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We are proud to deliver you Version 2021.3 of our RadiMation® EMC Test software. This 2021.3 version is the result of several major improvements that we have done.

This letter contains all the information that is needed before your system is upgraded. If you have any additional questions or remarks please let us know through your reseller, or contact



When RadiMation® files are opened, changed and saved in a newer version of RadiMation®, it is possible that it will saved in a newer file format, which cannot be opened anymore in an older version of RadiMation®. To prevent that changed TSF, LLF, COR, SEQ or EUT files cannot be opened anymore in an older RadiMation® version, we strongly recommend to make a backup. Before you install the latest version of RadiMation®, please make sure to saveguard all your critical data.

Make a back up of (at least) the following files:

  • Correction files
  • TSF files
  • Sequence files
  • Limit Line files
  • Device driver configuration files

Multi version installation

It is possible to install different RadiMation® versions on the same PC.

This functionality can be used to verify the correct functioning of the RadiMation® software before it is used for EMC testing. Simply put, the functioning of the new version can be checked by comparing it with the older version. This verification can for example be required by internal quality assurance standards. During this verification process, the installation of the older RadiMation® version can still be used for all EMC tests.

Be advised that:

  • It is not possible to run two (or more) different versions at the same time without risking a software crash. Close other instances of RadiMation® before starting another version!
  • Raditeq cannot be held accountable if information is lost because two different versions of RadiMation® are used at the same time.
  • The user needs to have the rights as described in User rights and installation.


Installing software updates

Software updates can be distributed on CD or downloaded from the RadiMation® Download page.

To install the RadiMation® update from a CD, please execute the ‘SETUP.EXE’ startup program. The setup program will install the new RadiMation® version at the same location as the previous version, but in a separate installation folder. This will allow you to use the previously installed RadiMation® version, as well as the new one.

The setup program will detect that a previous version of RadiMation® has already been installed on your PC. A back up of this older version will automatically be copied to the backup directory. All the settings of the older version will also be used for the newly installed RadiMation®. If any problems should occur with the new software, the older version can be recovered.

Installing from a network directory

If the already installed RadiMation® version was installed from a network directory, the new setup file can be copied to the <Setup> sub-directory of the <NetworkDir>.

The new RadiMation® version can then be installed on each computer from this directory.

Updating device drivers

After the new RadiMation® version is installed, we strongly recommend that you install the latest device drivers as well. These device drivers can be installed by starting the ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program that is located on the delivered CD.

The ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program will detect the different RadiMation® versions installed on your PC. A dialog will start, asking you to select the RadiMation® version that needs updated device drivers. Select the latest version of RadiMation® that was just installed.

You have successfully obtained the latest released version of RadiMation® when both the software and device drivers have been updated.

Verification and Validation

Every new RadiMation® version is tested extensively before it is released. Raditeq validates these new versions on three ‘levels’. The fourth level of the validation is to be done by the end-user.

This quality management system follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”).

1) Automatic knob pushing program

The ‘automatic knob pushing program’ simulates an end-user and is run on each RadiMation® version. The program performs all the actions that a user could do, such as entering information, executing tests, reviewing test results and generating reports.

Performing the first validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

2) Validation and usage in a test lab

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the first validation level, it progresses to the second validation level performed by Raditeq.

During this validation the RadiMation® software is installed in a real test lab, to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. The results are also compared with the measurement results of previous software versions.

Performing the second validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

3) Validation and usage in a test house

When the new RadiMation® version has passed the second validation level, it progresses to the third validation level performed by Kiwa Dare Services.

This validation level consists of two stages. In the first stage the software is used to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. When the new software version has passed the first stage, it progresses to the second stage where it is installed and used by Kiwa Dare Services for at least two weeks. Any issues that are reported during this period, will be investigated and resolved. An updated version of RadiMation® is created if needed.

Performing the third validation level is a responsibility of Kiwa Dare Services.

When this validation is succesful, the RadiMation® version will be officially released, and will become available for all end-users.

