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We are proud to deliver you Version 2018.1 of our RadiMation® EMC Test software. This 2018.1 version is the result of several major improvements that we have done.

This letter contains all the information that is needed before your system is upgraded. If you have any additional questions or remarks please let us know through your reseller, or contact



When RadiMation® files are opened, changed and saved in a newer version of RadiMation®, it is possible that it will saved in a newer file format, which cannot be opened anymore in an older version of RadiMation®. To prevent that changed TSF, LLF, COR, SEQ or EUT files cannot be opened anymore in an older RadiMation® version, we strongly recommend to make a backup. Before you install the latest version of RadiMation®, please make sure to saveguard all your critical data.

Make a back up of (at least) the following files:

  • Correction files
  • TSF files
  • Sequence files
  • Limit Line files
  • Device driver configuration files

Multi version installation

It is possible to install different RadiMation® versions on the same PC.

This functionality can be used to verify the correct functioning of the RadiMation® software before it is used for EMC testing. Simply put, the functioning of the new version can be checked by comparing it with the older version. This verification can for example be required by internal quality assurance standards. During this verification process, the installation of the older RadiMation® version can still be used for all EMC tests.

Be advised that:

  • It is not possible to run two (or more) different versions at the same time without risking a software crash. Close other instances of RadiMation® before starting another version!
  • Raditeq cannot be held accountable if information is lost because two different versions of RadiMation® are used at the same time.
  • The user needs to have the rights as described in User rights and installation.


Installing software updates

Software updates can be distributed on CD or downloaded from the RadiMation® Download page.

To install the RadiMation® update from a CD, please execute the ‘SETUP.EXE’ startup program. The setup program will install the new RadiMation® version at the same location as the previous version, but in a separate installation folder. This will allow you to use the previously installed RadiMation® version, as well as the new one.

The setup program will detect that a previous version of RadiMation® has already been installed on your PC. A back up of this older version will automatically be copied to the backup directory. All the settings of the older version will also be used for the newly installed RadiMation®. If any problems should occur with the new software, the older version can be recovered.

Installing from a network directory

If the already installed RadiMation® version was installed from a network directory, the new setup file can be copied to the <Setup> sub-directory of the <NetworkDir>.

The new RadiMation® version can then be installed on each computer from this directory.

Updating device drivers

After the new RadiMation® version is installed, we strongly recommend that you install the latest device drivers as well. These device drivers can be installed by starting the ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program that is located on the delivered CD.

The ‘DRIVERS.EXE’ program will detect the different RadiMation® versions installed on your PC. A dialog will start, asking you to select the RadiMation® version that needs updated device drivers. Select the latest version of RadiMation® that was just installed.

You have successfully obtained the latest released version of RadiMation® when both the software and device drivers have been updated.

Verification and Validation

Every new RadiMation® version is tested extensively before it is released. Raditeq validates these new versions on three ‘levels’. The fourth level of the validation is to be done by the end-user.

This quality management system follows the ISO/IEC 17025 standard (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”).

1) Automatic knob pushing program

The ‘automatic knob pushing program’ simulates an end-user and is run on each RadiMation® version. The program performs all the actions that a user could do, such as entering information, executing tests, reviewing test results and generating reports.

Performing the first validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

2) Validation and usage in a test lab

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the first validation level, it progresses to the second validation level performed by Raditeq.

During this validation the RadiMation® software is installed in a real test lab, to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. The results are also compared with the measurement results of previous software versions.

Performing the second validation level is a responsibility of Raditeq.

3) Validation and usage in a test house

When the new RadiMation® version has passed the second validation level, it progresses to the third validation level performed by Kiwa Dare Services.

This validation level consists of two stages. In the first stage the software is used to perform measurements on a 'known' EUT. These results are then compared to manual measurements to verify the quality of the software. When the new software version has passed the first stage, it progresses to the second stage where it is installed and used by Kiwa Dare Services for at least two weeks. Any issues that are reported during this period, will be investigated and resolved. An updated version of RadiMation® is created if needed.

Performing the third validation level is a responsibility of Kiwa Dare Services.

When this validation is succesful, the RadiMation® version will be officially released, and will become available for all end-users.

4) Validation by end-users

Once the new RadiMation® version has passed the third validation level, it progresses to the fourth (and last) validation level, which should be performed by the end-users of RadiMation®.

When end-users receives a new RadiMation® version they should perform a validation of the software in their own test setup. The parts that should be validated by the end-user are:

  • Correct control of the used measurement equipment
  • Validation of the software according to internal quality standards
  • Possible verification and comparison of measurements on a 'known' EUT

We strongly advise to only start to use RadiMation® after this validation is performed.

Performing the fourth validation level is a responsibility of the end-user.

Solved items

See below the list of all the issues that have been solved in RadiMation® version 2018.1 since version 2017.1

RadiMation version 2018.1.8

  • #9790: Conducted Emission measurement with R&S ESPI 3
  • #9846: Extra peak measurement after CE measurement

RadiMation version 2018.1.7

  • #9956: Radiated Immunity MB - Graph is not drawn

RadiMation version 2018.1.6

  • #5636: R&S ESPI 3 error Data out of range SCAN1:BAND:RES
  • #6351: How to configure the Monitoring input channel setup for the used AD Converter device driver
  • #6377: How to enable or customize the borders of the grid of the exported table information of the ||EQUIPMENT TABLE|| keyword
  • #6380: Would it be better to do fewer sweeps with a long sweep time or many sweeps with short sweep time?
  • #6392: How is the Monitoring input channel formula option used?
  • #8434: Dongle Failure ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • #8495: Not checked before Power delivery check if the RadiField amplifier is still in operate
  • #8547: Some report generator codes no longer work
  • #8751: Renaming a test-level input in a multiband immunity test, removes the second, if they both have the same name.
  • #8760: The CheckDevice check for Amplifier Research amplifiers using the P0/P1 command set is always succesful
  • #8795: Driver: switch matrix: MCC USB-ERB24
  • #8797: Driver: Antenna tower controller HD GmbH IEEE488-16REL GPIB
  • #9055: Remote operation of the RadiLink is not always indicating error situations
  • #9142: Driver: Mini-Circuits PWR-6GHS
  • #9203: RadiSense probe returns unknown ERROR 101
  • #9331: Radiated immunity RF on but not scanning
  • #9547: Schloeder CWG500 is waiting forever on a discharge trigger
  • #9551: Problem with ECU-6 Communication
  • #9559: RF Amplifier (ID1344): Prana returned a warning state.
  • #9575: Problems controlling the Keysight Technologies CXA (N9000B)
  • #9590: Index was outside the bounds of the array. clsDataIdentifiers.Add
  • #9591: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: ctlControlStop.CancelCommands(
  • #9604: Report Error does not handle polish characters
  • #9610: Driver: Amplifier VBA250-80
  • #9611: Driver: Clamp Schwarzbeck CVP 9222B
  • #9612: Driver: CDN FCC-801-M2-16
  • #9613: Driver: LISN - Rohde & Schwarz: ENY 41
  • #9614: Driver: Pulse Limiter - Rohde & Schwarz ESH3-Z2
  • #9615: Driver: LISN - Schwarzbeck CAT3 8158
  • #9617: Driver: Calibration Adapter FCC-801-150-50
  • #9632: Spectrum Analyser (ID1691) Input 2: Specific System Error: -420,"Query UNTERMINATED; FREQ:STOP?
  • #9644: Antenna and turntable do not return to zero
  • #9645: R&S ESCI 7 - RBW switches to auto 3 MHz
  • #9647: Closing a device window crashes radimation - Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation
  • #9673: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
  • #9685: Attachments of the EUT File are corrupted
  • #9701: Driver: Keysight Technologies MXA N9020B + CXA N9000B
  • #9709: Driver: Schaffner SCR 3501
  • #9713: Communication time out RPR2006C
  • #9754: test interrupted with "Cancel" and resumed with "Automatic" with wrong RBW and wrong traces
  • #9761: ErrorReport: "RBW switched to Auto(100kHz) during 30M-1G test
  • #9775: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3 Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; SCAN1:BAND:RES 9 KHZ.
  • #9783: Driver: MT 400 D
  • #9798: When RE MB test is interrupted and resumed, another RBW is being used
  • #9847: RBW changed, radimation halted

