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We are proud to deliver you Version 2014.2 of our RadiMation® EMC Test software. This 2014.2 version is the result of several major improvements that we have done. This release is completely based on the Microsoft .NET development framework, which ensures that we can fully support future operating systems.

This letter contains all the information that is needed before your system is upgraded. If you have any additional questions or remarks please let us know through your reseller, or contact



When RadiMation® files are opened, changed and saved in a newer version of RadiMation®, it is possible that it will saved in a newer file format, which cannot be opened anymore in an older version of RadiMation®. To prevent that changed TSF, LLF, COR, SEQ or EUT files cannot be opened anymore in an older RadiMation® version, we strongly recommend to make a backup. Before you install the latest version of RadiMation®, please make sure to saveguard all your critical data.

Make a back up of (at least) the following files:

  • Correction files
  • TSF files
  • Sequence files
  • Limit Line files
  • Device driver configuration files

Multi version installation

It is possible to install different RadiMation® versions on the same PC.

This functionality can be used to verify the correct functioning of the RadiMation® software before it is used for EMC testing. Simply put, the functioning of the new version can be checked by comparing it with the older version. This verification can for example be required by internal quality assurance standards. During this verification process, the installation of the older RadiMation® version can still be used for all EMC tests.

Be advised that:

  • It is not possible to run two (or more) different versions at the same time without risking a software crash. Close other instances of RadiMation® before starting another version!
  • Raditeq cannot be held accountable if information is lost because two different versions of RadiMation® are used at the same time.
  • The user needs to have the rights as described in User rights and installation.


Installing software updates

Software updates can be distributed on CD or downloaded from the RadiMation® Download page.

To install the RadiMation® update from a CD, please execute the ‘SETUP.EXE’ startup program. The setup program will install the new RadiMation® version at the same location as the previous version, but in a separate installation folder. This will allow you to use the previously installed RadiMation® version, as well as the new one.

The setup program will detect that a previous version of RadiMation® has already been installed on your PC. A back up of this older version will automatically be copied to the backup directory. All the settings of the older version will also be used for the newly installed RadiMation®. If any problems should occur with the new software, the older version can be recovered.

Installing from a network directory

If the already installed RadiMation® version was installed from a network directory, the new setup file can be copied to the <Setup> sub-directory of the <NetworkDir>.

The new RadiMation® version can then be installed on each computer from this directory.

Updating device drivers

After the new RadiMation® version is installed, we strongly recommend that you install the latest device drivers as well. These device drivers can be installed by starting the ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program that is located on the delivered CD.

The ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program will detect the different RadiMation® versions installed on your PC. A dialog will start, asking you to select the RadiMation® version that needs updated device drivers. Select the latest version of RadiMation® that was just installed.

You have successfully obtained the latest released version of RadiMation® when both the software and device drivers have been updated.

Verification and Validation

Every new RadiMation® version is tested extensively before it is released. Raditeq validates these new versions on three ‘levels’. The fourth level of the validation is to be done by the end-user.

This quality management system follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”).

1) Automatic knob pushing program

The ‘automatic knob pushing program’ simulates an end-user and is run on each RadiMation® version. The program performs all the actions that a user could do, such as entering information, executing tests, reviewing test results and generating reports.

Performing the first validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

2) Validation and usage in a test lab

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the first validation level, it progresses to the second validation level performed by Raditeq.

During this validation the RadiMation® software is installed in a real test lab, to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. The results are also compared with the measurement results of previous software versions.

Performing the second validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

3) Validation and usage in a test house

When the new RadiMation® version has passed the second validation level, it progresses to the third validation level performed by Kiwa Dare Services.

This validation level consists of two stages. In the first stage the software is used to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. When the new software version has passed the first stage, it progresses to the second stage where it is installed and used by Kiwa Dare Services for at least two weeks. Any issues that are reported during this period, will be investigated and resolved. An updated version of RadiMation® is created if needed.

Performing the third validation level is a responsibility of Kiwa Dare Services.

When this validation is succesful, the RadiMation® version will be officially released, and will become available for all end-users.

4) Validation by end-users

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the third validation level, it progresses to the fourth (and last) validation level, which should be performed by the end-users of RadiMation®.

When end-users receives a new RadiMation® version they should perform a validation of the software in their own test setup. The parts that should be validated by the end-user are:

  • Correct control of the used measurement equipment
  • Validation of the software according to internal quality standards
  • Possible verification and comparison of measurements on a 'known' EUT

We strongly advise to only start to use RadiMation® after this validation is performed.

