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This page contains all the Frequently Asked Questions related to the Report Generator of RadiMation®

What is the difference between the Report Generator and the Excel Exporter?

The report generator and the Excel exporter are using two different ways to export the information from RadiMation®.

  • The report generator is fully configurable by the report generator template which specifies the information that should be exported, and how it should be represented in the final report. The formatting, generated information and amount of information is completely configurable.
  • The Excel exporter can not be configured, it just dumps all the raw data into a Microsoft Excel worksheet. By design, all the data is exported without any correction factors applied to the values. The order and the location on which the information is exported cannot be modified, and is always the same.

The report generator is also capable of generating customizable reports in Microsoft Excel. The most common usage of the Excel exporter is to have all the information available in Microsoft Excel to perform further calculations.

Why are the TXT and the HTML formats not supported anymore by the report generator?

The report generator is being using more than in the past, for the inclusion of tables and pictures in the final report. The support in the report generator for the TXT and HTML files has been removed in version 5.3 and higher because those file types do not support embedded tables and pictures within the file. For the same reason the file types XML and RTF are not supported anymore.

The decision to stop the support of these file types in the report generator will not have a large impact, because to our knowledge, these file types are not use by any customer.

Is it possible to have a Word file that is equal to the printout that is generated by RadiMation®?

Through the usage of some VBA coding in Microsoft Word, it is possible to have a Microsoft Word file that contains the original printed data. On the Save a copy of a printout page it is explained, how this can be arranged.

How do I get the settings from different bands in my report?

To be able to get the band settings from each band the "BAND x" has to be added, where x is the number of the band you want to have. The following example is getting the RBW setting for two bands:

RBW of band 1: ||BAND 1 RBW||

RBW of band 2: ||BAND 2 RBW||

Why does not my single band graph report template work with a multiband test?

This is explained here.

I have found a problem. What should I do?

If you have found a problem in the RadiMation® software, it is best to report it to us (for example through this online form). We will categorize the reported issue, register it in our defect database, and investigate the problem. When a workaround or solution is available, we will report this back to you.

I have another question, that is not answered yet

Just submit your question on RadiMation® forum or the online web-form. And we will give you an answer.

RadiMation® FAQ: General | Immunity | Emission | Report Generator