RadiMation version 2018.1.5

  • #2338: Driver: R&S SWM with external modulation
  • #5636: R&S ESPI 3 error Data out of range SCAN1:BAND:RES
  • #8066: Extend the DSA832 pre-amp option detection
  • #8113: Unable to communicate with CWS500N 1.2
  • #8748: Use configurable driver for R&S UPV EUT monitoring
  • #8514: Driver: emtest Compact NX
  • #8521: Detection if the Keysight GPIB card is used is not working anymore with Keysight IO Libraries Suite 2018
  • #8715: Rigol DSA 832: Specific System Error: -220, "Parameter error"
  • #8796: Driver: Luthi CDN's 801-M1/M2/M3
  • #9139: Driver: Denkovi DAE-CB/Ro16-JQC3FC-USB
  • #9178: Unknow error - Change text when wiki can not find a page
  • #9316: Software hangs in "detecting peak 100%
  • #9438: Not all data from PMM9010 is received due to RS232 buffer overrun
  • #9379: Graphline does not display (RBW 10 Hz)
  • #9400: Driver: DARE!! Instruments DCN CDN's
  • #9405: Report Generator changed font size in table causes errors
  • #9416: Communication with R&S ESPI3
  • #9423: Driver: R&S FPC1000
  • #9455: Singleband frequency rounded
  • #9457: Driver: Signal generator Aeroflex 2023
  • #9463: No validation error is shown on the erroreport dialog in a new installation
  • #9464: R&S SML signal generator should not use RSSML::msBuffer class member
  • #9497: RPR2006C Wrong Command
  • #9505: The red dashed 5.1 and 3.1 dB limit lines are not shown in the amplifier linearity test
  • #9516: PMM9010: Incorrect start and-or stop frequency when 1 MHz RBW is used
  • #9517: Keywords changed
  • #9522: Amplifier Reflected power does not show 2018.1.4
  • #9530: emtest PFS 500N: One or several values are limited by the simulator. The parameters are set to their minimum.
  • #9537: Backport logging in clsGraphDrawer.Update to 2018.1.5
  • #9543: Could not load file or assembly 'MindFusion.Common.WinForms'
  • #9565: Radifield 2018 Error 1 on init. Wrong command
  • #9573: Rigol Technologies DSA 815- Preamplifier option is not available in this device. Select no preamplification (0 dB)..log
  • #9576: Destination array was not long enough
  • #9578: GPIB Keysight USB GPIB 82357B Connection Expert 2018
  • #9579: RadiSwitch Error
  • #9581: RSS2010S
  • #9589: Source array was not long enough. clsGraphElements.Add
  • #9596: Report Generator table, generates multiple columns for 1 column name.
  • #9598: Rigol DSA815: Unexpected RBW bandwidth
  • #9606: Maturo Controller MCU N933 @7: Device stream is not connected.
  • #9616: Not all spectrum analyser device drivers return the correct RBW mode during the GetRBW call
  • #9622: "GAUSS INSTRUMENTS TDEMI X18: Insufficient location information or the device or resource is not present in the system. "
  • #9642: EM Test NX 5:Change default port number to 1234
  • #9643: Radimation crashes after error: Can not send/save the error report
  • #9648: GAUSS INSTRUMENTS TDEMI X18: Specific System Error: 1
  • #9649: Gauss Instruments TDEM X18: Ethernet not connected
  • #9654: Driver: Receiver / Spectrum analyser Hewlett Packard 8591EM
  • #9655: Driver: Signal generator - Marconi instruments 2023
  • #9664: Agilent E8257D-567 (without ALC): Specific System Error: -221,"Settings conflict; Pulse period set less than pulse width value. Pulse width changed to match period value
  • #9666: GAUSS INSTRUMENTS TDEMI X18: Specific System Error: -114,"Header Suffix Out of Range;SENS:SCAN1:TIME?"
  • #9668: Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.
  • #9672: Setting the BIAS Target of the RadiLink is not working
  • #9675: Changing unit for Attenuation/Gain test does not work
  • #9677: Unexpected power delivery test failed
  • #9678: Power delivery test failed
  • #9756: RBW switches from 120 kHz to Auto(1 MHz) during test with 2108.1.5 and R&S ESCI 7