Performing the fourth validation level is a responsibility of the end-user.

Solved items

See below the list of all the issues that have been solved in RadiMation® version 2014.2 since version 2014.1.

RadiMation version 2014.2.12

  • #4238: Error field probe by polariser
  • #4900: Amplifier Information Could not be found error
  • #5237: Correction is applied when no correction file is attached
  • #5844: Advantest analyser as powermeter is not automatically switching the attenuator
  • #5845: Using Rigol as powermeter can cause large measurement errors
  • #5866: High Peak and overshoot measurements with PMM9010F and PMM 9030
  • #5884: R&S ESU 26 Input 2 is using input 1
  • #5909: Configuration of Narrow band / broad band detection according to standards has disappeared
  • #5911: Device Not connected errors for AR amplifier 75A400

RadiMation version 2014.2.11

  • #4041: Antenna mast Frankonia FC 02 not working
  • #5597: Driver PMM Switching control Box
  • #5733: When should I use the Forward Power Mode and when the Net Power Mode?
  • #5893: How to perform a continuous measurement mode with continuously sweeping during turning?
  • #5908: Continuous measurement mode is not working for the Sunol SC104V Turntable

RadiMation version 2014.2.10

  • #2824: Up down control of Carrier level control in manual mode test, is always going upwards
  • #2825: Multiband immunity test with a signal generator output correction does not regulate correctly
  • #3572: Prana AP32MT255 command set has changed after upgrade.
  • #5633: Equipment keywords are not replaced and 'found new code' Receiver
  • #5875: Infinity regulation of carrier level started at 120011 dBm

RadiMation version 2014.2.9

  • #4684: AR 150W1000 in remote is not working correctly
  • #4707: Conventional Antenna and Turntable settings
  • #4727: Data export methods are exporting in a different way
  • #5322: Signal Generator setting the frequency raised an error
  • #5580: Description of Optimize Height and optimize Angle functionality is missing
  • #5808: Driver Amplifier Research 1000A225 amplifier
  • #5835: General issues with the R&S ESRP
  • #5844: Advantest analyser as powermeter is not automatically switching the attenuator
  • #5861: Not possible to remote control Milmega AS0102-100 and AS1860-100 amplifier
  • #5861: Not possible to remote control Milmega AS0102-100 and AS1860-100 amplifier
  • #5871: Metrohm Antenna Tower device driver
  • #5873: Power delivery test fails
  • #5874: Driver PMM EP408 electrical field probe
  • #5881: Radimation doesn't detect the Software Protection Dongle/key

RadiMation version 2014.2.8

  • #4639: Cancel button Multiband is Pause button
  • #4959: Remote controlling Maturo NCD over LAN
  • #5215: R&S ESU8 - EMI error Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-board within the timeout period
  • #5542: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier has no RF Path selected
  • #5709: Unknown Device type errors Switch matrixes Radicentre CTR 1008A raises Device Not Connected errors
  • #5735: R&S ESU: Query interrupted error
  • #5774: Antenna tower reports the error: Field probe is still busy with zeroing the field probe
  • #5804: Error message when downloading and starting 2014.2.8
  • #5806: RPR connection is lost and can't be restored
  • #5817: Not all bytes are written with Sunol SC99V controller
  • #5820: Very low forward power during CDN calibration
  • #5822: Unexplainable 20dB offset of CE measurement results
  • #5833: Object error during startup splash screen crashes RadiMation
  • #5834: Error access to the path (..) is denied
  • #5865: How to configure the PMM 9030 User Controlled LISN?
  • #5867: Expected automated measurement in Multiband when manual mode test window appears
  • #5869: How to configre a ISO11452-2 Radiated Immunity (with Radar Pulse) test?
  • #5870: Driver Sunol controller SC110V