4) Validation by end-users

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the third validation level, it progresses to the fourth (and last) validation level, which should be performed by the end-users of RadiMation®.

When end-users receives a new RadiMation® version they should perform a validation of the software in their own test setup. The parts that should be validated by the end-user are:

  • Correct control of the used measurement equipment
  • Validation of the software according to internal quality standards
  • Possible verification and comparison of measurements on a 'known' EUT

We strongly advise to only start to use RadiMation® after this validation is performed.

Performing the fourth validation level is a responsibility of the end-user.

Solved items

See below the list of all the issues that have been solved in RadiMation® version 2021.3 since version 2021.2

RadiMation version 2021.3.10

  • #11926: Device driver LISN EMTEST DCD-sr <surge coupling network>
  • #11927: Device driver LISN EMTEST DCD-st <surge coupling network>
  • #11932: RE SB graph is not entirely visible on screen
  • #12222: Issues when using the surge advanced config of the EM-Test NX5
  • #12653: Proximity Magnetic Field Test (RS101 like) | Rigol DSA815 failed.
  • #12655: Hameg HMS3010: Device Driver Function Not Implemented
  • #12731: About quasi peak
  • #12741: RTE1024 driver error -200 Execution error
  • #12742: Driver: Teseq NSG 3040A
  • #12745: Device driver for EM-Test NX series with DCD(5-A b-8-4) <surge coupling network>
  • #12752: The graph for a emissions sweep is not entirely visible on screen
  • #12761: Radipower async communication after setting the active measurement frequency
  • #12763: Should it be possible to add multiple subsitution testlevels within the same band configuration
  • #12794: Can not connect to the antenna tower RFS2006B
  • #12814: Rohde & Schwarz NRP6AN (Power sensor) Conducted Immunity Test - Can't connect device
  • #12815: Driver: RadiSense 10 Essential
  • #12819: Rohde & Schwarz FSP 30: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range;SWE:TIME 17 MS"
  • #12820: Attenuation precision is not copied over to new test/ calibration files
  • #12830: VI instruments DeviceSpecificInputs are updated while the device is not auto triggered
  • #12831: Reconnecting to a VI Instrument will reset the trigger settings.
  • #12383: Copying devices and device settings.
  • #12844: PMM 3010 SG Error when activating Square modulation.
  • #12862: Questions regarding the CLI report generator have been answered
  • #12866: Add R&S RT-ZC20 current sensor driver
  • #12876: RTO/RTE the power meter (Span x RBW) settings are not set as expected
  • #12872: RTE1024 Sytem Error -400
  • #12874: NSG3040A cannot connect during second IDN during Init() while CheckDevice() is succesfull
  • #12875: Device driver for R&S FPC1000 error during 61000-4-39 calibration.
  • #12876: Device driver: Bonn amplifer - bonn 0830-250/100/60D - 3 bands
  • #12914: Configuration dialog of Inn-co CO 3000 (Unit 1) positioner cannot be shown
  • #12922: Clamp moving wrong positions.
  • #12925: Rohde & Schwarz RTO2034 oscilloscope driver is an unknown device driver
  • #12931: Surge Multiband EXT
  • #12940: RS issue

RadiMation version 2021.3.9

  • #12005: Device driver for EM-Test NX7 with DCD(5-A b-8-4) Burst coupling network
  • #12407: Reverse frequency sweeping not working
  • #12591: Communication streams show different behavior when an Option string containing only a newline is returned by the RTO
  • #12592: RTE1024 vertical resolution optimizations
  • #12625: External component exception when using the Tabor WW5601
  • #12645: Voltage Dips test
  • #12666: SMCV100B problem reading very long option strings
  • #12667: FSIQ 7 Expected IDN response does not match the IDN of the device
  • #12675: Report generator issue - RI E-Field closed loop
  • #12676: NRP CheckDevice results in force close of RadiMation
  • #12680: Object reference not set to an object when a SB test is continued
  • #12687: About CS114 test
  • #12708: Incorrect control of analyser
  • #12721: Write application note: How to use Remote Visa to control devices connected to other machines on the network
  • #12730: SMCV100B: Only lock the user input instead of the entire GUI during remote control
  • #12735: Sequence contains no elements during creation of correction file.
  • #12741: RTE1024 driver error - undefined header
  • #12749: Test file extension number ordering does not seem to match file last modified date
  • #12753: Prana amplifier does not switch mode when remote controlled
  • #12759: Questionable values (P fwd & P sig) in RadiMation 2021.2.7 (compared to earlier values)
  • #12760: LISN R&S ENV4200