RadiMation version 2018.1.4

  • #5261: Frequency plot can't be printed
  • #5636: R&S ESPI 3 error Data out of range SCAN1:BAND:RES
  • #5783: R&S ESU 26: Error -222: Data out of range. Depending on the preamplifier that is used
  • #6373: R&S ESU 40: Error -222: Data out of range SCAN1:BAND:RES 1 KHZ
  • #6811: Add new RadiMation startup Reseller logo
  • #7329: Using multiple bands that switch preamplifier on and off gives error: R&S Receiver ESU 8
  • #7482: RBW and SpanCentreFrequency order. Unable to set frequency multiband
  • #7728: Unicode: clsFile EUT information is saved as ascii. Unicode characters are saved and read as '???'
  • #8590: Unknown error when Visa is not installed, and is tried to control the EMCenter by LAN
  • #8600: Spectrum Analyser frequency out of range with PreAmplifier MB
  • #8691: Frequency out of range at second measurement.
  • #8730: Source array was not long enough. Check srcIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.
  • #8734: controlling radigen over windows rs232 to com3 over usb is not working
  • #9129: RadiMation crash when GPIB-Board is not installed or not configured correctly (GPIB-EDVR)
  • #9177: Unable to open measurement files (_Object reference not set to an instance of an object..)
  • #9188: Corrupt testfile, no data is visible in the graph
  • #9221: Receiver (ID1691) Input 2: Specific System Error: -222,"Data out of range; SCAN1:BAND:RES 1 KHZ"
  • #9247: Wrong output for Keyword ||DESCRIPTION||
  • #9274: Driver: Field probe Narda EMC-30 RS232
  • #9275: Driver: Passive drivers Philips Saeco S.p.A.
  • #9277: Driver: Passive drivers CDVI Wireless S.p.A.
  • #9278: MB test with Carad as eut controller gives an error
  • #9287: Test data disappeared
  • #9293: Radimation restarts during emission measurements (read/write outside the bounds of array)
  • #9310: Testdata again not visible
  • #9311: Test data lost / not visible
  • #9314: No response turn table
  • #9335: VI Window crash at closing
  • #9338: Driver: Shaffner Broadband Horn Antenna 1-18 GHZ
  • #9339: Driver: Stanford Research Systems - Model DS335
  • #9341: Driver: Agilent N1913A
  • #9345: De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen - Index out of range
  • #9350: Signal power went too high (-6 dBm) during power delivery test
  • #9363: Driver: CDN LAPLACE S46 ST8
  • #9364: Driver: LISN LAPLACE (Cranage) LISN16A1P
  • #9365: Driver: Antenna Laplace SA1020/RF200 No remote control
  • #9366: Driver: Injection device Teseq KEMZ 801
  • #9367: Driver: Calibration JIG Teseq KEMZ 801
  • #9368: Driver: CDN MEB M3, M2, AF3-1 and AF2-1
  • #9369: Driver: Antenna ARA LPB-2513
  • #9382: Unable to ReportGenerate Emission and Peak Table
  • #9394: Index was outside the bounds of the array.
  • #9396: Index was outside the bounds
  • #9398: Driver: Bonn BLMA 2060-30
  • #9409: R&S ESI does not show graph of logarithmic stepped sweep
  • #9426: Subject of ErrorReport should contain the description of the error
  • #9428: Transmitting an ErrorReport is not working, complains that it is not possible to send ErrorReport
  • #9440: Word locks documents after that it is not possible to print
  • #9443: ErrorReport: "De bronmatrix is niet lang genoeg. Controleer srcIndex en de lengte ervan, en de ondergrenzen van de matrix. ".
  • #9521: Peak table does not work in 2018 version
  • #9524: Object reference not set to an instance of an object: clsCommandSetTurnTableAngle.IManualModeAsyncCommand_StartWork(
  • #9525: Antenna Tower (ID1365) Aut.: Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown RadiMation Error. Code: 805308669 (0x300008FD))
  • #9538: Version Information is not displaying
  • #9539: Text does not display on the devices tab in 2018.1.4
  • #9549: Problem exporting conducted emission
  • #9558: ErrorReport: "Access to the path 'C:\Users\u0058578a\Documents\My Music' is denied. "
  • #9577: DARERSS2010I
  • #9584: Question: What is AT. Is this used for low frequent rod or loop antenna?
  • #9593: Vertical stripes QP measurements
  • #9608: Unhandled exceptions

RadiMation version 2018.1.3

  • #3570: Turntable Frankonia FC02 not working correctly
  • #5984: Printing results of a burst test a second time, prints the same data as the first time
  • #7219: Radifield powermeter is not usable on 800 MHz
  • #7977: Holaday Instruments HI-4422: Invalid command
  • #8014: Extend the maximum size of a generated Report
  • #8031: Default graphs during Multiband Immunity are not shown during test
  • #8162: Radimation startup crash Recursive customization file
  • #8379: Object reference error in updating the Emission Graph.
  • #8537: SMR40 total crash of communication
  • #8585: Radiated Emission Magnetic field goes right into manual mode
  • #8588: Field test level keyword missing.
  • #8609: Agilent 34401 multimeter is always selecting DC coupling in CS101 calibration and CS101 test
  • #8912: Object reference clsIDocumentBase.UpdateAllViews update graph
  • #9112: No match was found in the specified regular expression
  • #9116: Fax number on about screen is not valid anymore
  • #9119: Sharing Monitoring AD channels between tests, and test setups.
  • #9141: Radimation crashes, no error report
  • #9173: MXE ERROR -224: Settings conflict; only active antenna unit available; no other y axis units
  • #9181: File > New > EUT is showing a strange filename
  • #9195: RF Amplifier (ID1647); Device not connected
  • #9253: Add the name and identifier of the Reseller as it is programmed in the dongle in the ErrorReport
  • #9254: Add the identifier of the dongle in the ErrorReport
  • #9263: Unhandled exception handler is crashing software before report can be transmitted
  • #9271: Radimation stops: software tries to change RBW on R&S ESU 8
  • #9272: RadiMation keeps waiting: RBW value changed by R&S ESU 8
  • #9282: Problem using the EMS RSC controller
  • #9283: Cannot Find the device driver (RPR2006P)
  • #9285: R&S ESU 8 Input 2 Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error;Function not available;ABORT"
  • #9302: BLMA 1040-100D
  • #9306: Incorrect table export of polar plot
  • #9307: No match was found in the specified regular expression
  • #9309: ErrorReport: "Rohde & Schwarz ESR 7 Input 1 Scanning Receiver: Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; ABORT""
  • #9343: Driver for: Teseq CBA 16-150
  • #9347: ErrorReport: "Fixed power test. Vrijdag Einde vd dag
  • #9351: ReportError("Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.")
  • #9352: Cannot install CTR 1001S in win 10
  • #9370: ErrorReport: "Cannot find the device driver.
  • #9509: Install issues due to download problems
  • #9534: Decimal sign changes after radimation error
  • #9546: Signal power went too high (-4 dBm) during power delivery test
  • #9550: Keywords not woking in Radimation_Validation_Template v 4.2
  • #9553: EN61000-4-6 Callibration and testing with two powermeters
  • #9557: Rohde & Schwarz ESPI 3: Specific System Error: -200,"Execution error; Function not available; CALC:UNIT:POW DBUV
  • #9560: ErrorReport: "File 'J:\postvak\testsite\Referentie metingen\Radiated Immunity Semi Anechoic Chamber EN61000-4-3\ID1494 - Cavendish\RI 80-1000MHz 10Vm AVG 2ndQ 2011.BMP' not found during a 'ShellExecute' call "
  • #9588: Missing/empty cells in peak table
  • #9594: Error .csv dump LeCroy Wavesurfer
  • #9660: TSF file name changed.
  • #9667: Not able to connect to devices in radi-centre

RadiMation version 2018.1.2

  • #4209: No frequency verification on correction file
  • #8718: HP3478A Multimeter wrong mode selection.
  • #8986: No graphline is shown anymore in the polar plot of a peak
  • #9136: Driver: HP 85420E Pre-amplifier
  • #9145: Driver: Aaronia antennas
  • #9245: DARE!! Instruments RPR2006C--FWD: No match was found in the specified regular expression.
  • #9270: Using R&S Z91 as monitoring power sensor with attenuation (-30 dB) takes a long time to measure
  • #9403: RI: Certain graph lines are not added to the report. Outputing a table does work.
  • #9663: Radisense 10 RSS2010B/H cor. OFF: I2C Not-Acknowledge (NACK) "

RadiMation version 2018.1.1

  • #8567: Include Sentinel System Driver 7.6.0 in setup program
  • #8720: Power is sometimes regulated below the desired testlevel of 1 watt
  • #8773: Configurable RS232 stream always appends \n after command
  • #8865: PDF icon for the manual on the desktop is always using a white icon. Not showing the PDF icon

RadiMation version 2017.2.12

  • #7589: Reopening Burst Measurement graph disappears
  • #8648: RE Burst Unable to cast object
  • #9232: Emission peak number not correct
  • #9238: Missing 'Combined' graph in RE Burst plot

