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This template is used to show the details of a supported device driver. Possible named arguments are:

  • DeviceBrand: The brand of the device (also known as the manufacturer)
  • DeviceType: The type of the device (the type-number/description)
  • DLLFile: The name of the DLL in which the device driver is included, which can be a ;-seperated list of DLL files.
  • SupportedDeviceTypes: The numeric encoding of the supported device types
  • DeviceDriverName: The internal device driver name
  • HideAutoData: If the automatic 'guessed' data should be hidden (1: Hides the data)
  • GenericPage: The name of the page with some generic data of this device (which is used to group information of a serie of similar devices)

If an image of the device is also available, an image of the device will also be shown. The name of the images should match with (and case is important!):

  • Image:<DeviceBrand> <DeviceType>.jpg
  • Image:<DeviceBrand> <DeviceType> front.jpg
  • Image:<DeviceBrand> <DeviceType> back.jpg

If a page is present which is using less words, those pages will also automatically be linked.

An example of this template is:


The Rohde & Schwarz ESIB 7 Input 1 device driver is a Power Meter which is supported by RadiMation®.

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This information about an equipment is automatically generated from the list of supported device drivers from RadiMation.
If you need more information you can contact radimation-support@raditeq.com.