RadiMation version 2021.3.8

  • #11707: QP value of the final measurement is not updated in the peak table"
  • #11843: Regulation on Electrical Field closed loop measured by analyzer is regulating above testlevel
  • #11981: Datetime is shown in OLE format when inserting table into txt file
  • #11924: Device driver: NSG 4060
  • #11999: Switch-Matrix TESEQ RFB2000 "Incorrect switch settting"
  • #12220: Corrrection file frequency list does not take unit precision in considereation
  • #12273: Correction of spectum analyzer
  • #12298: Peak measurement of radiated emissions measurement is too high
  • #12345: EFT Multiband, stop and return to "Automatic" last test perform twice.
  • #12348: EFT Test: NX5, error before every start.
  • #12358: Surge, EM-Test NX5, EXT coupling not working.
  • #12414: High peaks during the conducted emission measurements
  • #12422: Polarization Incco 3000
  • #12466: 4395A spectrum analzyer read out error during CS test
  • #12475: 337 dBuV is returned when retreiving trace data
  • #12476: Radiated emission test failed.
  • #12477: Precision on Logaritmic frequency step
  • #12481: problems connecting to Filedsensor Raditeq RSS2010I
  • #12483: spectrum analyzer overflow
  • #12486: Timeout with configurable AD Converter
  • #12491: Probe rotator hangs while moving to 120 degrees
  • #12492: Detector is not correctly set.
  • #12495: NSLK8122RC controlled by ESR via radimation ????
  • #12497: Issues at KEMA with RadiSense field probe
  • #12500: Error of band selection
  • #12501: End frequency to high for used LISN driver
  • #12503: Error Detector CISPR Average
  • #12503: RadiMation automatic mode does not seem to measure all found peaks
  • #12505: Driver: Ametek NSG4060
  • #12508: Add reseller BluEmi
  • #12519: Check of the Yokogawa DL950 is always failing
  • #12525: RFB2000 not returning response on Pos:A and Pos:B
  • #12526: Teseq RFB2000 doesn't respond to queries
  • #12527: Teseq RFB2000 doesn't respond correctly on second test
  • #12532: Yokogawa DL950 is using SYST:ERR as an unknown command
  • #12535: Yokogawa Scopecorder DL950 returns Function not implemented for AD-Convertor
  • #12540: Yokogawa DL950 interprets channel number as the measurement value
  • #12547: Yokogawa DL950 Measuring Min and Max values
  • #12550: During burst crash
  • #12556: Add support for automatic HiSLIP
  • #12559: Tabor WW5061 initialisation error
  • #12560: Reflected power monitoring during forward power calibration
  • #12561: Measuring a value from the Yokogawa DL950
  • #12564: Tabor WW5061 Initialisation Error
  • #12570: Frankonia FC06.1 Antenna mast 1 polarization change
  • #12581: Termination settings are not forced on GPIB DeviceStream
  • #12590: Tabor WW5601 Error
  • #12590: Tabor WW5601 Set voltage does not match measured voltage
  • #12594: RadiMation freezes when configuring the RIGOL DSG815
  • #12599: device driver EM-Test NX7
  • #12608: Error during calibration (CI)
  • #12609: RPR2006C
  • #12611: Unable to set RBW in ESPI3 during Amplifier compression calibration
  • #12624: Preamplifier is not activated above 7 GHz on R&S ESI 26
  • #12650: Testlevel shown in linear interpolation.
  • #12668: Multiband of Absorbing clamp_not moving after 5meter.
  • #12726: Tektronix RSA306: Unexpected Windows error. Error code: 87
  • #12779: Radiapol error code 102

