak not detected in conducted emission current probe test

RadiMation version 5.8.21

  • #2162: Create base class for the RadiCentre drivers
  • #3795: Adding the device driver version to the about screen of RadiMation
  • #3921: Extend driver of RadiTower to control a seperate RadiPol
  • #3967: Pause test can not be used; problem during creating it
  • #3968: Multiband emission test files cannot be opened anymore.

RadiMation version 5.8.20

  • #3960: HD 100 Antenna tower driver is always in max speed.
  • #3948: Agilent E4446A is not keeping 50 sec sweeptime in multiband test

RadiMation version 5.8.19

  • #3910: External AM sine and square is not working with the Agilent PSG E8257D
  • #3932: Driver: AR FP4080 controlled as an AR FP3000
  • #3949: Printout is not generating the same plot twice, and the printout during the test is a combination of both
  • #3652: Conducted emission - current probe TSF is saved in conducted immunity folder
  • #3956: Agilent E4440A as a powermeter
  • #3957: Registration of STDOLE2.TLB Error message during installation on Windows 7
  • #3958: Some device drivers are missing
  • #3959: Report generator code AVERAGE DETECTOR uses information of Peak Detector

RadiMation version 5.8.18

  • #3925: R&S FSV13 does supports scans from 10Hz
  • #3926: RBW is not correctly set on the R&S FSV13
  • #3927: Raditurn is giving already in progress after motor error
  • #3934: Several Multiband Conducted Emission Current probe problems
  • #3938: Incorrect limit line when using Merge function
  • #3947: AD/dc selection in power meter driver advantest is giving problems
  • #3950: Zoom-out an emission graph by drawing a reverse zoom-in box

RadiMation version 5.8.17

  • #3922: Copyright is 2010 instead of 2011
  • #3941: Agilent E4417A power meter is limited to 18 GHz
  • #3942: Driver: Agilent N9000A
  • #3943: Driver: Agilent N9030A
  • #3944: FAQ is not explaining why the measured value of the field probe can be higher with the am modulation on.
  • #3945: How does the cable calibration works in the wiki page
  • #3946: explain what is the difference between a printout during the test and a print out in the eut window

RadiMation version 5.8.16

  • #3905: Test sites are lost in from time to time without any leads.

RadiMation version 5.8.15

  • #3924: Sweeptime is not set in the Agilent N9020A

RadiMation version 5.8.14

  • #3876: Gaps in emisson graph after final measurement
  • #3894: Function "Continuous Measure" can block RadiMation with an error warning
  • #3895: Test-site from a band can not be chosen after pre-scan
  • #3904: Setting of the sweep time of the HP 4395A is not possible
  • #3909: Pre amplifier is not yet turned on while sweeping
  • #3917: Nonexistent peak and wrong final measurement with PMM during conducted emission multiband tests
  • #3918: FSH 3 is setting wrong detector
  • #3928: Driver: HP 4396A

RadiMation version 5.8.13

  • #1856: No possibility to specify the modulation depth and frequency for external AM modulation
  • #3196: Driver: Agilent N9020A
  • #3875: Question: Radiated Emission Multiband: Order of measured peaks in the final measurement
  • #3896: Older test results show a low resolution Multiband Emission graph
  • #3902: The command ||LISN LINE|| is not recognized anymore by the report generator
  • #3906: Scaling of the graphs can make the AD convertor graphs unusable
  • #3907: Angle and height of detected peaks are always the same (in singleband emission)
  • #3908: Agilent 4446A cannot be used below 9 kHz
  • #3911: Driver: Agilent 83640A
  • #3914: Report of MB emission tests contains a large list of detected peaks, if no peaks are detected
  • #3915: Use a Microsoft SQL Server database to retrieve customer information
  • #3916: External PM is not allowing the selection of modulation out side the dwell time
  • #3919: Possibility to draw graphs via report generator with the full dataset

RadiMation version 5.8.12

  • #3857: PMM 9030 driver is giving time out during measurement of peak
  • #3877: Slow final measurement with PMM 9010/30P via RS232
  • #3878: PMM 9010/30P hangs up in final measurement
  • #3885: Peak and Average measurement at the same time with PMM not possible
  • #3891: TSF does not save measure- and observation time from "optimize" - settings
  • #3892: Wrong detector is used in final measurement
  • #3899: Y-axis unit is not shown anymore in singleband emission manual mode
  • #3900: Observation time of a singleband emission test is always 1 second
  • #3901: Opening Multiband Emission tests is slower

