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Contributing Authors: John de Rooij, Patrick Dijkstra, Roel Gerrits and Jeremy Ruizenaar.

Contributors: Ivette Rijswijk, Edwin vom Hofe and René Dijkstra.

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The information contained in this document describes how RadiMation® can be configured and used to perform EMC measurements. Read the standard(s) that apply to the device under test for information on the implementation of EMC measurements.

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RadiMation® EMC software

  1. Preface
  2. Getting Started
  3. EUT Information
  4. Radiated immunity
  5. Conducted immunity
  6. Pulsed immunity
  7. Radiated emission
  8. Conducted emission
  9. Antenna Diagram
  10. EUT monitoring and control
  11. Sequence testing
  12. Calibration
  13. Report generator
  14. Configuration
  15. Device Drivers
  16. Quality Assurance
  17. Quality statement
  18. Reference Data
  19. Appendice