RadiMation version 2014.2.7

  • #4959: Remote controlling Maturo NCD over LAN
  • #5557: Reading out dBr values with Audio Analyser UP 300
  • #5650: Driver Rigol DSA815 and Rigol DSA1030 series
  • #5656: Configurable Amplifier and Coupler doesn't retain frequency range
  • #5664: N9038A error -410 Query interrupted
  • #5688: Check on software software protection key fails
  • #5702: HP8591E EABO errors can abort a running test
  • #5703: How to customize and adjust the markers in RadiMation?
  • #5706: R&S FSH (for field probe) is not using transducer list
  • #5710: R&S ESU8 EMI error -200 Function GAIN:STAT OFF not available
  • #5711: R&S FSV 13 error -113 Undefined header INP:ATT:PROT ON
  • #5719: Amplifier AR 75A400 device not connected error
  • #5721: Driver: PMM 7010
  • #5725: Driver Emco 7123 field sensor
  • #5731: Driver Agilent U2001A Power meter
  • #5732: Possible stopping an immunity measurement automatically?
  • #5736: No trace data obtained from measurements with FSV13
  • #5746: Driver RadiField Amplifier
  • #5747: Driver RadiField Forward and Reflected power meter
  • #5748: Driver RadiField Coupler
  • #5749: Driver RadiField Antenna
  • #5764: Driver RadiPol
  • #5766: RadiMate 3 RAW communication issues
  • #5772: Device Driver Function Function Not Implemented error for Rigol spectrum analyser as powermeter
  • #5773: Amplifier that is already in OPERATE can result in an endless test initialization

RadiMation version 2014.2.6

  • #1742: Auto attenuation can result in false measurements, QP is going higher than PK
  • #2510: Remeasurement of peaks should be possible to do with different testequipment than prescan
  • #3294: R&S ESIB 26 Timeout while waiting for *OPC command
  • #4195: Crash at the end of an immunity test
  • #4219: Amplifier IFI SMC 100 error Not all bytes are written on GPIB
  • #4230: Driver: IFI SMC 100 amplifier
  • #4790: R&S Spectrum analyser FSH6 does not work
  • #4984: Driver Agilent 33621A and 33622A
  • #5075: Rename R&S NRT Channel 1 & 2 device driver to R&S NRT
  • #5280: LISN default frequency range settings is not disabled
  • #5335: Can't connected with R&S NRP Z91 power meter
  • #5577: AR10W1000C communication issue
  • #5653: How to install the R&S NRP-Z91
  • #5654: Agilent N5183-520 error -222,"Data out of range; value clipped to upper limit."
  • #5668: GPIB Primary Address settings is blown up
  • #5669: Table information is not automatically resized
  • #5681: Driver: Amplifier Research 15S1G6
  • #5690: Update N5183 device driver series names
  • #5720: Maximum field on this frequency warnings, field is zero, amplifier protection errors etc.
  • #5722: Radimation default password (Radimation) is not accepted during the login

RadiMation version 2014.2.5

  • #5052: Reference level is changed during measurement, generating an IF overload
  • #5121: Cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
  • #5126: Peak values ​​are far below the Quasi peak values
  • #5278: Driver AD Agilent 53220A (Frequency Counter)
  • #5284: Slow measurement, when ESU8 used as powermeter and Att on auto
  • #5377: LLF style and color settings are not retained
  • #5417: Detected overload R&S ESIB is ignored during test
  • #5445: How to configure measurement with Schwarzbeck HXYZ 9170 Triple Loop Antenna
  • #5487: Driver Agilent AD Converter 34972 for multiple measurements
  • #5578: Optimize height and angle are not using the correct measurement results
  • #5606: Optimize height and optimize angle settings are not retained
  • #5617: AR 250W1000B can't be controlled by ethernet
  • #5631: Could not find file C:\ADVANCED.DAT
  • #5635: Driver R&S FSH 3 as readout unit for field probe
  • #5638: Error AR FM50040 field probe not connected or not activated
  • #5643: Graphlines will become invisible after opening other test results
  • #5644: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier timeout and command not possible errors
  • #5648: Peak table keywords for (SQL queries) are not available for the enduser
  • #5649: Generating a WORD.DOCX report using a WORD.DOCM template causes a runtime error
  • #5651: The report generator should show a clearer message if the report cannot be opened
  • #5652: Repetition interval data of a detected peak is lost when an angle optimization is performed
  • #5654: Agilent N5183-520 error -222,"Data out of range; value clipped to upper limit."
  • #5655: Used observation time for the final measurement is too short if first measurement takes a long time
  • #5657: 25A250AM2 doesn't switch off after measurement
  • #5658: Should we insert an Absorbing clamp?
  • #5659: Why does the expected forward power value differs?
  • #5660: Enable the Repetition Interval determination by default
  • #5784: R&S ESU: Not all bytes are written error