RadiMation version 5.8.11

  • #3308: Measure with ESVS10/ESHS10 with PK and AVG detectors together: average trace is not visible until the sweep is finished and the method is saved, closed and open again
  • #3868: Creating new 16 point verification on a chinese pc is displaying a message box and not crashing
  • #3888: Graphic of correction file not displayed
  • #3889: RadiMation manual contains a lot of unrelated text
  • #3890: High peaks in the emission graphs of the R&S ESHS

RadiMation version 5.8.10

  • #3869: Saving a cor file is giving problems with ) at the end with a chinese pc
  • #3882: CE Current probe test is crashing
  • #3883: Multiband Emission graph is showing Bars
  • #3913: list of detected peaks does not have all the Average values specified

RadiMation version 5.8.9

  • #3791: Peak detection wrong in CE-MB (LISN) test
  • #3843: Multiband emsion data file cannot be loaded anymore. It seems to be corrupt
  • #3872: Reselecting the report is giving the .doc instead of .txt in the result file

RadiMation version 5.8.8

  • #2915: Report generator template should be selectable in the file selection window
  • #3757: Report Generator to ASCII

RadiMation version 5.8.7

  • #457: Possibility to perform MIL-STD emission measurements in dBuA
  • #469: Not possible to perform broadband measurements (dBuV/MHz)
  • #475: Vertical scale of emission graph is not possible in dBuA
  • #552: Configuration of the emission graph lines
  • #784: Radiated emission graph dBuV should be dBuV/m
  • #1300: Merge function - Scaling is wrong in Report Generator
  • #1688: Sorting in unit configuration window is not working as expected
  • #1704: IMaster unit transformer
  • #1834: Possibility of measuring a magnetic field with a loop antenna (Unit dBµA/m)
  • #2063: Changing the unit in a CE Current clamp test, doesn't change the graph
  • #2205: Is fast scan mode supported in the multiband emission
  • #2248: RE magnetic field MIL STD test reference value is always zero.
  • #2274: Multiband Conducted Emission current probe
  • #2327: RE multiband test can not be started from restart last test button
  • #2413: Radiated emission substitution method test
  • #2656: A multiband graphline is included multiple times on the graph
  • #2966: Possibility to see the internal attenuation of a coupler device driver
  • #3184: The unit of the reference level and the Emission is the same, so the correct reference level can not be reported
  • #3381: Traces are not converted to the correct amplitude unit
  • #3395: Limit lines hidden during pre-scan
  • #3415: The sequence of the Multiband is according to the way it's been entered
  • #3420: AdvantestTR4172 device driver is missing for input 1 50Hz - 1800MHz
  • #3596: Limit Lines not shown during CE measurement in Multiband
  • #3607: CE Multi band can only be performed with a LISN
  • #3699: Possibility to set a default unit for radiated Emission and conducted Emission
  • #3718: Limit line with unit
  • #3719: Emission Test: Results are not converted to chosen unit - just the display is upgraded
  • #3731: sx32w.dll is causing problems with the dongle in version 5.7.2
  • #3784: RI multiband test is not turning on the amplifiers in version 5.7.4 while this was working in version 5.6.13
  • #3830: Physical properties do not match with the units in the menus when using German language
  • #3831: Support for the mil std dbuV/Mhz/M according to the 462C standard
  • #3832: changing dbuV to dbuV/m does not change the reading in the display
  • #3833: Narrow band / broad band detection according to the Mil std 462C standard
  • #3835: Specification of the limit line in the configuration of the limit line
  • #3844: dbuV/m/MHz axis is not displayed is not displayed in the mil std test
  • #3845: BCI multiband is not displaying the lines correctly when the levels are identical
  • #3852: Saving a file doesn't show a progress bar
  • #3855: ESHS10 is scanning the frequency range 3 times
  • #3856: Opening older (< 5.8) multi band lisn test is causing a crash
  • #3859: AC coupling on input 1 decreases the start frequency of the ESU26.
  • #3861: Communication Problem with configurable AD converter via TCP/IP