RadiMation version 2017.2.11

  • #5730: PMM 9010F Incorrect start and/or stop frequency
  • #8391: Removing one LLF while there is another one with the same description in the list is removing both items
  • #8859: Driver: Keysight N9322C spectrum analyser
  • #9057: Report generator does not show units for environmental data of PI tests
  • #9070: Pre amplifier stays off R&S ESR26
  • #9092: Driver: BONN BSA 0101-50D
  • #9096: RPA0901A-050: Amplifier status timeout. Device refuses to change to the new requested status
  • #9099: Driver: Prana MT400 DC internal powermeter driver
  • #9107: specifying a pulse width time as '60 u' is not selecting us
  • #9120: Prana SX 120/100: Device Driver Function Not Implemented.
  • #9124: ESR 7 "Execution error*DISP:TRAC:X:SPAC LOG
  • #9135: Exporting EUT calibrationtest crashes radimation
  • #9146: AMP3(Low) 0.8G to 3.2GHz (SX120/100): Invalid Device Driver Handle
  • #9147: AMP2 upto1GHz 400Watt RS (MT400): Invalid Device Driver Handle
  • #9152: How to export a table with final measurements
  • #9165: Amplifier (ID1647) device not connected
  • #9166: Signal power went too high (-6 dBm) during power delivery test
  • #9175: RF Amplifier (ID1647): Device Not Connected
  • #9176: Signal power went too high (-6 dBm) during power delivery test
  • #9180: External Pulse modulation is not turned off
  • #9190: DARE!! Instruments RSS1006A: Zero operation took longer than 60 seconds.
  • #9193: DARE!! Instruments RadiField RFS2006B: Device Not Connected.
  • #9262: Bonn BLWA 0830-160/100/40D doesn't switch to other band

RadiMation version 2017.2.10

  • #5637: Excel Export error Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • #5832: Updated Radiwiki Agilent U2000 series page
  • #5973: Absorbing clamp test raises System.OutOfMemoryException and crashes
  • #5995: Shield to Ref. is not listed as a EFT cable test
  • #6135: Driver: Teseq ITS6006 for IEC61000-4-3 & CISPR11 as Switch Matrix
  • #6696: Driver: Schloeder SFT1400/SFT1420
  • #6697: Driver: Schloeder CWG500
  • #6979: Create a correct application manifest file for the executables
  • #7035: Driver: Teseq ITS6006 functionalities for EUT monitoring interface
  • #7706: Start and Stop frequency Report generator code behavior.
  • #7949: Unable to select peaks from the graph
  • #7997: Driver: R&S URV35 Level Meter
  • #8005: Replace icons to text for ReportGenerator Test pass, fail or not-tested.
  • #8035: Ability to use the R&S URV35 Powermeter by RS232
  • #8039: Remove and replacing LLF from test data file 1 is also removing the LLF from another test data file in the EUT
  • #8087: Driver: R&S ESW26 internal high-pass filters 2.4 and 5.6 GHz
  • #8105: Powermeter virtual instruments keep disabling device specific settings after first measurement
  • #8131: RadiMation memory leak when triggering powermeter
  • #8183: Rohde & Schwarz, ESIB 26: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO)
  • #8267: Burst Measurement does not show the combined graph data in the graph
  • #8524: Incorrect mouse curser value shown in graph
  • #8649: Missing error description Radisense10 Err 723
  • #8659: Driver: Keysight N9914A Receiver spectrum analyser & powermeter
  • #8660: Object reference error in the VI Powermeter window while measuring pulsed power using the RPR2006P
  • #8707: Driver: BONN BSA 0140-200
  • #8708: Driver: SCHAFFNER PCJ 9201B
  • #8714: Driver: MOCS-MFD + OTM301
  • #8716: RadiCentre justation, powermeter freezes
  • #8747: R&S ESRP cannot be used in combination with 100 Hz RBW
  • #8777: Driver: Switchmatrix: TOYO Corporation NS4900-series
  • #8806: Amplifier ETS-Lindgren 8100-060
  • #8808: Problems controlling the INNCO CO2000 controller when no Tilt mast is connected
  • #8810: Frequency Range limited AC DC coupling
  • #8826: Missing time-out / retry for Prana amplifier device driver
  • #8827: Prana RFOff check
  • #8838: Marconi 2024 Retry: Query Unterminated
  • #8840: Amplifier stays in operate
  • #8848: Wrong states PRANA MT400
  • #8877: Count column is always shown in the event-log
  • #8878: "Report Error" Error: Please fill in all the user information fields
  • #8879: Driver: RadiAmp amplifiers
  • #8883: Changing Engineer Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
  • #8886: Amplifier: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO).
  • #8890: Unable to create new TSF for Radiated Immunity Substitution test
  • #8891: Missing harmonics graphs
  • #8897: An unknown error is raised, when the RadiCentre is not yet ready with initialization
  • #8901: ESCI Scanning Receiver Option not available;DET1 CAV
  • #8902: Dragging the marker of an emission graph: The method or operation is not implemented
  • #8910: RPR3006W wrong command Mode 4
  • #8912: Object reference clsIDocumentBase.UpdateAllViews update graph
  • #8913: RepGen VDI test is not included in ||EUT|ALL IMMUNITY TESTS||
  • #8914: CE MB infinit zoom peak loop
  • #8919: Get amplifier information Object reference error
  • #8923: ErrorReport dialog should show a red cross when not all the fields are filled in
  • #8937: Manual controlled antenna tower doesn't show a message for the horizontal polarization at the begin of the test
  • #8939: Driver: Configurable Turntable
  • #8947: How to control a camera PTZ positioner using the configurable turntable device driver
  • #8958: Add a required checkbox to the ErrorReport that the end-user agrees that his data is used
  • #8964: Anritsu Command or parameter is not (correctly) confirmed and is probably raising an error. EMF
  • #8982: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds
  • #8985: HI6153 checkdevice passed while not connected
  • #8990: Repeat count is not remembered in MB EFT TSF
  • #8997: Y-axis of the multiband emission height graph is shown logarithmically to 100 m
  • #9030: Dongle failure after installation of Windows 10 April 2018 Update
  • #9034: Missing shortcut keycodes
  • #9035: ||PEAK TABLE|| report generator code does not include peak number and frequency
  • #9036: Before and After actions in testsite are showing strange DARE.RadiMat.clsCommand.... names
  • #9038: Sunol SC99V antenna tower should by default use a small delay
  • #9048: Driver: Amplifier NoiseKen NA80MF3G201003
  • #9064: Show a clear error that the R&S rsnrpz_32.dll cannot be loaded
  • #9073: Driver: R&S FSV3 tracking generator
  • #9074: Unable to add TSF sub directory in Voltage Dips and Interrupts
  • #9077: Surge Random angle on Thermo Scientific EMCPro is always 2 degrees
  • #9080: RadiMation 2017.2.10 raises Error nr.: 536871935 on Windows 7 SP1
  • #9091: Driver: Schwarzbeck 420NJ
  • #9128: RadiField RFS2006B Error 574. Maximum number of retries reached on communication over the link.
  • #9138: Driver: CHASE CBL8111
  • #9143: Driver: Aaronia Hyperlog 7060
  • #9149: Updated Radiwiki page for the Agilent U2000 series
  • #9155: EMI radiated sweep very slow with test receiver R&S ESPI3
  • #9162: Radimation - CAN-Bus link
  • #9164: CISPR14 voltage probe transducer not added?
  • #9174: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  • #9183: Subject: LeCroy WaveSurfer Channel B: Binary block buffer couldn't be found
  • #9191: ErrorReport: "LUMILOOP LS Probe 1.2 Y-axis (mode 0): Setting the 'Computer Interface Serial Number' raised an error. Is the identifier correct and present in the system? "
  • #9198: Report: Template uses macro(AutoFitThisTable)
  • #9223: Kalmus 757LC (Hi Band): Impossible to get description string for this Error! Probably an unknown Windows Error. Code: 236446416 (0x0E17E2D0)
  • #9225: Software Protection Key could not be found on Windows 10 update
  • #9235: Driver: Schloeder EMCL-20 & Schloeder EMCL-35
  • #9255: Improve driver of R&S SME 06 to use High frequency accuracy