RadiMation version 2014.2.4

  • #5358: Peak numbering between graph and table are not corresponding
  • #5542: R&S BBA100 RF Amplifier has no RF Path selected
  • #5599: Changing between communication streams reset the saved user settings
  • #5601: Timeout with Gauss TDEMI receiver
  • #5603: Strange measurements with LeCroy wavesurfer 64Xs
  • #5610: Path configuration seems to be lost
  • #5613: Timeout error with R&S ESI 40 as powermeter
  • #5628: No match was found in the regex with Chauvin Arnoux 43 probe

RadiMation version 2014.2.3

  • #4806: R&S Spectrum analyser FSH6 not connected
  • #5035: Improve how customers can download new RadiMation version
  • #5189: Sweeptime is used during final measurement instead of the QP measurement time
  • #5205: CTR unknown device type error with RGN
  • #5381: Bonn BLMA 0832-270D can't control the ON/OFF of band 2
  • #5500: How to get certain columns and rows of a peak table in to the report
  • #5539: Explain Traces detectors and Narrow Broadband discrimination
  • #5566: LAN control of the R&S ESPI Controlled LISN
  • #5583: TSF Turntable settings are not retained
  • #5585: Editing the device driver from the Calibration expire window always opens the first in the list
  • #5586: Information is not visible with current printout templates
  • #5588: Selection of the graph lines in the Graph customization is not working
  • #5619: Unexpected results of exported graph plot
  • #5623: Communication with EMPower Sensoren 7002-006
  • #5624: Report Generator codes for Radiated Emission Burst tests
  • #5697: Display R&S ESR3 trips and measurement failures

RadiMation version 2014.2.2

  • #2575: Error dialog doesn't show icon in taskbar
  • #3870: Report genaration on chinese pc is not working as there is a tab block in the insert file.
  • #4004: Report generator code for emission tests in multiband
  • #4100: First sweep from Agilent MXE is sometimes wrong
  • #4128: Driver: Agilent N9038A in FFT mode
  • #4290: No input 1 HP-8568B Spectrum Analyser
  • #4400: Statements for sorting columns with a space
  • #4660: No graph or table info during Attenuation Calibration
  • #5204: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow
  • #5241: Latch-up when CONFDVDR directory is invalid (no network access)
  • #5276: Wrong device driver is selected or removed
  • #5345: During Attenuation Calibration it is not possible to show graph
  • #5370: RadiMation is always taking two sweeps
  • #5382: Connecting issue with R&S BBA100
  • #5405: Old test time and date information seems to be overwritten by current date and time
  • #5420: Arithmatic operation resulted in an overflow
  • #5425: Turntable is not set back to start position after final measurements
  • #5439: Graph controls doesn't work
  • #5464: RadiMation doesn't start after selecting the Chinese English language
  • #5473: Driver Antenna ATR80M6G
  • #5478: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #5495: Include Measurement values in Burst printout template
  • #5502: Virtual Instrument Powermeter printing is freezing RadiMation
  • #5503: Signal Power went to high with Amplifier 80S1G4
  • #5508: Configuration of RadiMation is lost when the CONFDVDR is in a dropbox shared folder
  • #5510: SC1000 initialization is taking a long time
  • #5511: Unknown error Amplifier 250W1000B
  • #5512: Agilent N5171B is generating error during init
  • #5514: MXE receiver is not recognized
  • #5517: Unit column description is not updated during LLF edit
  • #5519: How to create a field probe correction?
  • #5520: Turntable Wrong Command error 1
  • #5521: Opening EUT is always showing default EUT directory instead of the last one used
  • #5522: Checking if a device is connected from the results of a test is using the wrong addressing information
  • #5525: Strange results with MXE receiver
  • #5526: Implement Word Wrap for error code descriptions
  • #5528: Strange error number for 'No LISN line or neutral selected' error
  • #5531: R&S SME06 110 errors Output Unleveled ALC failure
  • #5533: Antenna height is set with a small offset
  • #5534: No network locations could be found
  • #5535: Multiband settings could not be set by dropdown
  • #5536: Driver: MicroRad 01E probe with NHT310 read out unit
  • #5537: Repetition interval is using an enormous amount of memory for a scanning receiver
  • #5538: Driver Narda EFA-300 Field Sensor
  • #5540: RGN6000A timeout expired before operation completed error
  • #5549: Dialog for Product standard is not high enough, and thus doesn't allow to add basic standards
  • #5559: Current and Calculated Current cannot be included in the Enhanced status window
  • #5560: The location and size of the enhanced status window is not remembered
  • #5566: LAN control of the R&S ESPI Controlled LISN
  • #5569: Polar plot is not updated when continuous measurement is activated and the turntable is started to be moving