RadiMation version 2021.3.7

  • #10321: Driver: ETS-Lindgren: VisionTRX
  • #10322: Errorcodes for VisionTRX
  • #10323: VisionTRx optimization GetChannelValue function.
  • #11641: Alarm in channel in VisionTRX is not shown in RadiMation
  • #12353: Error modulation ON in conducted immunity
  • #12400: PC could not detect RPR2006C Power Sensor.
  • #12425: Error: Could not set value in device, After measuring peak
  • #12433: Limit line file units do not scale when changing the unit shown in the editorbox
  • #12454: Allow that \n as only terminator is used by mk messtechnik Motion detection
  • #12455: Extend the number of channels in mk messtechnik Motion from 4 to 16
  • #12456: Use a switchmatrix for the mk messtechnik Motion detection, to only have detection during the dwelltime
  • #12461: Error at second rotation of Frankonia FC05 turntable
  • #12474: 2021.3.6 version hangs during a singleband immunity test
  • #12518: ScopeCorder DL950 Driver is not responding on the LAN interface
  • #12530: Frankonia FC 06.1: Antenna polarization problem with Frimware V02.05.xx
  • #12549: Ladybug cannot be initialized
  • #12566: How to measure below 10 MHz with the R&S ESR
  • #12593: Unable to connect to RPR2006
  • #12598: USB connected RPR2006 is difficult to connect with a VISA stream
  • #12618: Amplifier research amplifier GPIB communication problem

RadiMation version 2021.3.6

  • #8094: Markers in MB Emission tests are shown twice
  • #8095: RadiGen RGN 4 kHz start frequency option
  • #11835: Update nlohmann json library C++
  • #12007: Driver: Tabor Electronics WW5061 signal generator
  • #12014: Device driver: R&S SMM100A
  • #12020: Signal Generator Rohde&Schwarz SMCV100B
  • #12061: RPC server unavailable + out of memory exceptions when generating reports
  • #12076: Generic limit line inclusion in generated reports for SB tests, such as EUT attenuation
  • #12166: Report generator add keywords "||<type> TEST LEVEL||" for multiband test levels
  • #12210: More digits (than in the past) for the fieldstrength are reported to CARAD
  • #12235: Driver: Teseo SOPM306L
  • #12264: Cannot change Baudrate of HI-6105 probe
  • #12330: Error during quasi measurement, because selecting AUTO RBW is not allowed
  • #12341: Antenna polarity changing problem controller FC06.1
  • #12342: The STOP button of the Antenna Height does not response for the Frankonia FC06.1
  • #12346: RI false peaks are detected for inputs not matching with the configured unit in the limit line
  • #12349: Amplifier linearity forward power step not calculated correctly
  • #12365: Radiated emission test is not working
  • #12366: Create the printout template for the calibration harmonics test.
  • #12369: Remove the ISXDL.DLL from DRIVERS.EXE
  • #12376: Read correct probe HW version
  • #12377: The STOP Button does not respond on the Frankonia FC06.1
  • #12379: Report generator: Excel hangs while generating report
  • #12380: Radiated Emission Error With RSA5065N
  • #12384: Error at end of peak measurement, because selecting AUTO RBW is not allowed
  • #12388: Unexpected invalid software key after new RadiMation install.
  • #12393: Sweeptime error.
  • #12394: SMA100A error
  • #12396: Error during final peak measurement.
  • #12397: Error during QP measurement.
  • #12398: Error during QP measurement.
  • #12411: Error about auto sweep time.
  • #12432: Stopping an AdvancedTurnTable device driver, starts moving again after stopping
  • #12435: Frankonia FC06 series returns polarization in degrees instead of radians
  • #12437: Read of SYST:ERR? from Frankonia FC series happens much later
  • #12445: Signal generator driver SMCV100B
  • #12450: SMA100A error