RadiMation version 2017.2.9

  • #4069: Driver: Generic Switch Matrix / EUT Controller
  • #5541: Explanation on how to determine the antenna diagram of an antenna
  • #7652: Configurable Injection Device custom frequency range is not retained
  • #8163: Driver: AR 200S1G6
  • #8236: Check device fail Narda 3006
  • #8257: Crash with Fluke 8845A Multimeter
  • #8262: Burst Measurement not working anymore: Unable to cast object of type 'DARE.RadiMat.clsSettings' to type 'DARE.RadiMat.IDataStorageGraphLineChecker'
  • #8453: Possibility to select AC or DC coupling in the advanced configuration window of the Tektronix TDS-series oscilloscopes
  • #8601: Driver: Audio analyser U8903B
  • #8641: Driver: tektronix MSO3014 as Oscilloscope
  • #8724: Driver: AFJ LS16C and LT32C LISN's
  • #8740: Driver: haefly PSurge 4.1
  • #8769: Driver: Anritsu MS2830A
  • #8776: Driver: passive devices
  • #8777: Driver: Switchmatrix: TOYO Corporation NS4900-series
  • #8808: Problems controlling the INNCO 2000 controller
  • #8829: Prana MT 400 over ethernet issues
  • #8836: Enable the sequence list control during testing for PI tests.
  • #8856: Use ESW analyser in Receiver input mode when using it as powermeter.
  • #8869: selecting an item in a grid-list is not selecting another item
  • #8874: Driver: FP-Surge 32.1 IP4A
  • #8879: Driver: RadiAmp amplifiers
  • #8885: QP columns in REMB are not shown in Peak table by default
  • #8895: Monitor and control current during CI MILSTD tests
  • #8915: AM modulation using square wave is not applied to Agilent 332x0A
  • #8926: Driver: Lecroy HDO09204
  • #9015: Driver: Schwarzbeck automotive antennas
  • #9022: Driver: Passive antenna driver: R&S HL050
  • #9049: KC Standard
  • #9058: Driver: Amplifier BONN BLWA 0830-160/100/40D
  • #9061: Driver: Antenna HL046E

RadiMation version 2017.2.8

  • #8044: Expand measuring points for Network Analyser (S-Parameter) test
  • #8286: Extend R&S ESR3 driver to allow selection of CISPR-Average or (old-)Average as Average detector
  • #8287: Extend R&S ESCI driver to allow selection of CISPR-Average or (old-)Average as Average detector
  • #8513: ESPI DET2 CAV cispr option not available
  • #8544: Rohde & Schwarz SME 06: Specific System Error: 105, "Frequency underrange"
  • #8598: Compression gain calibration slow
  • #8692: Multiband RE MB 32 different positions is too slow.
  • #8701: Report generator Example of example EUT raises an error
  • #8761: Driver: Schaffner / Teseq SMR4503
  • #8764: Frequency and time column empty CI manual adding points
  • #8788: Turntable angles are not saved to/loaded from the Multiband Immunity TSF file
  • #8790: Unable to close test, after selecting Remote Desktop
  • #8813: Preselector of Keysight N9038A MXE cannot be disabled
  • #8816: Turn table control no longer working
  • #8842: Driver: Add missing TESEQ CDN

RadiMation version 2017.2.7

  • #6095: Driver: Bonn Elektronik BTA 0122-3000
  • #6203: Signal power went too high (-6dBm) during power delivery test with Amplifier Bonn BTA 0122-3000
  • #8001: Exporting codes with band numbers should be sorted on the start frequency.
  • #8206: Integrate the french translation
  • #8215: R&S ESPI 3: Not all bytes are written to the GPIB-Board within the timeout period (GPIB: EABO)
  • #8694: Missing coupling for NSG3040
  • #8706: Keysight N5171B Narrow pulse modulation
  • #8739: Report Generator code infinit loop
  • #8758: R&S SML Set Carrier level is not checked
  • #8759: Missing equipment in testsite FieldSensor
  • #8765: Missing first band in CE MB test
  • #8771: R&S ESW Input switching
  • #8846: Driver: RadiLink 8 channel as cable
  • #8857: Field strength is not reached. Calculation uniform field area.

RadiMation version 2017.2.6

  • #7042: Implement disabling of SRQ's for Bonn amplifiers
  • #8489: RadiLog crashes on Windows 7 SP1 32-bit
  • #8529: Com already opened with 2 AD Channels
  • #8551: ETS amplifier from 8000 series cannot be controlled over GPIB
  • #8650: Warning message on Amplifier screen: RadiMation hangs
  • #8589: ETS-Lindgren 8100-015 amplifier has additional states
  • #8617: Possibility to clear multiple graph customizations at once
  • #8639: Cannot select 0.1 mA current testlevel in MIL-STD Conducted Susceptibility calibration
  • #8677: More than 1000 MB of RAM usage in a MB emission test since version 2017.2.5
  • #8682: Flashing band selection
  • #8683: Supporting the Preamplifier of the new TDEMI X depending on version.
  • #8684: Object reference RE CHamber peak measurement
  • #8685: AD Channel colors are the same
  • #8686: ETS-Lindgren 8000-004 always remains in power-on, and cannot be powered off during closing of RadiMation
  • #8687: Excel export table shifted.
  • #8688: Internal/external refference toggle Marconi/IFR 2023
  • #8689: Note field cannot be larger then 1000 characters.
  • #8699: ESPI 3 Single trace returns 0
  • #8710: C# Events Object reference
  • #8717: HAMEG HMS1010 Undefined header
  • #8729: Lumiloop Range selection
  • #8862: Cannot find sensor powermeter in the currently active testsite
  • #8921: Spectrum Analyser missing in test site

RadiMation version 2017.2.5

  • #8653: Singleband emission data cannot be loaded anymore
  • #8654: Correction is applied twice during final peak measurement in MB GTEM
  • #8656: MB Emission graphs show a lot of crosses when an ambient line is also used

RadiMation version 2017.2.4

  • #5003: Exporting a graphline as limitline and also add it to test itself is not working
  • #7706: Start and Stop frequency Report generator code behaviour.
  • #8229: Too much duplicated data is represented in the table
  • #8440: Source array cannot be assigned to destination array type
  • #8471: Performing final measurement on peaks during MB GTEM test is changing too often to the X EUT side
  • #8516: Ambient difference line is not detector specific
  • #8530: AD Channel 2 times in result table
  • #8540: Save TSF As Readonly is not working
  • #8570: After Action from testsite is shown twice
  • #8571: Also show the 'System Calibration' calibration graphs during the Attenuation/Gain EUT calibration
  • #8591: Correction files stores values as strings since 2017.1
  • #8592: Logarithmic interpolation on the value in a correction file should not be allowed for <= 0 values
  • #8629: Apply column custumization to the report generator
  • #8651: When a correction file is opened, often the logarithmic value interpolation is automatically selected