RadiMation version 2014.2.1

  • #1907: When RadiMation is minimized during report generation, RadiMation can not be restored again to its original size
  • #2562: Error dialog that is shown for a minimized RadiMation program cannot be activated
  • #3792: Selection bar at main screen disappears after opening a test
  • #5437: Plot graph 'Zoom out' button should be 'Full Span'
  • #5630: Test would not start

RadiMation version 2014.1.18

  • #4053: Spectrumanalyser HP4405B driver does not work with version 5.8.25 and above
  • #4100: First sweep from Agilent MXE is sometimes wrong
  • #4217: Dongle is not recognized anymore
  • #4563: Agilent 4403B Analyser configuration and test error
  • #4826: Points display resolution Agilent 4407B can't be set
  • #5242: HP8563E Spectrum analyser error 111 (bad arguments)
  • #5382: Connecting issue with R&S BBA100
  • #5445: How to configure measurement with Schwarzbeck HXYZ 9170 Triple Loop Antenna
  • #5447: Replace all listviews with a grid control
  • #5449: Agilent MXE N9038 firmware 13.60 raises a setting conflict error
  • #5474: LAN support for Amplifier 250W1000B
  • #5475: Driver Amplifier 80S1G4
  • #5476: VISA support for SC1000
  • #5477: Communication settings SC1000 are not retained
  • #5479: Can't communicate with any device in RadiCentre
  • #5481: Undefined header error Agilent N9038A
  • #5482: EMR-300 is not recognized
  • #5483: Directories can't be configured
  • #5484: Basic standards and Product standards are no longer shown and not possible to add new
  • #5490: Burst buttons are not visible
  • #5491: No save button is to be found after a test is performed
  • #5493: R&S OSP 120 error
  • #5496: Device driver configuration of the Agilent N9038A shows the sweep points setting twice
  • #5497: Agilent 4403, Agilent 4408 and Agilent 4411 are limited to 401 sweep points

RadiMation version 2014.1.17

  • #3312: Administrator is displayed when when other default user is selected with password
  • #4217: Dongle is not recognized anymore
  • #4245: Automatically login this engineer doesn't work
  • #4700: Create new EUT creates error
  • #4731: Customizing the progress bar and text
  • #5184: Administrator automatically login is not remembered
  • #5286: Current Status window pops up
  • #5382: Connecting issue with R&S BBA100
  • #5395: How to make use of the dBµA unit
  • #5435: Power out of range error with R&S SME06
  • #5447: Replace all listviews with a grid control
  • #5450: RadiMation crash during test with R&S ESU EMI receiver
  • #5459: DeviceStream communication could have wrong termination handling
  • #5460: Communication issue with AD Agilent 34972A (DAQ)
  • #5461: Communication issue with R&S ESPI 7
  • #5462: RadiCentre plugin cards not recognized
  • #5470: No refresh of TSF files in any directory
  • #5489: Could we connect any field sensor when the optic-serial is supported?

RadiMation version 2014.1.16

  • #4417: Wrong sorting of Modified Date
  • #4631: Auto create EUT directory
  • #5353: Unhandled Exception when saving General Info of test
  • #5428: Driver Spectrum Analyser R&S FSW 43
  • #5430: Markers placed on the trace do reflect trace level

RadiMation version 2014.1.15

  • #2468: MainVoltage vs Mains Voltage
  • #2931: Text in CI subst can not be read completly because the text box is too small
  • #4163: Pulse modulation does not allow 0.1%, but is needed for Nissan standard
  • #4997: A TSF that is marked as readonly doesn't allow to show the information of the selected testsite
  • #5000: A restricted engineer isn't allowed to show the information of testsites
  • #5346: Adding and removing multiple LLF at once
  • #5395: How to make use of the dBµA unit
  • #5396: Reports tab is not available at configuration window
  • #5412: Update the manual confirm the latest RadiMation release
  • #5435: Power out of range error with R&S SME06
  • #5444: How to configure a measurement with the van der Hoofden probe VDHH 9502
  • #5451: R&S SMB-100 Signal Generator
  • #5486: How to create a correction file for Powerheads
  • #5504: A device on the bus is raising the SRQ error
  • #5506: Export Emission data in ASCII Format
  • #5509: MCU controller without height control
  • #5523: LISN Line setting must be configured to be able to start the test
  • #5524: File is probably corrupt, or it is created with a newer version of the software
  • #5530: Software Protection Key could not be found, test stopped
  • #5533: Antenna height is set with a small offset