RadiMation version 2021.3.5

  • #12123: Support Windows 11
  • #12187: Investigate applying the 4 GB patch to the executable as a workaround for OutOfMemory exceptions
  • #12310: Antenna distance is very often reset to 1 cm in version 2021.3.1
  • #12339: Allow RI Magnetic field tests based on forward power
  • #12360: MB fixed forward power does not regulate to test level
  • #12386: Interpretation of the expected response of the configurable field probe is not working anymore
  • #12420: The INNCO CO3000 version 1.03.09 does not change the polarization of antenna
  • #12426: Singleband Fixed field test 80-1000MHz results in very low field
  • #12427: Connect RSS2010I from a VI window when testing raises ERROR 3
  • #12428: Test IEC 61000-4-3 at 30V/m at 3m following Calibration file is problematic
  • #12429: Fixed field without calibration regulated to 247 V/m
  • #12448: Error 451 at Marconi generator
  • #12451: can not export to excel

RadiMation version 2021.3.4

  • #12120: ErrorReport: "Peak detection and selection can be on a higher emission"
  • #12188: Not always the highest peak is selected
  • #12297: Frankonia FC06-1 Antenna mast communication problem
  • #12300: Test initialization error.
  • #12312: Frankonia FC 06.1 Controller Antenna mast error
  • #12313: Frankonia FC06.1 Turn table controller error
  • #12316: The antenna height increment of the Frankonia FC06.1 not work
  • #12317: Driver: Vectawave VBA230-80
  • #12318: Driver: Rigol DSG 815
  • #12320: Strange numbers on vertical scaling when using manual scaling
  • #12335: Error during radiated emission.

RadiMation version 2021.3.3

  • #11896: Send filename of test results to CARAD
  • #12305: An additional unlogical GPIB board is checked during startup
  • #12306: Bonn amplifier driver doesn't report description of basic errors

RadiMation version 2021.3.2

  • #1909: Use device driver out of default frequency range for similar models
  • #6006: Turn off of the continuous measure is not working if long observation times are used
  • #7222: Allow customization of the expected *IDN? response of drivers
  • #7500: Response errors detected during the check device should be shown to the enduser in the error description
  • #9106: Wrong device driver selected
  • #11740: Include prefix on the suggested name of the on the exported ambient line.
  • #11873: Manual Controlled AD converter is not working correctly anymore
  • #11987: When the *IDN? does not match we should show a correct message
  • #12215: ESIB Analyser Error: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period
  • #12247: RadiMation Crash when using ESR for QP measurements
  • #12254: Issues with QP measurements too high on Rigol DSA832
  • #12277: Power measurement is reported twice by configurable switchmatrix in 2021.2.7
  • #12280: Driver: Keysight N9916B
  • #12284: Driver: Amplifier Prana N-MT 1650D
  • #12286: ForwardPowerMeasured event in switchmatrix is not raised for first 2 frequencies
  • #12288: Connect RSS2010I with radimation software
  • #12289: RadiSense 10 is not correctly detected

RadiMation version 2021.3.1

  • #11106: Vertical scaling does not adjust (30M-1G)
  • #11882: Graph ticks do not follow unit settings
  • #11931: Scaling of emission plots
  • #11951: Ongoing annoying issues with scaling of graphs
  • #11967: Onlogische schaalverdeling Y-as
  • #12024: Y-axis values are not displayed completely
  • #12062: Update reseller information of NSI-MI UK
  • #12085: ErrorReport: "Object reference error when creating correction files with 0.001 kHz frequencies"
  • #12132: clsSettingGraphDivisions object ID not registered
  • #12296: BONN BLWA amplifier initialization failed