RadiMation version 2017.2.3

  • #3142: 10 Hz frequency steps not possible with Marconi 2024 signal generator
  • #6216: Error incorrect step frequency raised while setting should be disabled and not be checked at all
  • #6217: Stepsize setting is no longer disabled when an Analyser is used
  • #7798: Performance of the System calibration Attenuation / Gain is still not satisfying
  • #8062: Outside Points
  • #8157: Measurement of power with 100 Hz RBW on 2 GHz is not working
  • #8402: Cell is still kept active when COR is being modified, causing it that the current value is not being saved when using main menu items
  • #8439: RE Chamber, object reference at closing test finished
  • #8494: RadiLog error reports are not being send
  • #8502: Showing the graphs from the Attenuation/Gain system calibration in the EUT Calibration results
  • #8507: High accuracy cable/attenuation gain measurements
  • #8509: Error: 'Index was outside the bounds of the array', in the Powermeter Virtual Instrument
  • #8528: Multiple fixes frmVIBase, frmVIPowerMeter

RadiMation version 2017.2.2

  • #875: GTEM support accoording EN61000-4-20
  • #7804: Possibility to ignore unwanted ambients signals in emission measurements
  • #8005: Replace icons to text for ReportGenerator Test pass, fail or not-tested.
  • #8498: Driver: AR Amp 60S1G6
  • #8499: Driver: AR Coupler DC7200A (1-6GHz)
  • #8500: Driver: FCC-BCICF-150 - CAL Jig
  • #8501: Driver: F-2000-32mm Current Clamp

RadiMation version 2017.2.1

  • #7695: R&S ESPC returns error The spectrum analyser is incapable of using the requested span. Correct the frequency settings(s) to within the hardware limits
  • #8065: Folder Selection improvements
  • #8159: Add Virtual Instrument window for a cable
  • #8232: Update the CD Start menu for 2017.2
  • #8245: VI SpecificSettings control resizes incorrectly
  • #8260: Device specific paremeters period update
  • #8261: LED Control in device specific settings

RadiMation version 2017.1.7

  • #6971: Driver: LeCroy WaveSurfer and Wave Runner oscilloscope series
  • #8538: Driver: CPI Amplifier J-series
  • #8541: Option to enable/disable frequency correction of PMM EP600-series
  • #8553: Support Mode 4 of the RadiPower
  • #8555: ErrorReport: "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. "
  • #8565: Driver: Steatite atennas
  • #8566: Driver: Flann Microwave antennas
  • #8569: Use Internal 10 MHz out for IFR 2023 Reference clock
  • #8582: Support the Preamplifier of the new TDEMI X
  • #8623: line coupling is only showing 1 line coupling in VDI TSF configuration
  • #8662: Object reference error while using minimum performance in a MB magnetic field closed loop method test
  • #8685: AD Channel colors are the same
  • #8689: Note field cannot be larger then 1000 characters.

RadiMation version 2017.1.6

  • #4969: CANoe interface object not initialized correctly
  • #7496: Sentinel dongle failure
  • #7586: Not possible to export attached pictures in the report by using the Report Generator
  • #7696: Graph is not showing (correct) trace data during CI calibration and RI Multiband
  • #7829: Implement the AnalyserAsPowerMeterDecorator for ESU and ESI series powermeter device drivers
  • #8062: Outside Points
  • #8068: Marconi 2042: Specific System Error: 2
  • #8165: Ability to use AM modulation with the obsolete Agilent Technologies E4432B Signal Generator
  • #8287: Extend R&S ESCI driver to allow selection of CISPR-Average or (old-)Average as Average detector
  • #8340: Ability of 'Power Measurement' settings for the R&S ESR7 to avoid unexpected bandwidth jump behavior
  • #8378: Enabled Calibration before final measurements option causes GPIB: EABO timeout
  • #8384: External reference setting of the R&S ZNB is changed during initialization
  • #8403: Rotate to position after end of test (de-initialization)
  • #8412: Ability of 'Power Measurement' settings for the R&S ESU40
  • #8429: Opening of a very large CI Multiband test is very slow
  • #8431: Unclear description when the RadiSense is still in standby
  • #8444: Driver: BiDirectional Coupler BDC 0660-30/100
  • #8446: Driver: Teseq CBA 1G-150 amplifier
  • #8450: ESPC Not all bytes are written to the GPIB board "Perform short calibration before final measurement" option
  • #8452: IFR 2052 driver is not working correctly
  • #8467: RI Multiband AM modulation is only used for first point, after that its none if modulation conservation is activated
  • #8477: RadiLog Error Report does not make screenshot from external monitor
  • #8479: Maturo MCU raises a Lock error during deinitialization
  • #8481: Driver: RSSA3021X Spectrum analyser
  • #8483: R&S ESIB40: Function not available;FREQ:STOP:LINK START
  • #8488: N9038A: System Error: -410: Query Interrupted
  • #8493: CARAD software invalid messages received
  • #8503: Marked peaks are not saved
  • #8504: Minimum power of CI Fixed power test is -40 dBm
  • #8508: Ability to select Internal or External reference clock on some devices
  • #8510: Changing unit causes crash
  • #8511: Frequency correction of PMM EP603
  • #8512: Device Driver: Marconi 2052
  • #8518: Not possible to generate a printout of the amplifier linearity test results
  • #8523: Compression test table: uses wrong unit in time and frequency column
  • #8526: Generated power of CWS500N1 drops at 350 kHz
  • #8527: RSSML Merge reference source
  • #8556: Negative power reading of NRP-Zxx powermeter
  • #8557: Wrong de-initialisation NRP-Zxx
  • #8573: Driver Antenna Schaffner Bilog
  • #8584: Driver: PMM EP604
  • #8602: Driver: Multimeter Agilent 34401A AC and DC measurement
  • #8603: Driver: generic configurable coupler for the couplers of ATM Microwave
  • #8604: Driver: generic configurable coupler for the couplers of RF Lambda