RadiMation version 2014.1.14

  • #4119: Driver R&S FSIQ 26
  • #4181: Conversion factor for magnetic field measurement
  • #5421: Sweep is not completed for the whole band
  • #5422: RadiSense error device not connected
  • #5424: Final measurement is not using RMS detector, but only the Peak Detector
  • #5426: Automatic calculation of magnetic field strength results in dBµA/m, values in dBµV/m seems to be wrong
  • #5432: Autorange FM2000 is switching very often
  • #5433: Clicking graph or table information is generating 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error
  • #5456: Maturo SCU TurnTable is not moving

RadiMation version 2014.1.13

  • #1496: At the end of the test, antenna tower should go to lowest specified height
  • #2897: The unit description in the correction file is not displayed correctly, it states unknow instead of the unit
  • #3774: stepsize for receiver is not configurable
  • #4061: Unable to perform Qpk scan with R&S FSP
  • #4166: Sorting of the directory structure in the tsf selection window
  • #4182: Sweep time is doubled
  • #4388: Preamplifier R&S ESU40 Analyser is automatically turned off
  • #4560: FSP30 rounding
  • #4564: Possibility to do Prescan and Final Measurements with different devices
  • #4588: Step frequency is not defined error
  • #4590: Selected frequency step is not supported error (R&S ESVS10 receiver)
  • #4953: Changing configuration of an Unit is not refreshing the list correctly
  • #4964: Arrows are not correctly centred in the buttons
  • #5068: Folders opened with keyboard are not showing TSF files in Select TSF window
  • #5098: After entering LLF data the wrong datafield is selected
  • #5400: RadiTurn no match was found during the specified regular expression
  • #5411: Measuring the peak will result in an endless loop of zooming-in

RadiMation version 2014.1.12

  • #2467: ModeOfOperation is put on the window without the space
  • #3817: ESIB 40 Tracking Generator
  • #4938: Adding a new basic or product standard is not refreshing the list correctly
  • #5401: Peak detection doesn't detect peak if peak is very close to 0 dBuV

RadiMation version 2014.1.11

  • #3893: Zooming In places all peaks to one frequency
  • #5116: Peak shifts all over the frequency band
  • #5398: Detection of the RadiTurn is not working

RadiMation version 2014.1.10

  • #1647: uninstall not available for multiversion of Radimation
  • #2573: Missing drive can corrupt the setting during the install
  • #2734: a Bluescreen appears, when the PC is set to Hibernatemode and then the dongle is removed.
  • #3556: Unexpected error; quitting
  • #3624: Configuration files are not shared between users on a Windows 7 PC
  • #3769: When starting an installation of RadiMation it should be checked if an other version is already running
  • #4440: information field is not updated correctly
  • #4518: Device Drivers system gone
  • #4519: Icons related to RadiMation are not correct
  • #4528: After installation of new RadiMation older versions are not working anymore
  • #4537: Error when starting RadiMation
  • #4572: Windows Certified RadiPower device drivers should be included in DRIVERS.EXE
  • #4620: Description of event data is missing
  • #4862: Icons for some windows are not alway correctly showed
  • #5041: Device Drivers setup is not automatically selecting the latest installed RM version
  • #5123: No messages are shown during a new installation when RadiMation is running in background
  • #5234: Not possible to update or install RadiMation with network settings
  • #5288: Device drivers advanced configuration screen doesn't show titles
  • #5386: Extend R&S BBA100 driver with LAN communication
  • #5388: Units are not visible during Manual Mode
  • #5392: RadiMation error 3 ‘The system cannot find the path specified’
  • #5397: R&S BBA100 is not directly set in operate mode

RadiMation version 2014.1.9

  • #4056: USB communication for the R&S SMB100A
  • #4941: After a 1 port S-parameter system calibration, it is still possible to perform a S12 test
  • #4943: Allow to perform a 1 port S-parameter system calibration on port 2 of the network analyser
  • #4981: Not possible to select a calibration kit during the network analyser tests
  • #5382: Connecting issue with R&S BBA100
  • #5393: R&S OSP 120 does not switch

RadiMation version 2014.1.8

  • #4255: Driver: strange VBW value is set
  • #5365: Second measurement is missing of Agilent 34970A AD converter
  • #5380: Test-sites are not found during network installation
  • #5387: R&S OSP 120 does only support LAN communication
  • #5389: Driver R&S ESRP EMI Test Receiver
  • #5391: Amplifier Research FP7018 is returning strange values

