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The RadiMation® device drivers are the interface between RadiMation® and the equipment that should be controlled to perform an EMC-test.


These device drivers can be used for all RadiMation® versions.

  • These drivers have version number: 2024.07.12.1451 and are last updated at: 2024/07/12 (yyyy/mm/dd) at 14:51: Download-button.png

When the device drivers system setup file is downloaded, it can then be used to update the drivers on a machine which has RadiMation® version 2020.1 or newer installed.

A detailed explanation of how the drivers can be installed is described in RadiMation Application Note 117: Updating RadiMation device drivers.

Microsoft Windows XP is not supported anymore, so the device driver update cannot be installed on a Microsoft Windows XP machine anymore. The minimum requirement is to install it on Microsoft Windows 10 or newer.

Supported equipment

All the device drivers that are available are included in this list:

Released RadiMation® versions

Released RadiMation® versions can be downloaded from the RadiMation® Versions page.