RadiMation version 2017.1.5

  • #7633: Unexpected oscilloscope measurement value of first frequency point
  • #7652: Configurable Injection Device custom frequency range is not retained
  • #7689: Graph export is showing unexpected end frequency
  • #7901: ControllerDelay for a GPIB controlled Maturo MCU can be 0
  • #8092: When a printout is generated and printed the 'busy' dialog should be shown, to indicate that the PC is busy
  • #8113: Unable to communicate with CWS500N 1.2
  • #8233: RadiMate slow measurement speed
  • #8247: Tektronix Oscilloscope returns No data or incorrect data was returned by the device
  • #8334: No measurement data during "Continuous Measurement" as altitude scan using CO3000 controller
  • #8384: External reference setting of the R&S ZNB is changed during initialization
  • #8406: Password of a new engineer is unknown, and cannot be changed
  • #8408: EUT Monitoring channel Maximum and Minimum Limits are not shown
  • #8418: Maturo NCD over lan
  • #8419: Settings in 'Fixed step count' frequency step setting in a multiband immunity test is not remembered
  • #8420: Fixed step count as step frequency in multiband immunity is not working when 'per octave' is selected
  • #8421: Agilent E4422B unable to connect
  • #8422: Singleband GTEM emission data is not shown when a dot is used a decimal symbol
  • #8423: HP 34401: Timeout while waiting for *OPC command
  • #8425: VDI duplicate band Object reference
  • #8430: Internal AM modulation on the Agilent E4422B is not supported
  • #8433: Exporting of graph data to CSV is not always in Excel compatible format
  • #8435: Allow control of CANoe 9.0.65 (SP2)
  • #8436: Also notify the CANoe CAPL interface of dwelltime start and dwelltime end
  • #8437: Possibility to leave CANoe running when the CANoe switch matrix is used
  • #8441: Changing polarization of Frankonia FC02 raises 'Illegal parameter value' error
  • #8448: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.
  • #8451: CWS500N Checksum error
  • #8455: Black lines in RI tests
  • #8456: Conducted RF immunity stepsize 0,5 per cent not possible
  • #8461: Preselection filter before the test
  • #8464: Changing region settings causes data loss.
  • #8469: Agilent Technologies E4422B: "Undefined header" when turning off AM modulation
  • #8475: When changing step frequency of 1 band, all the bands step sizes change.
  • #8476: R&S ESI: Function not available: INP:GAIN:STAT OFF, when FFT filter is used
  • #8485: Changing test level settings after its loaded by TSF, is not using last setted device.
  • #8486: Export EUT filename shows TSF filename
  • #8515: Driver: emtest esd NX30
  • #8519: Missing NIPALU.DLL error when starting RadiMation
  • #8536: Merge test blank page

RadiMation version 2017.1.4

  • #6093: Turntable CO3000 is not moving when setting it to make a full turn from 0 till 360 degrees
  • #6798: Apply multiple testlevels at same frequency
  • #7780: Exporting EUT executed tests list
  • #8207: Configurable Device driver frequencies with different units
  • #8244: Climat typo it should be Climate
  • #8301: Unhandled exception access to the path ErrorModeFile.radilog is denied
  • #8322: RPR2006C overranges during CDN voltage calibration
  • #8371: 1% Stepsize in RI Manual mode is not correct when a frequency list is used
  • #8382: ODBC customer database is not working anymore
  • #8383: Store RADIMAT_SESSION.LOG in a PC local temporary folder
  • #8389: Received power is rounded in Antenna Scan EUT Calibration
  • #8397: Searching for a customer in the customer database closes the window before the customer can be selected
  • #8399: Loading a multiband immunity test is not possible, unable to create VSWRGatherer
  • #8415: RadiMation crash at startup after updating to 2017.1.4
  • #8416: Agilent N9000A (version A.07.06) Error with GPIB
  • #8426: Unable to select correct OPC channels for AD converter.
  • #8435: Allow control of CANoe 9.0.65 (SP2)
  • #8443: Driver: Amplifier BLMA 1060-50
  • #8458: Unable to connect to radigen RADIGEN0230A

RadiMation version 2017.1.3

  • #8210: Opening a RE Multiband test is taking one and a half minutes

RadiMation version 2017.1.2

  • #8045: RDC files are always stored to the Global configuration path while standalone setting is used
  • #8091: Improve calculation of multiband immunity graphs
  • #8097: Linear and logaritmische scale setting are not saved
  • #8145: Unable to show AD Channels in 2017.1.1
  • #8199: Opening Multiband Immunity results takes a lot of time since graph filtering is implemented
  • #8238: Language file 0.lng
  • #8363: RadiLog option in view menu incorrect behaviour