RadiMation version 2014.1.7

  • #2879: Driver: Keithley 2701
  • #4362: .NET: no units for modulation settings
  • #5273: Show vertical and horizontal max peak graphs by default
  • #5343: RadiPower Windows Drivers for Windows 8.1
  • #5360: Include keyword of external test results should start at 1 instead of 0
  • #5376: No graph data is shown
  • #5378: Units behind modulation setting are missing in RI Substiution

RadiMation version 2014.1.6

  • #284: Make it possible that files can be dragged and dropped from the windows explorer to RadiMation
  • #2354: ISO standards do not require that all raw data is stored
  • #2700: Limit line is loosing the configured color
  • #2751: Limit line files turn black after setting the colors
  • #4458: peak detection is not working properly
  • #4520: Dragging a valid RadiMation file should open it
  • #4567: Measured frequencies are not corresponding with ESBI
  • #4708: EUT is only opening RadiMation and not the file
  • #4709: EUT file should open latest RadiMation version installed
  • #4735: 4446A preselector is searched when deselected in driver settings
  • #4799: Driver ESAI Tracking Generator
  • #5093: Creating a new Limit Line is not shown in graph
  • #5096: RS ESAI Analyser Input 2 Timeout while waiting for *OPC command
  • #5097: Changing LLF style is not updated in graph
  • #5158: LLF color is not retained
  • #5173: Generate a maximum trace, when more than one trace is taken. We need only the maximum value
  • #5263: Driver Bonn BLMA 0832-270D
  • #5267: EMCO 1090 is not working
  • #5279: Driver AD Agilent 34972A (DAQ)
  • #5295: Multiple peaks are detected on almost the same frequency
  • #5298: Add LAN communication for Agilent N5171B Signal generator
  • #5301: RF Amplifier device not connected
  • #5302: RF Amplifier Not all bytes are written (..) within the timeout
  • #5332: Automatic peak detection performed in manual mode is not working
  • #5336: Driver Agilent 34902A switch matrix 16x relay
  • #5351: NRVS communication issues
  • #5352: Configurable Signal Generator doesn't retain frequency range
  • #5363: Download of Drivers.exe is marked of being unverified
  • #5364: Setting the RBW of the R&S ESMI is not always working correctly
  • #5367: Multiple modulation forms during Radiated Immunity test

RadiMation version 2014.1.5

  • #3898: When cancelling an emission measurement the defined values for the final measurement are lost
  • #4802: Magnetic Field method can't use TT and AT
  • #4899: Peaks detection is not correct after initial sweeps and final peaks are not/wrong measured
  • #5150: R&S SMA100A/SMC100A timeout while waiting for OPC command
  • #5236: Cannot access a disposed object after closing RadiMation
  • #5257: RM is not returning RTT1001B turntable controller motor error
  • #5297: Unhandled Exception 'disposed object' for LISN and Merge
  • #5299: R&S SMP02 Signal generator -222 Data out of range error
  • #5303: RF Amplifier Impossible to get description string (..) Unknown RadiMation error
  • #5308: R&S ESU8 timeout expired before OPC
  • #5314: RadiMation database table and fields are somethimes not retained
  • #5318: CAL file used by TSF is not easily visible
  • #5331: ESVS10 performs two scans instead of one
  • #5348: When auto trigger mode is selected for a VI Powermeter, it always remains in auto trigger mode

RadiMation version 2014.1.4

  • #4638: Closing test configuration window will open test window
  • #5042: Test is starting after closing it
  • #5238: Test is opening unwanted windows after closing it
  • #5265: Metrohm Turntable device driver
  • #5313: Readout of SOPM01/03 is slower

RadiMation version 2014.1.3

  • #2513: Zoom-in factor for frequency detection of peaks > 100
  • #4226: Wrong command PMM9030/ PMM9060 to set RBW
  • #4255: Driver: strange VBW value is set
  • #4703: Still test running or still documents loaded errors without any window opened
  • #4776: Closing the 16 point result window using the top-right red cross, is not closing the document
  • #5022: Innco CO3000 is started at 100cm instead of 90cm
  • #5029: Innco CO3000 tolerance on the movement is not managed
  • #5176: Unhandled exception during Uniform Field Area Calculation
  • #5206: EUT Compression Calibration Unhandled Exception error
  • #5229: Opening Mil Std Magnetic test data is generating an Unhandled exception
  • #5231: Multiband Fixed power Unhandled exception Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error
  • #5232: R&S HCC Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB:EABO)
  • #5270: Peak conservation setting is ignored
  • #5290: Update the splash screen logo of EMV to ETS
  • #5296: Unhandled Exception 'Object reference not set' for Emission X + k * S
  • #5300: Unhandled Exception 'Object reference not set' for Climat Chamber
  • #5328: Agilent Technologies N191A powermeter error