RadiMation version 2021.2.8

  • #3971: Radiated emission multiband: click on "continuous measure" to disable function is taken twice quite often.
  • #6698: Project: Improve Continuous measurement method.
  • #11553: Underscore shortcut keys are not correctly assigned in field probe setup dialog
  • #11604: Text that is shown in progress bar is dark grey, instead of black as in buttons.
  • #11612: Binary block buffer retrieval over VISA Socket port is resulting in timeout
  • #11687: WriteReadBinaryBlockBuffer causes timeout when TCPIP::x.x.x.x::port::SOCKET is used
  • #11742: ErrorReport: "locked the gpib board".
  • #11887: Measure time of 10ms is out of range.
  • #12053: The device driver system is currently not usable
  • #12072: ErrorReport: "Multiband Test one subrange not executed".
  • #12082: Schwarzbeck CDN as injection device
  • #12083: Include a check during startup to ensure that the Windows decimal separator is not "" (blank/nothing) or "0"
  • #12084: Correction file with Frequency unit in kHz only shows half of the graph
  • #12106: Send frequencies above 10 GHz to newer RadiSense 10 probes.
  • #12108: Control channel selection of the radio dummy/fibre optic link of RFPA
  • #12129: RepGen: Using a RunMacro keyword, results in the "" keyword not found event being presented
  • #12133: Magnitude graph of S-parameter test shows an additional line going to 0
  • #12134: Stop sequence: sequence is not correctly aborted when stop is pressed during a zero operation.
  • #12135: Frequency scale is not full span.
  • #12141: Resolution of R&S ESIB can be configured but only to 500 points
  • #12142: Correction file: graph not displayed
  • #12146: Rigol RSA5065A without EMI option can only measure a single trace
  • #12160: Provide a configuration setting in the Narda EP600-series to configure the sleep mode time.
  • #12173: Virtual Signal generator enables carrier on frequency change.
  • #12174: Time-out Spurious emission measurement.
  • #12181: Strange error on closing RadiPower driver.
  • #12185: Rigol RSA5000 series, should allow to use 0 dB attenuation in combination with preamplifier
  • #12186: Rigol RSA5065: When auto preamplifier is selected, it is reported as 0 dB, even though the preamplifier is on
  • #12207: Reselect the limitline in the TSF file clears the max value customization of the graph.
  • #12208: Driver: Tektronix RSA 306B.
  • #12216: Error message that device driver system is not usable after a RadiSense error
  • #12223: Driver: Prana IPDR250
  • #12224: Driver: Prana CJDR250

RadiMation version 2021.2.7

  • #4246: Possibility to insert note in "read only" protected TSF before mesurement starts
  • #10935: CI manual mode. Make sure to set the settings of the signal generator when modulation is switched of and on so that this setting is imediatly applied
  • #11373: DARE!! Development RadiSense IV: Device returned Error code : 4.
  • #11739: Add option in R&S ESW driver to active low noise amplifier (for lower noise floor)
  • #11846: Measured differences between RadiMation and PMM software when Testing CE/RE
  • #12078: Absorbing clamp Maturo FCU: Function not implemented error
  • #12087: Opening test data older than 2021.2.1 results in missing distance data
  • #12088: ErrorReport: "RI with rot pos, 1 step, 120 degrees".
  • #12091: Build RadiMation 2021.2.7
  • #12144: Device driver configuration dialog cannot be shown, due to problem of loading GenericTabbedDialog
  • #12147: How to disable the power delivery test, to prevent that generated frequencies are really in order
  • #12165: Start Frequency is too low for the selected equipment
  • #12211: Ability to use an automatic calkit for the R&S ZNB VNA calibration
  • #12217: Agilent technologies U2004A driver problem: Insufficient location information
  • #12219: Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z91: Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error. Code: 805313470 (0x30001BBE)
  • #12239: Driver: MTS Systemtechnik KRE-4000
  • #12291: Question: Forward power amplifier protection file is not found
  • #12293: Error message: There is no average probe selected
  • #12295: Incorrect RBW of 1 MHz with QP detector in range 1GHz-6GHz