RadiMation version 2017.1.1

  • #506: 1 Hz on off modulation is not possible according to the DO-160E / ED-14E standards
  • #2947: Amplifier is turned off when closing another multiband test
  • #3032: Opening an Multiband test while performing a Multi band test is messing up the test
  • #3241: RI multi band test is overwriting the previous information
  • #3598: Configurable Peak Table
  • #3970: Radiated emission multiband: detector from pre-measurement used during "continuous measure"
  • #4001: Difficulties to differ results from 2 bands with the same frequency range in multiband immunity tests
  • #4159: RBW in peak table (RE multiband)
  • #4248: Error Multiband start and end frequency
  • #5189: Sweeptime is used during final measurement instead of the QP measurement time
  • #5216: Test started event log entry should only be added in a restarted multiband test if manual or automatic is pushed
  • #5307: Despite of no changes the message "The file has changed, do you want to save changes?" is shown
  • #5341: After a Manual Mode change there is undesirable regulation
  • #5440: Can't zoom out after maximum zoom in at graph
  • #5469: Invalid Device Driver Handle error (Kalmus 727LC)
  • #5529: Invalid Device Driver Handle (Virtual) Amplifier
  • #5545: Graph is not updated when switching to the second band
  • #6075: During instable measurements it may happen that Peak and Quasi-Peak measurements are inconsistent
  • #6191: Add an 'Add Test' button to the Sequence window, to simplify the addition of a test
  • #6230: Table export only copies the time and frequency data
  • #6264: Overlapping bands in MB immunity are tested multiple times when only the modulation is different
  • #6352: Changing the activated detector during Continuous Measure clears the measured value of the deactivated detector
  • #6449: Frequency range settings are generating an error and the configuration of the TSF is lost when a read only test is saved as new test
  • #6452: Frequency array calculation of emission sweep of analyser is missing a step
  • #6861: Radiated Immunity Multiband is referring to a receiver
  • #6907: Improve autosave functionality that it no longer overwrites the current test data, but first makes a backup
  • #7074: Possibility to change polarization of an existing calibration file
  • #7077: continuous measure is using sweep time setting
  • #7143: RI Multiband only shows Puls when AM is also selected
  • #7147: Redoing an already performed test overwrites the previous test-results
  • #7167: Amplifier linearity measurement accepted power lines hidden
  • #7177: Unable to zoom graph while test is running
  • #7203: A generic error occurred in GDI+
  • #7214: PI windows still do not fit at full window size using an acceptable resolution
  • #7242: Two electrical field graphs are shown. Which one is correct?
  • #7247: Prana amplifier is not correctly being put in Operate during immunity test
  • #7249: Show example of unit settings
  • #7252: RadiMation Free Responsiveness
  • #7254: Change Basic small controlling window for PowerMeter
  • #7255: Change Basic small controlling window for Amplifier
  • #7365: Minimum size of 'Burst' and 'Envelope Tracing' tabs of the VI Powermeter
  • #7411: Connection state is still orange while the device is already connected
  • #7441: Minimum Form Size is always set to 0,0 at runtime
  • #7449: VI Powermeter error lock when removing device
  • #7499: RadiMation opening EUT is slow
  • #7523: PI EFT Test levels are not covering all the different measurements
  • #7575: RadiLog long tests multiple log files.
  • #7581: Test description of the test is not visible in the test data
  • #7637: Driver: emtest UCS500-M4
  • #7644: Filling the EUT information is being slow.
  • #7717: Unchanged LLF is asking to be saved when closing the window.
  • #7721: System attenuation gain duplicate measurements
  • #7737: Report generator query keyword for the table information is not exporting any data
  • #7760: Ability to merge multiple Radiated Immunity CALibration files for different frequency ranges into one
  • #7768: Wrong frequency at monitoring input events
  • #7769: Saving tsf as ReadOnly data lost
  • #7773: Incorrect table information for frmVIPowerMeter at the ctlControlGraph table
  • #7779: Overlapping bands in MB immunity are tested multiple times when only the modulation is different
  • #7796: Compression Gain System Calibration default 1 amount of samples seems to result in a corrupt calibration file
  • #7799: Sorting of the ctlFormattableGrid is different when new columns is added
  • #7811: Clear button on the VI Fieldsensor doesn't seem to work when the table is shown
  • #7812: VI Fieldsensor keeps raising error messages when the probe is turned off before it is disconnected
  • #7819: No data document could be created for the test identifier: "
  • #7820: Test specific templates are gone after graph customization
  • #7824: Reflected power input in Multiband Immunity
  • #7836: Connect button is not showing 'Connecting'
  • #7842: Saving EUT file with keywords
  • #7844: Incorrectly saved Test results starts the test when reviewing the Test results
  • #7845: PI test EUT cable selection should be changable while TSF is read only.
  • #7866: Corrupt file saving when validator failed.
  • #7867: Out of memory when starting RI test
  • #7878: RadiLog error report containing # in description gives error.
  • #7885: Test data like notes and specific templates settings are updating or overwriting EUT overview settings
  • #7886: Resizing of the Graph customization window hides some graph customization controls
  • #7887: Missing keyword in Table shifts the table
  • #7893: Data file is not saved every 5 minutes, when a final peakmeasurement is busy
  • #7894: Radilog memory is not being swapped
  • #7896: Missing last test frequency in ReportGenerator output
  • #7897: Error Report send not always sending
  • #7898: & sign in device driver name is not correctly shown in the EUT Monitoring dialog
  • #7902: MessageBox that is shown from the testsite before actions can be shown behind the main window
  • #7903: Unable to start RadiMation with incorrectly configured path
  • #7904: Default table settings are stored in the user interface
  • #7905: ReportGenerator Report and output file selection is not saved.
  • #7908: Invalid tsf in sequence can corrupt the sequence
  • #7915: Merging of calibration files looses the originally desired fieldstrength
  • #7918: Graph customization window can be made too small
  • #7922: External modulation should not be possible for a VI signal generator
  • #7926: The RBW value has changed by the device from 120 to 100 User description:
  • #7927: Duplicate more than 1 test at the same time in the new Sequence window.
  • #7932: Very long filenames of the RadiLog file cannot be opened by RadiLog
  • #7937: Signal generator VI frequency can be set outside the range of the controlled device
  • #7940: Why is the Peak Table disabled during an Emission test?
  • #7946: Opening test results directly sets the changed flag.
  • #7947: Switching to a different band using 'Continue automatic mode settings' is incorrectly checking if the carrier frequency is valid
  • #7950: Ability to hide Report Generator Template column for 'The keyword "" is available in the tempate' window
  • #7951: Sending unprintable characters with configurable device driver
  • #7953: Frequency list settings are not saved for a sequence and thus not used when Fixed power test is run from within a SEQ file
  • #7955: Size of Voltage Dips and interrupts TSF window can be made too small
  • #7962: RadiLog to long subject gives error. Strange behaviour occurs.
  • #7963: RadiLog parsing fail
  • #7964: Directly after installation, the power graphlines are not shown in the VI Powermeter
  • #7965: A read only TSF is also asked to save the changes
  • #7966: Last View update is being skipped
  • #7969: EFT tests with repetition rate 100 kHz (burst duration 0,75ms) can NOT be performed
  • #7971: Radilog saving file, file in use while reporting error.
  • #7980: Test data files are zero based count on disk which is confusing for end-users
  • #8003: Clear graph button for VI windows does not work (when disconnected)
  • #8004: Opening of locked files should wait for a few seconds and retry opening locked files
  • #8009: Opening a second CE Absorbing clamp test, switches both graphs from log to linear xaxis.
  • #8011: Exporting polar graphs contains a white space area.
  • #8015: Improve graphical representations of graph
  • #8021: When a Band has been selected the TSF is marked as being changed
  • #8029: Graphs during Multiband Immunity are not updated during test
  • #8030: VI powermeter windows does not work correctly
  • #8033: Combine user defined units to prevent multiple equal axis from being shown in graph
  • #8040: Error window location cut off
  • #8046: Error report, cant write to temporary directory
  • #8053: EUT being removed after network reset.
  • #8054: Manual frequency is not measured when it is exactly the same as the last frequency in the calibration file.
  • #8061: Before actions are prompted multiple times at the end of the test
  • #8069: Shortcutkeys not updating ctlEvents
  • #8085: Gaps in graph lines.
  • #8096: Auto detect peaks shows object reference error
  • #8101: RadiLog SQL files containing ";" is not opening correctly
  • #8104: RadiMation does not automatically refer and open the latest installed version
  • #8106: RadiLog object reference after saving
  • #8107: Errors are not reported in RadiMation
  • #8108: Error window tooltip causes object reference error.
  • #8109: Export full PEAK table
  • #8112: Radilog Parsing error when opening log from zip
  • #8114: Calibration Files do not use the same calibration method
  • #8130: Virtual Instruments infinit loop errors
  • #8137: Language files as unicode
  • #8138: VDI Impedance is set incorrectly to the device
  • #8140: VI Signal Generator all controls are still disabled after connected
  • #8144: Exporting graph to LLF in the graph options crashes

Known Problems

R&S spectrum analysers/receivers communication problems

It has been detected that on very fast PC’s, the communication with modern Rohde & Schwarz spectrum analyser/receivers can be corrupted. These problems are related to the speed of the PC and the used GPIB bus. The R&S receivers that are related to this problem are: ESI/ESIB/ESPI/ESCI/FSE/ESU.

We strongly advise that you slow down the GPIB communication speed between the PC and R&S receivers. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Open the configuration window of RadiMation®
  2. Select the Device Drivers tab
  3. Select Receivers/Spectrum Analysers
  4. Select the R&S receiver
  5. Press Edit to open the device driver configuration window
  6. Press the Advanced button
    • The GPIB configuration dialog of the R&S device driver will be shown
  7. Activate the Show advanced Settings checkbox
    • The GPIB Configuration dialog will show a Wait time box
  8. Specify 3000 us in the Wait time box
  9. Close all windows, and repeat these steps for each and every R&S receiver.

Configuring the R&S device drivers in this way will slow down the GPIB bus, by ensuring that at least 3 milliseconds delay are included between each GPIB call to the R&S devices

Previous RadiMation® version raises a run-time error

If the latest RadiMation® version and an older RadiMation® version are installed on the same PC, it can happen that the older RadiMation® version raises an error during the start of RadiMation.

This error is raised because a file that is shared by both versions is written in a newer file format that cannot be read anymore by older software. The solution for this problem is to remove the file: C:\Program Files\DARE Development\RadiMation\Confdvdr\CUSTOMIZ.DAT. The CUSTOMIZ.DAT file is used to remember customizations of the colour of the graphs, so removing the file will not influence the measurements. However the graph colours will probably be changed to the defaults as specified by RadiMation®.

Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista and older are not supported

Due to the fact that Microsoft has ended their support for these versions we are also forced to stop the support of RadiMation® running on these operating systems. This means that we do not test if RadiMation® is working correctly on these operating systems. However it could be that RadiMation® is still working correctly. We strongly suggest upgrading your operating system to Windows 10 (21H2). Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating system are supported.