RadiMation version 5.8.6

  • #3418: Driver: Advantest R3261A as powermeter
  • #3604: RadiSwitch is generating sometimes is generating an error during the test.
  • #3653: Driver: IFI 404
  • #3656: Driver: OPHIR 5019E
  • #3681: RadiMation tries to put FSP 3 in Receiver Mode
  • #3803: CARAD - Timeout
  • #3804: CARAD - debug window
  • #3805: CARAD - clear buffer after timeout
  • #3806: CARAD - error message when using wrong IP-address
  • #3809: Not possible to configure stepsize in RE-MB RC test
  • #3818: several questions regarding CAPL
  • #3824: Configurable alarm detection is always reporting alarm, even when the correct response is returned.
  • #3829: Driver for Amplifier Bonn BSA1050-250/100
  • #3840: Copyright is 2009 instead of 2010
  • #3841: Closed loop band before substitution band is checking the calibration information of the substitution band
  • #3842: end-of-line character for AD Converter via TCP/IP
  • #3846: Cannot select multiple cables for a specific part in a testsite
  • #3849: Am modulation is not turned off when selecting no modulation in RI multiband test.

RadiMation version 5.8.5

  • #2600: Undocumented error 0x300000C9 when Prana amplifier was already switched off
  • #2775: Measurement of current by using the current sensor in combination with a multimeter or oscilloscope is wrong
  • #3190: Driver: Anritsu MS2621B
  • #3447: Conducted Immunity Tests are slow in 5.5.7 in comparison to 5.3.18
  • #3636: Driver: Logimetrics AN8200G
  • #3637: Driver: Logimetrics AN 8100Q
  • #3651: Driver: Kalmus 122FC
  • #3652: Driver: Kalmus LA200U
  • #3732: Driver: Milmega Rf1000
  • #3734: Driver: schwarzbeck antenna's FESP 5132 + FESP 5133-7/41
  • #3735: Driver: SCHWARZBECK TEMZ 5231
  • #3819: Network Analyser EUT Calibration, using a R&S ZVK, crashes with an overflow
  • #3828: Unit is single band graph do not change after changing the unit in the unit configuration of the result file
  • #3838: Why is it required to specify a magnetic flux density file for a MIL STD Calibration?
  • #3839: Radiated Immunity MIL STD Calibration is always using a 70 dBuV Reference level

RadiMation version 5.8.4

  • #1290: Radiated Immunity not completely usable for H-Field measurements
  • #2604: Full support for Magnetic field tests in Radiated Immunity module
  • #3095: RadiTurn controller does not allow a destination angle below 0 or above 360 degrees
  • #3147: Memory leak in opening/closing RE MB TSF
  • #3283: Modulation command is not retransmitted by configurable device driver if modulation parameter is changed
  • #3686: AD Converter is read out before modulation is switched on
  • #3720: During emission test: crosses instead of line
  • #3779: Calculated field is not send to switch matrix in multiband test
  • #3781: Driver: Farnell PSG 1000B
  • #3789: Memory leak in reviewing Multiband Emission test
  • #3802: Memory leakage in Multiband Emission test, when test is opened and closed
  • #3823: TDS 600 Series scope driver reports unknown device driver when pressing advanced in the device driver settings window

RadiMation version 5.8.3

  • #507: Overload indication of an analyser/receiver is not detected
  • #2764: Optimize IDataIdentifier comparing
  • #3183: Crash of RadiMation Version 5.3.18 when CARAD driver is included
  • #3354: CARAD interface: two commands get combined to one
  • #3372: ESU8 returned an error message during Radiated Emission MB measurement
  • #3535: *OPC for ZVK with antenna measurement
  • #3544: Device driver for Narda NBM550 uses the wrong baudrate
  • #3615: Multiband-Conducted Immunity: data is not displayed
  • #3780: Driver: Pre amplifier Schwarzbeck BBV 9718
  • #3782: Driver: Antenna Schwarzbeck STLP 9128D and Elektromectrics EM 6954
  • #3794: Driver for amplifier Bonn BLWA-0820-160/75/50D
  • #3814: Driver: AR 15S1G4
  • #3816: *OPC problems for ZVK (as signal generator) when setting the power level

RadiMation version 5.8.2

  • #2152: Peak search for turntable angle should be configurable to include another angle range than the configured turntable
  • #2153: Peak search for antenna tower height should be configurable to include another height range than the configured antennatower
  • #2843: Incrementing the turntable angle, should wrap to the corresponding value if the maximum angle is reached
  • #2849: When the turntable angle is changed, the direction with the shortest angle difference should be used to turn the turntable
  • #3545: Automatic Angle and Height optimization should use the physical limitations of the turntable and antenna tower
  • #3592: Turn Table Action in Manual Mode not possible with EMCO 1050
  • #3593: Antenna Tower Action in Manual Mode not possible with EMCO 1050
  • #3755: RadiMation is setting up the ESPI with incorrect RBW during CI-testing