RadiMation version 2014.1.2

  • #1387: Auto peak sweeps
  • #5192: Increase default zoom-in factor for emission peak zoom-in
  • #5193: Continuous measure should use max-hold when turntable and antenna tower are not moving
  • #5194: Improve tracking of peaks, during a peak zoom-in
  • #5233: Validation BCI reference calibration
  • #5264: RPR2006C is not recognised
  • #5324: RadiPower RPR2006C not recognized

RadiMation version 2014.1.1

  • #4974: Driver R&S amplifier system BBA100
  • #5174: Enable external modulation for HP 8648x Signal generator
  • #5175: HP 8116A modulation source
  • #5246: Add 'Pre Wait Time' functionality for Levelling and Monitoring measurement settings
  • #5247: Driver R&S OSP 120 switch matrix
  • #5268: Supporting modulation forms for Agilent N5181B
  • #5275: Unhandled exception object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #4449: Setup program shows a lot of Warning dialogs for the installation of uncertified windows drivers
  • #4597: Driver for amplifier Prana LT 320 DC
  • #4713: Prescan is taking to much time
  • #5069: Extend all powermeter device drivers to support the 'Reference frequency' setting
  • #5121: Cannot access the file because it is being used by another process
  • #5133: Driver R&S SMPD Signal Generator
  • #5151: Power sensor during Conducted Immunity Calibration is regulating too low
  • #5159: EMCO1050 Swap antenna polarization
  • #5164: HI-6100 fieldsensor is not set to isotropic by default
  • #5172: Turntable controller overshoot
  • #5185: Driver Prana DR220
  • #5190: Update FTDI Windows drivers for all DARE equipment
  • #5199: Extend all CTR drivers to lock and unlock the equipment
  • #5207: Peak and average is far too low after ESMI timeout for OPC
  • #5215: R&S ESU8 - EMI error Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-board within the timeout period
  • #5217: Driver PMM EP601 not recognized
  • #5221: RS ESMI Analyser timeout while waiting OPC
  • #5239: HI-6113 fiber-Optic Interface doesn't seem to function properly
  • #5244: PMM 9030 setting the input raised an error

Known Problems

R&S spectrum analysers/receivers communication problems

It has been detected that on very fast PC’s, the communication with modern Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser/receivers can be corrupted. These problems are related to the speed of the PC and the used GPIB bus. The R&S receivers that are related to this problem are: ESI/ESIB/ESPI/ESCI/FSE/ESU.

We strongly advise that you slow down the GPIB communication speed between the PC and R&S receivers. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the configuration window of RadiMation®
  2. Select the Device Drivers tab
  3. Select Receivers/Spectrum Analysers
  4. Select the R&S receiver
  5. Press Edit to open the device driver configuration window
  6. Press the Advanced button
    • The GPIB configuration dialog of the R&S device driver will be shown
  7. Activate the Show advanced Settings checkbox
    • The GPIB Configuration dialog will show a Wait time box
  8. Specify 3000 us in the Wait time box
  9. Close all windows, and repeat these steps for each and every R&S receiver.

Configuring the R&S device drivers in this way will slow down the GPIB bus, by ensuring that at least 3 milliseconds delay are included between each GPIB call to the R&S devices

Previous RadiMation® version raises a run-time error

If the latest RadiMation® version and an older RadiMation® version are installed on the same PC, it can happen that the older RadiMation® version raises an error during the start of RadiMation.

This error is raised because a file that is shared by both versions is written in a newer file format that cannot be read anymore by older software. The solution for this problem is to remove the file: C:\Program Files\DARE Development\RadiMation\Confdvdr\CUSTOMIZ.DAT. The CUSTOMIZ.DAT file is used to remember customizations of the colour of the graphs, so removing the file will not influence the measurements. However the graph colours will probably be changed to the defaults as specified by RadiMation®.

Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and older are not supported

Due to the fact that Microsoft has ended their support for these versions we are also forced to stop the support of RadiMation® running on these operating systems. This means that we do not test if RadiMation® is working correctly on these operating systems. However it could be that RadiMation® is still working correctly. We strongly suggest upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 (21H2). Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system are supported.