RadiMation version 2021.2.6

  • #11795: Add ability to measure electrical fields of ~ +1000 V/m using a RadiSense
  • #12040: Slow start of RadiMation Pulsed Immunity test
  • #12064: ErrorReport: fault "System._ComObject"

RadiMation version 2021.2.5

  • #11962: Distance unit text is missing in generated reports
  • #11965: ErrorReport: "Antenna distance incorrect after upgrade to new version (2021-1-6 -> 2021-2-3)"
  • #11988: ErrorReport: "Unable to see cable under test descripton"
  • #12050: ErrorReport: "Cannot find positioner"

RadiMation version 2021.2.4

  • #11806: RIGOL device driver is measuring too high AVG and QP detector values
  • #11962: Distance unit text is missing in generated reports
  • #11965: ErrorReport: "Antenna distance incorrect after upgrade to new version (2021-1-6 -> 2021-2-3)"
  • #11988: ErrorReport: "Unable to see cable under test descripton"

RadiMation version 2021.2.3

  • #9170: Some properties set in the polarGraph init function get reset when the graph is actually drawn
  • #11892: Before/After actions Pauze window does not close it self, or by clicking the OK button.

RadiMation version 2021.2.2

  • #11851: Minimum absorbing clamp distance is 1 mm. This should be changed to 0mm.
  • #11854: Final measurement stops after first final measurement if distance graph is selected.
  • #11855: If the default graph configuration is set to logarithmic, a strange x-axis is shown for distance graph
  • #11856: If distance unit is set to cm, the frequency too high errors are generated in the distance graph
  • #11857: The unit configuration of the distance is not used in the graph x-axis
  • #11858: Limit line in the distance graph is shown as a curved line. This should be a straight line in the distance graph.

RadiMation version 2021.2.1

  • #2273: Multiband Conducted emission absorbing clamp
  • #5579: Stopping a sequence is almost impossible

Known Problems

R&S spectrum analysers/receivers communication problems

It has been detected that on very fast PC’s, the communication with modern Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser/receivers can be corrupted. These problems are related to the speed of the PC and the used GPIB bus. The R&S receivers that are related to this problem are: ESI/ESIB/ESPI/ESCI/FSE/ESU.

We strongly advise that you slow down the GPIB communication speed between the PC and R&S receivers. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the configuration window of RadiMation®
  2. Select the Device Drivers tab
  3. Select Receivers/Spectrum Analysers
  4. Select the R&S receiver
  5. Press Edit to open the device driver configuration window
  6. Press the Advanced button
    • The GPIB configuration dialog of the R&S device driver will be shown
  7. Activate the Show advanced Settings checkbox
    • The GPIB Configuration dialog will show a Wait time box
  8. Specify 3000 us in the Wait time box
  9. Close all windows, and repeat these steps for each and every R&S receiver.

Configuring the R&S device drivers in this way will slow down the GPIB bus, by ensuring that at least 3 milliseconds delay are included between each GPIB call to the R&S devices

Previous RadiMation® version raises a run-time error

If the latest RadiMation® version and an older RadiMation® version are installed on the same PC, it can happen that the older RadiMation® version raises an error during the start of RadiMation.

This error is raised because a file that is shared by both versions is written in a newer file format that cannot be read anymore by older software. The solution for this problem is to remove the file: C:\Program Files\DARE Development\RadiMation\Confdvdr\CUSTOMIZ.DAT. The CUSTOMIZ.DAT file is used to remember customizations of the colour of the graphs, so removing the file will not influence the measurements. However the graph colours will probably be changed to the defaults as specified by RadiMation®.

Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and older are not supported

Due to the fact that Microsoft has ended their support for these versions we are also forced to stop the support of RadiMation® running on these operating systems. This means that we do not test if RadiMation® is working correctly on these operating systems. However it could be that RadiMation® is still working correctly. We strongly suggest upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 (21H2). Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system are supported.