RadiMation version 5.8.1

  • #3201: Dificulties with OATS measurements
  • #3563: Limit lines should be shown in polar plot and height graph
  • #3701: Multiband Radiated Emission: Default value in dropdown list for Turntable Angle specifies 235°
  • #3744: When 'Detect Peaks' is pressed, already detected peaks should be placed on the angle/height with the maximum emission
  • #3745: Turntable doesn't turn a complete turn when it starts on a negative angle
  • #3746: Peak zoom-in doesn't seem to work in multiband emission
  • #3747: Improve peak detection by splitting the span in chunks
  • #3748: Improve EMCO1060 turntable controller
  • #3749: Click on the graph to add peak, should allow multiple peaks on the same frequency but with a different polarization
  • #3751: Frequency marker is not moved on the graph when it is dragged
  • #3752: Clicking on the turntable CW button to release it again doesn't respond
  • #3753: HP4395A is always using 10 Hz RBW when it is used for a voltage measurement
  • #3754: Climate chamber is not controlled correctly by RadiMation.

RadiMation version 5.8.0

  • #1713: Continuous scanning is not possible in Multiband Emission Manual mode
  • #2512: Zooming into emission graph while measurement still running
  • #2597: In multiband immunity the cancel button only reacts on the end of the dwelltime
  • #3203: Manual mast control does not work correctly, Up is not always Up
  • #3386: the Radisense ctr1001B driver does not allow you to set the filter when using in gpib mode.
  • #3490: Multi band emission manual mode is generating error when selecting the test site
  • #3456: Manual mode multiband emission test does not have an initial graph which results in a crash
  • #3547: First graph in a multiband emission measurements shows a bottom y-axis value of -1000 dBuV/m
  • #3552: Spurious peaks in polar plot as a result of the initial measurement
  • #3566: Change the frequency/angle/height of a detected peak by moving the marker in the graph
  • #3611: Turning range of the antenna tower when changing polarization
  • #3709: zero-span mode in radiated emission multiband
  • #3714: Emission Multiband: Scan analysis while scan is running
  • #3720: During emission test: crosses instead of line
  • #3724: Radisense 4 over RS232 does not set the filter setting
  • #3729: CE multi band measurement is not showing the information below 1 MHz
  • #3736: I can not select apply modulation outside dwell time when selecting pulse

Known Problems

R&S spectrum analysers/receivers communication problems

It has been detected that on very fast PC’s, the communication with modern Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser/receivers can be corrupted. These problems are related to the speed of the PC and the used GPIB bus. The R&S receivers that are related to this problem are: ESI/ESIB/ESPI/ESCI/FSE/ESU.

We strongly advise that you slow down the GPIB communication speed between the PC and R&S receivers. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the configuration window of RadiMation®
  2. Select the Device Drivers tab
  3. Select Receivers/Spectrum Analysers
  4. Select the R&S receiver
  5. Press Edit to open the device driver configuration window
  6. Press the Advanced button
    • The GPIB configuration dialog of the R&S device driver will be shown
  7. Activate the Show advanced Settings checkbox
    • The GPIB Configuration dialog will show a Wait time box
  8. Specify 3000 us in the Wait time box
  9. Close all windows, and repeat these steps for each and every R&S receiver.

Configuring the R&S device drivers in this way will slow down the GPIB bus, by ensuring that at least 3 milliseconds delay are included between each GPIB call to the R&S devices

Previous RadiMation® version raises a run-time error

If the latest RadiMation® version and an older RadiMation® version are installed on the same PC, it can happen that the older RadiMation® version raises an error during the start of RadiMation.

This error is raised because a file that is shared by both versions is written in a newer file format that cannot be read anymore by older software. The solution for this problem is to remove the file: C:\Program Files\DARE Development\RadiMation\Confdvdr\CUSTOMIZ.DAT. The CUSTOMIZ.DAT file is used to remember customizations of the colour of the graphs, so removing the file will not influence the measurements. However the graph colours will probably be changed to the defaults as specified by RadiMation®.

Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and older are not supported

Due to the fact that Microsoft has ended their support for these versions we are also forced to stop the support of RadiMation® running on these operating systems. This means that we do not test if RadiMation® is working correctly on these operating systems. However it could be that RadiMation® is still working correctly. We strongly suggest upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 (21H2). Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system are supported.